Week 7, Days 3 & 4

There were a few things I accomplished yesterday before coughing took over and made it hard to keep on. It’s very frustrating to feel like getting things done, otherwise, only to be sabotaged.

My cousin and her construction partner left yesterday morning for Florida where they have some work to do. Wednesday, she’d called and told me good-bye in case we didn’t see each other before they left. I thought, surely, I’d see her on Thursday but it was not to be. I haven’t heard whether or not they made it okay but I’m trusting that “no news is good news”.

The Dandy Blend supply was getting low. I was down to part of the little jar I keep it in. Since it’s getting to be hot drink weather (it got down to 42 yesterday morning and was 57 in my bedroom when I got up), I surely didn’t want to run out. I’d ordered two more lubs and it arrived yesterday. The university supermarket has it for $32.95 but I got it from Amazon for $27.74. I’ve had two cups today and may have another as a nightcap.

A comment on Facebook reminded me I have a nice hot water bottle merm gave me a couple of years ago. I see it hanging in my bathroom every day but it didn’t occur to me to fill it up. Night before last, I didn’t realize how cold I was when I went to bed until I couldn’t go to sleep. Mother’s little comforter helped but last night, the hot water bottle kept me toasty warm. It wasn’t as cool this morning.

On the way down the mountain to church, I was behind several cars. The one in the lead was poking along at less than 30 mph at times. I was very late and song service was already underway.

A lot of the men including the pastor were gone on a men’s retreat. The ladies were in charge of the service and it went off without a hitch. The speaker is one person I can hear and understand even without my hearing aids and she had an excellent message on reverence in the sanctuary. There were two signs on the doors. One was “Quiet, please” and the other was reminding people to turn off their cell phones. I imagine she put them there. Quite often, a cell phone will interrupt and some of the ringtones aren’t exactly appropriate.

Coming home, I noticed the trees in the valley are mostly still green but the higher elevations have the trees showing some color. The rain we’ve had (.5″ a couple of nights ago) should make it a beautiful fall.

I’ve filled my water bottle three times in the last 24 hours and will do it again shortly. The water stays warm longer when the bottle is insulated in my bed. I used it on my lap this afternoon and Twinkle enjoyed lounging on it.

There’s a popular opinion held by me that says I may feel dragged out a lot because I stay up too late. I’m literally going to try to put that to rest by going to bed very soon.

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  1. Mary Jane October 20, 2013 at 9:22 am #

    Earth Fare has Dandy Blend, but I can’t compare the price with what you pay, as I don’t remember how much it was. I know it wasn’t cheap! I might have been tempted to try it, but I have a new jar of Cafix, my coffee substitute.

    It was 40 degrees here this morning, with lower temperatures predicted later in the week. Brrr!

    • Tommie October 20, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

      I’ve tried about all the Postum-alikes but Dandy Blend is the one that comes closest and it’s good for a body, besides!

      Brrrr is right.

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