For the second morning, I had the alarm clock set. That’s something that used to be the norm but not any more, thank goodness. The Women’s Prayer Breakfast started at 8 TT. I got up early so I could cook some more rice and make gravy to go with it. I also took 1 1/2 avocado cut up with lime juice squeezed over it to keep it from turning dark. Contributing isn’t something we’re asked to do but it’s slim pickins’ for a vegan otherwise. Oh, and I also shared three different kinds of Tabasco and some chipotle Cholula. I took some Dandy Blend and coconut sugar and one of the ladies took me up on a cup! I wonder if it would be more inviting if it were packaged under a different name? Good stuff, anyway. The lady (an old friend) had already been initiated so she knew what she was getting. The coconut sugar was something new to her, though.

I’d gotten there a little late but, as I explained to the hostess, I thought it wise to take a shower and get dressed before I left the house. I failed to put my hearing aids in. That made me miss some of the conversation but not a lot.

The rice and gravy was a hit. I saw some pieces of avocado in the garbage which saddened me. Evidently someone thought it was something it wasn’t or maybe the bit of lime juice was off-putting.

When the craft part started, I hung around and visited but didn’t participate. It involved cutting out a rather intricate design with scissors and my tremor makes anything other than a straight line difficult. I’d loaded up my stuff after the meal was over.

My picture was snapped for the poster before I left. I got in the car and headed to Walmart.

There’s always some kind of soy “meat” at the breakfast and I had indulged. Big mistake. I was beginning to feel the effects when I walked across the parking lot. Of course, part of it could be getting up early two mornings and going without a break for hours.

I gathered up all my purchases and picked out a sympathy card. There was no way I could hold myself upright to go to the viewing.

The girl who checked me out put my seven items in five different bags. I’d failed to grab my reusables on the way out the door this morning so I have a good supply of plastic.

On the way out of the parking lot, I was having an argument with myself about whether or not to top my little car’s tank off. The fuel indicator was down to less than a quarter and since running out of gas isn’t on my list of favorite things to do, I stopped. The vehicle that was filled before mine held $76 worth. That made me thankful I have a dirty little Honda Civic. I figured my mileage and it comes out to be 37.61847695827432 mpg. Not bad. I’d hoped to give it a bath but I couldn’t handle it.

When I got home, my CIL was waiting at the top of the steps. He told me when he’d be leaving. I think he was a bit disappointed when I said I wouldn’t be going. He said I could put the card in the van and he’d deliver it so that’s what I did.

I collapsed after unloading, putting away and changing clothes. I haven’t done much at all except eat supper and that was easy. I had a banana and then some leftover soup with toast. I’d intended to have tomato and cucumber, too, but I forgot. They’ll be there tomorrow.

Almost always when I go outside, several of the kittens dash over to meet me. They probably think I’m going to feed them. I doubt they’re that fond of me as a person. Twinkle has been at the front door when I come back in and she’s spied them more than once. She’ll hiss but it isn’t too convincing. One tried to come in the other day but I headed it off. Now, that would probably set off World War III.

The clock won’t be set tonight. It does have a habit of alarming sometimes even when it isn’t set. If it does tomorrow, I’ll turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep.

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