Good Sleeping Weather

If rain will make me sleep well, tonight will be a good one for snoozing and sweet dreams. It has been raining off and on for several hours now. I emptied the gauge today so I should know how much has/will come down since the last time.

It had been several weeks since I shot myself in the leg. This morning, I took my cousin up on her offer to try to fill my syringe from the partial vials of B-12. She didn’t have to convince me when she said she didn’t know what she was doing. My CIL took over and got it done. My cousin was relieved that I wasn’t going to do the deed there. I wasn’t going to hike up my robe in public, though, so I brought everything home. I’ve tried to call the pharmacy today but the phone just rang and rang with no answer—not even automated.

I’d planned to go see my sisters at my niece’s place tomorrow but a phone call changed all that. They’re going to meet me in town and we’ll decide what we’re going to do after that. It would have been my first trip over 12 miles each way and it’s a relief I don’t have to drive farther than that yet. I would have had to fill the tank with gas, too. Not that I can’t but it’s not my favorite thing to do.

DD was at a writers’ conference today so she didn’t call.

Guess I’d better get my chores done and go to bed. My sister promised to put me through the mill tomorrow.

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