I’m getting tired of of being tired. I want to get up and do but if I follow that urge, then I’m almost right back where I started. Today, I have conserved my energy. That’s another way to say I’ve been lazy to the bone.

I did walk to the mailbox and back. My NAC came and I’ve taken two doses. Tomorrow, I’ll be able to get in three. It’s amazing that the price goes up whenever I order something. Do you suppose it’s because I’ve linked to it? I could do Subscribe and Save for less but I needed to get it here posthaste so I went for the higher price. At that time, it was $19.75 with free shipping. Next time…I figure one bottle of 250 capsules will do me for 83 days. I can have it sent every two months and skip a shipment now and then.

Now that I have the schedule figured out, I can get on to other things. Like winning the last three Wordscraper games. Genese will trounce me again before too long so I’ll enjoy it while I can. Here’s the latest one.

09232013 Win

This morning, I was hard put to think of anything I wanted to eat. It was 1 o’clock before I settled on cooking some granola with a bit of coconut milk. Not water. Milk. Thick, rich and full of calories. While it was cooking, I ate two bananas. The oranges I bought last week are just about gone. I couldn’t stomach them today. They have about as much flavor as sawdust does—not that I’ve ever eaten sawdust. I took my liquid vitamins straight up and chased them with a bit of water. I’ve been mixing them with the OJ and, believe it or not, they improved it. I’ll be so glad when I can get some good oranges. I do miss my juice.

The big news is, I took a bath. The second one went much better than the first. Even though my abdominal muscles have been compromised, I was better able to get myself out of the tub once I got in.

A lady from the hospital called to survey my visits there. The phone started beeping low battery. I told her it might die at any moment so the survey is sometime in my future.

I was up ‘way too late last night and when I did go to bed, I took a full dose of melatonin which is about twice what I normally take. Most times, I fill the dropper, squeeze some back into the bottle and take the rest. My extravagance could be one reason I was just as happy to veg out.

The temptation to leave the dishes in the sink was almost overwhelming but I made myself go do them. There weren’t many but they’re like rabbits. The multiply without a whole lot of effort. Twinkle has been dosed and fed and I guess I’m done for the day.

Today was the first full day of fall. One of my friends on Facebook posted a picture of the view of the mountain from his porch. I don’t know which mountain it is but the seasonal colors are already showing up.

If I’d been up to it, I was going to have a big patch of kale waiting for the first good frost. I wasn’t and I don’t. Maybe next year.

3 Responses to Autumn

  1. Lila September 24, 2013 at 8:01 am #

    Is the NAC something the doctor ordered? Just wondering.

    • Tommie September 24, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

      Yes, Lila. I explained about it on an earlier post. I’m to take it three times a day to help with my breathing.

      MJ, hope springs eternal! I didn’t feel like doing much garden-wise this year.

  2. Mary Jane September 24, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    Isn’t it good that we wishful farmers can always look forward to next year?

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