Ms. Dolittle

It was still dark when I woke at 4:30. I didn’t plan to stay in bed all day but that was a bit early. I prayed myself back to sleep. When I opened my eyes again, I looked over at the clock and it was blank. The power was off! I looked at another clock (which is easy to do since I have a half dozen in my bedroom) and it was 6 something. I don’t remember what.

Getting out of bed, I zipped on my robe and ventured outside. The sun was shining brightly and felt really good since it was about 60 degrees in the house. The big utility trucks were across the street again, fooling around with the pole that had been set before. Later, my cousin’s door was open so I went over and asked her who didn’t pay the power bill.

Seems she’d been awakened by a knocking on her bedroom window. That was about an hour and 40 minutes before. It was the electric crew saying the power would be going off in about 10 minutes. Guess they didn’t give an ETA. I said they hadn’t notified me but when I came home, I spied the Do Not Disturb sign still on my front door. They had obeyed and I was glad.

My UPS was working away, keeping the Internet alive. It showed 120 minutes of up time before it would poop out. I sat down at my notebook, answered emails and posted on Facebook until the battery died. Then I got on the netbook—its battery lasts much longer—and had my quiet time.

As soon as I downloaded KompoZer and Filezilla so I could work on some corrections the editor had asked me to make, the power came back on. I went to the kitchen, put on my morning water to heat and went outside to warm up again. I didn’t want the water to boil away so I came back and. the. power. was. off. I took my thyroid med and fixed a cup of Dandy Blend. I took it outside to drink and sat in the sun to warm up.

Some four hours after it went off, it came back on to stay. The UPS showed 116 minutes left. I had my breakfast and started in on the corrections. I spent far more time on them than I had intended to but that was okay. When I went to bed last night, I was exhausted and I really didn’t feel like doing much today.

Monday’s mail is usually non-existent but there was a bill from the hospital for a balance I owed—but it wasn’t the one that was sent to DD. I called and yes, they give a discount for prompt payment. It’s 10% if paid within 30 days. I had the lady look up the other one, too, and paid it as well. She remembered talking to me and asked if the Patient Access supervisor had ever called me. No, she hadn’t. She said she would remind her. I still haven’t heard.

Looking at my claims on the Humana web site, I was startled to see a provider in Michigan had billed a claim. I called and found out that’s the way the vision benefits process. Strange. While I had the rep on the phone, I asked about the out of network anesthesia group and how they’d be paid. Well, if they were used in conjunction with an in network provider, they’d be paid in network, too. That was good to know and a great relief. Maybe I won’t end up owing an arm and a leg for staying alive.

The only fig I found that was ready to eat was tiny and had a bite taken out of it. I took out the bite and ate the rest. I picked a couple tomatoes for supper and had them with the second cucumber my friend had brought me. I heated up some of the leftover rice and it was awful. Most of it went into the compost as did the other container that was in the fridge.

I was messaging with the audiologist and she told me Genese’s hearing aid had come in and she had it programmed. I hadn’t seen Genese on Facebook today so I called her and let her know. The aud is going to look and see if she has any clips that will fit on the aids and clip to either her gown or her pillowcase to keep them from getting lost again. The news perked Genese up considerably.

Twinkle had to be tricked into taking her B-12. I wish she would realize I’m not accosting her for my own pleasure but for her good but I know that ain’t gonna happen.

Tomorrow will be a big day. When I see the surgeon for my post-op visit, I hope I can take a BATH tomorrow night. That will be a wonderful treat.

4 Responses to Ms. Dolittle

  1. Lila September 17, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    Great news about the anesthesia bill! That much money would buy a lot of mangoes and whatever else you choose to use it for!

    • Tommie September 18, 2013 at 9:38 am #

      I did price match on the mangoes I bought yesterday. They were $1.48 at Walmart but 99 cents at Bi-Lo so I got seven for $6.93. Another one or two and I would have had a box.

  2. Mary Jane September 18, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    I’m getting good mangoes at Aldi for .49. Hope that lasts for a long time!

    • Tommie September 18, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

      You are so lucky! If I went to Aldi to get the cheaper mangoes, it would cost more than the difference in gas.

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