A Busy Day

My mail lay still unopened when I got ready for bed last night. I went through it and found a coupon for a free half gallon of almond milk to replace the one that leaked. There was a notice from the electric company (isn’t that an old TV show on PBS?) that my budget rate had been recalculated and it gave the amount. Then I opened the latest EOB from Humana. It was for a radiologist’s bill and I don’t owe anything.

I’d tried to pull up my claims on Humana’s site Friday afternoon but they were experiencing intermittent outages so I gave that up. Last night, I sat down and accessed my records. Oops! That’s when I saw
Out of NetworkI have been so careful to make sure all my providers are in network and here’s one that isn’t. The charge for the anesthesia group is $1280. To be sure, I wouldn’t have consented, under any circumstances, to have surgery without it. I’ll just have to wait and see what the outcome is.

Since I was so tired, I didn’t think I would have any trouble going to sleep—and I didn’t. My trouble was staying asleep. Sometime in the early hours, I got up and took a fraction of a dose of melatonin. I was sleeping so well when the alarm went off. I “snoozed” it three times and finally put my feet on the floor and started getting ready to go to the business meeting at 8 a.m. and then God in Shoes at 10. Or that’s what it was supposed to be.

I saw my cousin’s door was open so I called and let her know I wouldn’t be around again today. She wouldn’t, either, so that left my CIL with the cats.

My friend got here to pick me up right on time but I thought she was early. I was just pulling my dress on. Loose clothing is what appeals to me currently and what I put on certainly fills the bill.

We got to the fellowship hall (which is being officially changed to “Learning Center”) when we were supposed to but it was a bit later before the meeting actually started. There was much discussion, as usual, about everything and the meeting ran over by half an hour.

I’d eaten a quick breakfast and I took a carton of coconut water with me. I was glad I did. I drank that during the last half hour and was refreshed.

When God in Shoes began, an assembly line was set up to fill gift bags. I was at the end where I added a little business size card that said, “You’re a doll”. Then I’d fold the top of the bag down and staple a card to it that said, “Thank you!” At first, I was waiting for the bags to land on the table and things were pretty slow. Then the ladies found their rhythm and flurry after flurry of bags came over. One of my dear friends left that table and came over to help me. If she hadn’t, I might have still been there, stapling.

I don’t know how many bags I stapled but I expected my hand to be sore tonight. It isn’t. I stood for over an hour while doing it and I wasn’t terribly tired when we finished.

After prayer, we were on our way. This time, we did stop to see Genese. She is looking forward to getting her hearing aid. She said she really misses it. After visiting for a bit, we left and came home.

On the way, the driver was telling me stories from a book she’d read or a speaker she’d heard. I didn’t quite get that part. Anyway, it sounds as if it was interesting. We sat in the car for a while and talked, too. She was concerned that I’d need help carrying things because another friend had brought me a homegrown watermelon (small) and three cucumbers. My tote bag was empty, though, so I managed quite well.

I got the things into the house and went out to pick figs and get a couple tomatoes. One of the ‘maters had been vandalized by a critter but half of it was still good. All told, I got 11 figs.

Pulling out the melon and cucumbers, here’s what I found:

Watermelon and Cukes

It was so nice to have some fresh food. I’ve missed it. The last banana was gone on Thursday and I finished up the oranges today. When I go to my doctor’s appointment I’ll make it a restocking day, too.

The melon isn’t terribly sweet but it’s a pretty red.

Cut Watermelon

I tricked my taste buds by putting salt on it. I still have half of it left.

The phone rang just as I started eating the melon. It was DD. I asked her if I could call her back in an hour. I’d eaten breakfast around 7 and it was 3 then. I was just about to cave in. She said that would be fine.

The melon was followed by the figs which preceded a cucumber and a tomato and a half. Then I had a piece of toast and some of the burnt lentils. I helped the taste of them by mixing in Chipotle Cholula. It has a smoky flavor that went well with the burned.

THEN I called DD back and we talked for over an hour. She’s going to a screening of a Tiny House film next Sunday so we won’t have our visit. That’s okay. We still have email.

I have been SO HUNGRY I kept snacking the rest of the afternoon. I already got trounced by my Mii this morning and probably will again tomorrow.

The compost had to be emptied and when I took it out, my CIL came out to talk. He wondered how many figs it would take to make a couple pints of jam. I told him more than he could get at once off the tree. I suggested he could prepare them, freeze what he had and do that until there was enough. We’re watching the prickly pears, too. I hope he’ll be inspired to make some jelly. It’s so good.

It’s been a long and busy day and I’m ready to turn in. I’m hoping I didn’t overdo. If I have, I can rest tomorrow. I saw one of the ladies from dietary when we were at the nursing home and she wanted to know how I liked retirement. I had to tell her I love it! Praise the Lord, I don’t have to try to hold down a job these days.

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  1. Lila September 16, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    Uh, oh! Sorry about the anesthesia group! Hope it doesn’t blow you away.

    • Tommie September 16, 2013 at 9:35 pm #

      You can learn what I found out when you read tonight’s post.

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