I Won’t Do THAT Again!

Today was DS1’s 49th birthday. I called several times but got voice mail and I didn’t want to leave a singing message. I waited until afternoon and called again and that one was successful. When I started trying to sing, I had a frog in my throat (terrible for a vegan) and had to clear it before I could go on. I finished and we had a short visit. He liked his gift and would like it even more when he got a chance to wrench it from my granddaughter’s hands and try it, himself.

As I predicted, my Mii gave me a dirty look for my BMI going up. I’d gained only .2 lub but that didn’t matter. She announced, “That’s OVERWEIGHT!” Well, pardon me! I can’t help it that I’ve shrunk. If the profile allowed for half inches, maybe it would be a different story.

Breakfast was late even though I’d gotten up early. I’d gone out and picked some (guess what!) figs. I took my vitamin/mineral concoction and hoped it would make me feel good and heal faster. Before I got out of bed this morning, I’d felt a hard lump just below my belly button. Later, I got on the bed and tried to find it but it was gone.

I moved wrong somehow and I have a pain between my spine and my left shoulder blade. I’ve tried to pop my back but wasn’t able to. My neck did pop but that didn’t help the problem. During my shower, I let the hot water pound it and that felt good but I would have given a pretty penny to be able to soak in the tub. Showering off with cold water as usual, I concentrated on the spot. Temporary relief is all I got.

One of my friends from church emailed me about my being “in” the hospital. I told her it was more like being “at” the hospital. I directed her to my blog post, chronicling my “adventure”, as merm called it.

My eldest niece and the editor had both sent me Jacquie Lawson e-cards yesterday, both featuring cats (I wonder why?). The editor said she had finally figured out Twinkle is a cat. I sent her the post telling about Twinkle joining the family. Then she wanted to know when Twinkle became mine. That called for this link. THEN she said she was confused by my abbreviations for family members. I’d been thinking I probably needed to provide some kind of explanation so I got busy and added another section to the FAQ.

Twinkle on her heating pad.
This is where Twinkle will be sooner than I’d like.

Yet another one of my church friends called me and, during the course of the conversation, asked me to bring my stones to church if I’m able to be there. I had no idea where I’d put them—after all, it was my first day home when I took their picture and then put them away. I was mostly in a fog. I cast about and there they were, in the most logical spot—on the shelf in my bathroom. So…if I go, I guess it will be Show and Tell.

This evening, I was going to get serious about picking figs. I’d be careful around the cactus since I found a spine in my knee yesterday. Then I got the bright idea to go in from the back side and pick where I did last summer. Bad idea. I fought my way through spider webs and when I got to the tree, I was reaching for a branch when something stung my right elbow. I looked to see what it was, but saw nothing. Then I brushed against a branch of another tree and had the same sensation on my left elbow. Not to be deterred, I picked the only two ripe figs I could see and backed out.

When I came in the house, I inspected my elbows. There were welts on both of them. Remembering an old trick from when my boys were small, I took a teaspoon of vinegar. Then I took another for the other arm.

Figuring I should let my CIL know about the hazard, I went over to the house. My cousin had just gotten home and I was invited inside. I told them about my stings and my CIL said he’d gotten the same thing yesterday. His were on his legs and stomach. Since he’s lived, I think I will, too.

We went in the living room and visited for a little while. My cousin had had a terrible day at work and she looked so tired. She’d been snacking on beef jerky all day and hadn’t had a real meal. I left so she could eat.

The dishes are done, I surprised Twinkle with her B-12 and I’m tired. Time to wrap this up and call it a day.

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  1. Lila September 13, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    Not only do stings hurt, but you feel as if you’ve been taken unfair advantage of. Hope the vinegar took care of the pain.

    • Tommie September 13, 2013 at 9:15 am #

      It doused the stinging but gave me a headache. 😕

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