Another Accident

After getting to bed later than I wanted last night, I was up before 6 TT. There was a business meeting at 8 and a Women’s Ministry planning session for God in Shoes supposedly at 10. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. I have to take my thyroid med an hour prior to eating but, instead of my meal, I take my Essential GSH. It has to be on an empty stomach, as well. I’d told my friend yesterday that I was going to bring a lunch with me and that’s what I did. (That reminded me I hadn’t unloaded my little insulated bag so now the dishes are all done.)

The business meeting ran over by quite a bit. There’s always a lot of discussion about everything but I, personally, scored a victory. The pastor is very good about getting his information to the bulletin secretary but, for everyone else, it’s hit or miss. For the congregation, it’s bad enough to have the bulletin sprinkled with “TBA” but for me, it’s very annoying. I like to know the hymns far enough ahead of time to go in and practice if need be. At the very least, it gives me a chance to work out proper introductions. I asked to be allowed to pick the songs myself if I get the bulletin file with “TBA”. The secretary sends it to me on Thursday of each week. If the hymns aren’t there, I’ll select them and send the titles and numbers to the person who prints the bulletin.

That seemed a reasonable solution to most people. I think it kind of alarmed one or two and it might end up lighting a fire under the speakers who fill in when the pastor is elsewhere.

A couple of the ladies who lead song service thought I was uncomfortable playing songs that are selected “on the fly” but that’s what a song service is. The people sitting in the pews get their turns picking out their favorites. That’s fine with me and if I make a mess of it, so be it. For the church service, though, I want to do the very best I can. When I mentioned messing up, one of the ladies said she’d never once heard me hit a wrong note. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything because she’ll probably listen more closely. Or maybe she has profound hearing loss and wouldn’t know the difference. She sings beautifully so I know she isn’t tone deaf.

Women’s Ministry started with me eating breakfast. I listened while I chewed. I don’t have much to contribute at such sessions, anyway. I’m more of a work on helping to set up, KP, tear down and visit one-on-one with people I know. The lady who was baptized yesterday is keen on fund-raising and asked me to go to a business to canvass for a donation. I had to say no. I don’t go there often and I’d probably never go again if I got turned down. I’m not good at asking for money.

When I got home, the clock was striking 12. I was just about done in. I’d been gone for more than four hours and sitting almost all that time.

I was looking at pictures on Flickr and this is so cute of Twinkle, I figured I’d rerun it.


DD was at a Tiny House workshop so she didn’t call today. Last Monday, she started on a new project for the agency she’s been working for which makes her mom feel better.

The last three lessons needed links, and the anchors were still to be put into the helps so I took a break from sitting in meetings and sat at the computer. I was working on one of the helps files that didn’t have all of the quotes when the phone rang. It was my cousin. Could I come outside? I said to give me a few minutes so I could figure out how to fix the helps problem and I’d be out.The problem solved, I went out and found her twin brother was with her.

On display was the latest boo-boo my cousin has suffered. She was putting a cabinet on the wall of her shop when it fell and hit her in the nose and upper lip. I couldn’t see it very well out in the bright sunlight but she said it was pretty sore.

She and her brother wanted to know if they could trim up some of the overgrowth that’s the result of such a wet summer. Mercy, yes! I have to get almost out into the street before I can see if anything’s coming. We walked around and I pointed out some other things that need cutting/trimming. The Squatter was going to cut down a dead tree in front of the old house ruins but he never found that round tuit. It will probably go, too, but it’s a bigger project. Unless I misunderstood, the rest of the ruins will be cleared away, too. I may eventually have a front yard!

I came back in, finished up the rest of the lessons and helps, then went over to my cousin’s shop. Out of the sunlight, her latest wounds were very visible. Her glasses had been knocked sideways, too, but they survived.

The Housesitter came with her computer so we went into the house to see her. She got hooked up to the Internet and was checking her email while my cousin worked on the project I’d made the prints for. It was fascinating watching her put the contact paper on them.

The house wasn’t cleaning itself and Twinkle is no help at all. I did take one bag of trash out today and washed dishes. Besides making the bed, that’s all I’ve gotten done.

My cough has been back. It got better for a few days. I don’t know if pollen is aggravating it or what. I do know I’ve been tireder than usual and that might make it worse.

There was an email from the HTML expert with the subject, “Big trouble!!” I don’t know what he had done. He had scanned the images for the fourth quarter and had them ready to upload. Some way, he’d managed to delete all the lessons. The editor asked if I still had them on my computer. I have lessons on my computer from the first ones I ever worked on so yes, I do. I uploaded all of them and sent him an email that they were on the server. Since it did no harm, it was really kind of funny. He’s the most computer literate of any of us.

My cousin said she’s going to have to check out the lessons. I hunted up the post that shows the coding and how it looks to the user.

Today was pretty well shot before it began. I have to get myself in gear and Get Things Done starting tomorrow.

4 Responses to Another Accident

  1. Lila August 26, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    That’s a beautiful carpet Twinkle is lying on, too!

    • Tommie August 27, 2013 at 8:51 am #

      That’s the comforter on my bed. 🙂

  2. Mary Jane August 27, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    I also prefer doing things tomorrow!

    Sorry your cousin has had another mishap, but how great that they are going to spruce up the place! I need a lot of that done, too.

    • Tommie August 27, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

      “Tomorrow” is here and I’ve gotten little done.

      Your place looks like Central Park compared to mine. An old sink and commode aren’t the kind of decorations I would select.

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