Two Large Days

It was so pretty yesterday morning, I wrestled the heavy comforter off my bed and put it on the line to air out. Twinkle knows she isn’t allowed unless the comforter is present so she crouched on the floor for hours. A bit later, I turned the line (it’s the “umbrella” type that revolves) so the sun could hit the other side. Getting it off and bringing it in took brute force that I don’t have much of these days.

I’d had to let the dishes go when I went to Chattanooga so I caught them up. Twinkle’s litter box was in pretty bad shape. I don’t usually completely change it but it was past redemption. Then I cooked four lubs of potatoes for salad for today’s picnic.

One thing I never got around to was the laundry. Fortunely (as one of the nephews used to say), I had clean clothes for today.

Mid-afternoon, it started storming. It rained for hours, surely. Maybe not that long but it went on and on and on. I’m just about done with the rain. Someone remarked today that we are 19″ above normal. I believe it.

The potato salad made a huge amount. Besides the cubed potatoes, I added a large amount of chopped sweet onion, four carrots, shredded (not the ones from my garden), the rest of the celery (chopped) in the fridge (it could have used more), half a jar of Pa’s Pickle Smack, a can of sliced ripe olives, one of garbanzos and a goodly portion of cashew mayo. I think that was all. On a whim, I added two teaspoons of The Vegg to the mayonnaise and it made it creamier and a bit yellow.

Getting all that mixed together took what was, by that time, a heroic effort. It was also more than I could fit in my fridge. I got out some for my cousin, some for Genese and some to keep and it still pretty much filled a large bowl. I called my cousin and asked if I could borrow refrigerator space. Sure. Come on over.

The grass was still soaked from the rain. I’ve found that, if I wear a thin pair of socks with my sandals, my feet don’t slip as much in the wet.

I came home to bowls and pans piled in the sink and I figured they could stay there. I dosed Twinkle, made sure she had food, took a long relaxing bath and went to bed.

Since I’ve been sleeping in the earthing bag, I don’t get up nearly as often at night. Unless I was walking in my sleep, I only remember once between the time I went to bed and the time I got up. Just watch. Tonight, I’ll probably be up to six.

It seemed I had a lot more time this morning than I actually did. I ended up with almost no breakfast and a later start than I wanted. I survived.

The fellowship hall was locked when I got there so I had to wait until after song service to put my food inside. I missed a lot of the lesson discussion.

When I was handed the bulletin, I looked inside and was horrified. It was the cover for this week but last week’s info. I took it out into the foyer and showed it to the greeter. One of the ladies was out there and she told the person who printed the bulletin. He was more horrified than I was. He pulled the right info up on his phone and I marked out and added to my bulletin.

The bad thing about it was that the order of service was drastically different today. Because of a baptism at the state park, a lot of things were left out. The poor fellow got up and was reading off his phone so the congregation would know what we’d be doing. I knew none of us could remember all that.

A laptop was found somewhere. He loaded the information on it and projected it on either side of the sanctuary. That was better but the power settings were such that the display would switch off after so long a time. Any other time, the bulletin foul-up wouldn’t have been that big a deal.

The closing song was “Shall We Gather at the River” which was very appropriate. There was no benediction as far as the info was concerned so I figured it was one of those “they sang a song and went out” situations. I continued playing for the people to leave but the pastor started praying. I softened it down as far as it would go and kept playing. A comedy of errors wouldn’t quite fit but it was a bunch of them, anyway.

I’d remembered to take a pair of walking sandals so I could change out of my heels. Other people had taken jeans and slacks but I just kept what I had on. I arranged to ride with my good friend and left my car parked at the church.

We got to the park without incident and there was a good-sized crowd to witness the baptism. The lady has been coming to church regularly for a long time and she was so excited to have this day arrive. I looked in my purse for my camera but I’d left it at home. I could have used my phone but I’m not really comfortable with it because of my tremor. Both my cameras have “anti-shake”.

After the baptism, we went to a picnic shelter that had been reserved for the occasion. There was a massive amount of food. To begin my meal, I had watermelon. My friend had brought me a veggie burger that’s only made with vegetables and gave me half a huge avocado. I couldn’t eat all of it so it was passed across the table to someone else. I made a pig of myself and had two helpings of my potato salad. Someone had made a beautifully decorated cake for the baptizee so I ate two bites of it. My sinuses immediately started draining. I guess that was a bad choice.

It was visiting time after the meal. My cousin (my neighbor/cousin’s sister) and her husband were there. Also, a family that used to go to our church was up from Florida.

As the crowd began to thin, we loaded everything and I helped fold tablecloths.

The baptizee went with us on the trip back to the valley. The four of us went in to see Genese. She was sound asleep but I made sure that didn’t last. I gave her the potato salad, some kale/chia/quinoa chips, a mango and the most important thing—the form to get her hearing aid replaced.

We didn’t stay long. Going back to the fellowship hall, I shared most of the rest of the potato salad with my friend and the new family member. I like it when I don’t have much to bring home.

Twinkle is nosing at my feet. I’m tired. I think she wants to be fed. I’m tired. There’s a ton more stuff I could tell but I won’t. I’m tired. I already said that, I know. I’m tired.

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  1. Mary Jane August 25, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    No wonder you were tired! That mix-up at church would have been enough to be hard on your nerves; the rest of the day physically tiring. Hope you had a good rest last night!

    • Tommie August 25, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

      I slept well but it was up again early this morning and I just got home (noon).

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