It’s a Jungle Out There

Whenever I go to the car, I have to thread my way through the drooping branches of the Mystery Tree. There’s an offspring of it that’s trying to take over the deck. Backing out, the limbs of the redbud caress my car. Last year, I cut back everything with the pruning shears. I’m going to have to summon some energy to do it soon or everything will be enveloped in a Wall of Green.

The South African volunteer on SSNet really got into his assignment this time. He’s finished with the helps and his is probably the biggest job of any of us. The HTML expert and I work from text that’s sent us. The SA Vol has to put together documents from scratch. Granted, he does a lot of copying and pasting but it is a lot. He must have really enjoyed it, too, because he said he wished there were 14 lessons for the fourth quarter. That does happen sometimes but not now.

The editor is back, sort of. She is trying to figure out what’s happened in her absence. I caught her up on what I could and she’s pleased with the progress.

I got a few things done around the house, showered and dressed to go for my appointment for my CT and labs.

When I got to the hospital, I was immediately taken in to register. After that, I was shown to a waiting area to WAIT. It’s a very attractive little hospital. I took a picture to show the view.


It wasn’t long before the tech came and got me. I changed into a Seymour nightgown and lay down on the table. She asked if I would be able to take deep breaths and hold them without coughing. I told her we’d have to wait and see. I did and it was all over. The pulmonologist should have the results tomorrow.

From there, she took me to another waiting area. I had an even better view of the courtyard but there was a couple sitting between me and it so I didn’t take another picture.

By and by, the lab tech came and got me. I gave her my order. She was reading it and said, “Oh, boy!” I asked, “Oh, boy?” The doctor had ordered tests they don’t usually see so she was going to have to find out how many tubes of blood to draw.

Here’s a list of the labs:

ANA w/Reflex if Positive
ANA Direct
Anti-DNA (DS) Ab Qn
ANA Five with Pattern

RNP Antibodies
Smith Antibodies
Antiscleroderma-70 Antibodies
Sjogren’s Anti-SS-A
Sjogren’s Anti-SS-B
Antichromatin Antibodies
Anti-Centromere B Antibodies

PAN-ANCA Evaluation

I sat and waited for what seemed an eternity. She came back and told me she’d have to draw 10 tubes for the first two sections. The others would require two. Twelve tubes?? Yes, but I’d be okay. Well, if you say so.

While she was still looking at the order, someone said, “Tommie!!?” I looked around and there stood a tech who worked (she may even now) at the hospital while I was still employed. I hadn’t seen her since Dr. Mac had retired. It was like old home week and it was good to see her.

My arm was thoroughly wiped with alcohol. I braced myself for what I figured would be a traumatic experience but the tech was very good. It took less time than it seemed to draw the blood and I WAS okay. I asked her if she had anything that said, “I gave blood” but she said no. She started rummaging in a drawer and came up with this:


I told her I’d scan it and put it on my blog tonight so here it is.

Of course I had to do my grocery shopping. That was three stops. The oranges are priced out of my range so I’ll have to make do with mangoes. That’s a nice solution to a dilemma. The produce guy chased me down and showed me some oranges that were the variety I wanted but a five lub bag was almost $8. I passed.

Today was shopping day for a friend who works in a nursing home so we had our visit next to the avocados. We compared ailments which is what we do when we get old, I guess.

I stopped in and visited with my friend in Customer Service. She wanted to know where my hearing aids were. I hadn’t had time to put them on but I did okay.

After Walmart, it was Bi-Lo. I got over a dollar off my total because I’m a senior citizen. It does have its perks.

I’ve been getting such good tomatoes from the produce place between here and the other valley. That was my last stop. Of course, I had to visit there, too. And compare ailments. My former co-worker is on sick leave for six weeks because she broke something behind her left kneecap. We discussed insurance and the pro’s and con’s of prescription plans.

When I got home and unloaded, it was 45 minutes until prayer meeting and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. There was no way I was going to make it. I loaded up some of the tomatoes and took them to my cousin. She was sitting on her back steps watching the kittens. Six of them. Not five. The sixth one is very skittish and won’t get very close.

I’ve had offers from two more people who are willing to take me to my appointments. I hope there won’t be that many to go to, but it’s nice of them to say they’d do it. I might take one of them up on it eventually.

When I cut into one of the tomatoes, it was rotten. A total loss. Another one was only half good. I’m disappointed.

I’d emailed my friend to find out how much I owed her for some things she got me yesterday. She emailed back at 8:30 and said she’d just gotten home from prayer meeting. I’m glad I didn’t try to go.

Yesterday, I coughed very little and not at all last night. I was so proud of myself. This morning, I got up and coughed a bit. Then I coughed off and on through the day. I’ve coughed some tonight, too. And I thought I was doing so well.

Genese has roused up. It seemed she was going to win the current game but unless she has something up her sleeve, I think I have it sewed up.

My sister sent a message that our other sister is without Internet. I don’t know why but if I were, I might get to bed earlier.

4 Responses to It’s a Jungle Out There

  1. Lila August 22, 2013 at 8:34 am #

    My Internet is back, but I’m still unable to send my email. I hope they don’t have it locked again! I’ve had no such notice.

    • Tommie August 22, 2013 at 8:45 am #

      Strange. I’m glad you are able to get online, at least. You do have more problems than you should with that email.

  2. Mary Jane August 22, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    If they had wanted you to donate blood for the blood bank they should just have said so! Glad you were able to do the rest of your errands–don’t know if I could have, especially without food.

    • Tommie August 22, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

      True. That’s why I got the sticker. I didn’t feel a’tall weak. The tubes weren’t all the way full. Enough to do the tests. I’d had a good breakfast since none of them required fasting.

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