Coughing Again (Still?)

Last night was a better night for sleeping. With the Bag moved over some, I didn’t “run into” it when I would turn over. I woke at 5:55 and considered staying up but went back to bed instead. It was 7:51 the next time I woke. Talk about lazy!

You’d think from the looks of the house that I haven’t gotten anything done. Until today, malaise had me in a death grip and doing an involved recipe post seemed too daunting for words. My sister had wondered when I was going to post my cookie recipe. I’d kept putting her off until she didn’t bother to ask any more. I felt enough better that I plunged headlong and did it. You can find it here. I’ll even share a picture…

Cookies and Milk

They have no added sugar or fat and they are good if I must say so myself. I thought I’d put the last batch in the freezer so I could eat along on them and I recently discovered them in the fridge. I don’t know that I’ll chance eating them after all this time.

I called Genese and had her look to see which processes were eating up the resources on her computer. We were talking away when click! I tried calling back but there was no answer. I called again and this time an aide picked up the phone. The power was off, her phone wouldn’t work and Genese can’t hear on the corded phone. She messaged me on Facebook. We’d gotten far enough that she took it the rest of the way and she’s trying her best to beat me on Wordscraper.

My neighbor/cousins were still not home this morning. I waited until mid-afternoon before I went over and fed the kittens. The sugar babies are fed every evening so they’d be okay.

When they did get home, the Wounded One had driven her van and my CIL had followed her in his truck. She’s hobbling but she plans to go to work tomorrow. The nail went clear through the fleshy part of her thigh (if any part of her can be termed “fleshy”). She told me what had happened.

The nail gun she was using has a “trigger” that, once pressed, is like pulling the pin on a grenade but holding the handle down. When the nail gun hits the board, it fires. She explained she does it that way because if she hits the board and then presses the trigger, it fires two nails.

When the board slipped and she hit her leg with the gun, she heard the it fire but she didn’t really feel anything. She was looking for the nail and noticed a hole in her jeans that wasn’t there a moment before. I don’t remember exactly how the next part went but she shucked her jeans then and there, figuring what she had on didn’t show as much as her bathing suit does. The pointed end of the nail was protruding from her thigh while the head had gone completely in. She carries a change of clothes with her so she pulled on some shorts and they went to the ER.

The staff person asked her problem and she was taken back almost immediately. It was bleeding some but not much. It had started throbbing on the way.

One of the nurses gave her morphine (which didn’t phase her) and a local anesthetic. She started cutting trying to find the head of the nail before she gave the local a chance to work. To begin with, she was cutting in the wrong place plus she was being rather hateful. People like that shouldn’t be nurses.

There was a steady parade of people coming into the ER to see the unusual sight. Not that it’s unheard of to have someone shoot themselves that way but this was a woman.

After cutting more than once, the nurse found the head of the nail and pulled it out. My CIL said it was like a fountain of blood that spurted up a good 8″. Something was threaded through the hole to clean it. The compression bandage was applied and they left.

There’s a picture on her phone of the nail protruding from her leg and we took pictures of the wound as it looks now. She’ll have to send the pictures to her sister who can then email them to me.

She measured my height and said I’m 5’2″ tall. That’s an inch and a half taller than I was measured at the pulmonologist’s office. I’m going to call tomorrow and let my PCP’s nurse know my Wednesday measurement is not correct.

My CIL came out after he saw me looking at the fig tree. He’s interested in cooking some prickly pear cactus. I told him to look up some recipes online.

I’m going to call tomorrow and see if it will be a problem for me to drive after my next appointment. Genese told me the ABG is very painful. I looked it up and I should be able to drive but I want to be sure.

I did what I threatened to do to “fix” the refried beans. I peeled and cut up a medium waxy-type potato, cooked it until it was soft and mashed it with a fork. It was mixed into the beans and I could qualify for “Fix That Dish”. They are actually good now. It was just the potato and water I added. Nothing else.

Well, Twinkle has eaten most of a can of cat food in the last 24 hours. My sister thinks I’m wealthy. I don’t know where she gets that idea. At this rate, I’ll be in the poor house before the year is out.

My cough has come back somewhat today. It hasn’t left, really, but it kind of slacked off. Speaking of slacked off, the rain hasn’t. I failed the check the gauge so I can’t do a precipitation report. Aren’t you sad?

5 Responses to Coughing Again (Still?)

  1. Genese August 19, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    The last time ABG was drawn, they deadened the area with an injection of lidocaine. It definitely made the procedure more tolerable than times before. ( Even without the lidocaine, there was no lasting pain; it just hurt during the procedure.

    • Tommie August 19, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

      Mary Jane, I feel like I’m sleeping in when I get up at 6:30. I know some people who have gone into the medical field because it pays well. That’s not a good reason. And the victim is working today, just as she said she would.

      Thanks, Genese. That makes me feel better. I know I’m not supposed to lift anything with the involved arm for 24 hours. My tremor is in my left hand. Wonder if they’ll want to draw it from my right wrist? That’s my gear-shifting side.

  2. Mary Jane August 19, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    You’re retired, so why not sleep until almost 8:00? (Not that I do.)

    I agree that people like that nurse should have another profession. Being wounded is bad enough, but being treated like that makes it worse. Glad the victim is OK!

  3. Lila August 20, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    I too still have a cough. Before I went to bed last night at M.J.’s, I took a teaspoonful of honey. Went to sleep with nary a cough, slept till 5:09; figured that was earlier than I wanted to get up, thinking maybe I could sleep a little more. And I did – until 8:26! I told her she must have a magic bed; I never sleep that late at home!

    • Tommie August 20, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

      I tried taking honey before and it made my throat sore. Glad it works for you.

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