It’s Alive!!

Peaches were on the breakfast menu. They were so pretty sitting on the plate that I just had to take a picture—or several. I like to take lots so the law of averages says at least one will turn out decently. Focusing on the plate with its luscious goodness, I pressed the shutter button. Twice. The camera took two pictures and turned off. I turned it back on and pressed the button again. It took the picture and turned off. That was repeated two more times and I gave up. Here’s part of my meal:

Breakfast Peaches

The sun was shining beautifully. I took 10 minutes and sat in it. While I was outside, I noticed the vehicle my cousin currently uses was in the driveway. I went over to her little shop and there she was, hard at work on the project I’d helped her with last week. Parts were laid out to dry after being spray painted. She was hoping it wouldn’t rain any time soon. After inspecting everything, I came back to the house.

It wasn’t long until I heard raindrops on the vent in the bathroom. Uh-oh! If she’d left and the pieces were still out there, I was going over to take them in. The vehicle was still there so I was sure she’d taken care of them.

Thunder started and kept up for a long time. It rained most of the afternoon. I haven’t checked the rain gauge but I’m sure it has more than a drop in it.

I heard from the SSNet volunteer in South Africa. He had two more lesson helps ready to go. I took care of those, plus I added anchors to them and links to the lessons. While I was on a roll, I went on with lessons 12 and 13. The last one was so nice! There wasn’t a whole lot of coding I had to do. I don’t think there was any hard coding.

My cough was back today but not as much as before. I’ve had long stretches of time I haven’t coughed at all.

After the storms had moved on, I took a bath. It was definitely needed. I’d wondered if my cousin could smell the aroma even though we were outside.

Genese won one game and I won the other. We don’t any at all going right now which is unusual. She’ll have to get creative and set up a board so I can try to beat her again.

Twinkle took me in the bathroom and asked for food tonight. Most of the time, I put it in her bowl and she just happens to find it. The B-12 is working.

When I got the little memory card out of the camera so I could transfer the pictures, I determined to find the problem with it shutting off. Of course I Googled it. The conclusion wasn’t good. Somebody said a firmware update was needed. I have no idea where the cable is for it. I’ve never used it. Someone else said it was dead and the camera had to be replaced. No way do I have the funds right now to buy another camera. Yet another said that, if it’s under warranty…it isn’t. Rather than take their word(s) for it, I went to the Nikon site and downloaded the manual. Having such on my computer makes it easy to find what I need. Ctrl f and a little search box pops up. I typed in “turns off” and found it. The batteries! But it was showing the batteries had a full charge. Oh, well. I have batteries. I changed them and voilà! it works. Praise the Lord!

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  1. Lila August 13, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    So glad the cough is better!

    • Tommie August 13, 2013 at 9:19 am #

      I wish it were…

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