The First Fatalities

God in Shoes is coming up. It’s the Second Annual. This morning was another meeting. I missed the first one because I was puny. Leaving the house was something I really didn’t want to do but I did it anyway. There was a good group and lots of plans were made and problems mostly solved.

The next get-together for lunch was announced and it’s at one of my least favorite places to eat. It’s ‘way out in the country and that’s the kind of food they serve. Southern Country Cookin’. When I go out for a meal, I like to go somewhere I can get something I wouldn’t necessarily cook at home. At that place, the food is not only what I can fix myself, I can do it better. The fellow(woman)ship is a big part of it, I know, but I want something to chew on that I can enjoy. One of my academy-mates was there and said she’d see me at the restaurant. She was surprised when I said, “Been there. Done that. Don’t want to do it again.” That wasn’t very gracious and I wished I hadn’t said it. I told her I might change my mind. We’ll see.

I got home right at noon TT and saw that DD had called. I was surprised because she’s making her way to her retreat via the Best Western Denver Southwest and I figured she’d be busy. She had seen lots about it on Facebook and was anxious to see it. It was a bit disappointing that a lot of it is still in the construction phase. Tonight, she’ll stay with college friends and then it’s on to the mountains tomorrow.

My right hearing aid went “doodle-dee-doo”. Fatality #1. The battery was dead. I was telling DD how many batteries I have and was trying to find all of them to add them up. Two packets were hiding but I had 16 total before that one died.

While we were talking, I pointed out I hadn’t coughed at all during our conversation. She hadn’t realized it but once I said it, she had to agree. It was quite an accomplishment for me. I hadn’t coughed at all until about 4 o’clock this afternoon and not much then or since.

For supper, I’d already had a good Kent mango and the rest of the blueberries. I went into DD’s room to get some peaches and found a rotten one. Fatality #2.

Fatality #3 was when my other battery died. It didn’t “doodle-dee-doo” but there was no sound at all coming from that aid. It perked up with a new lease on life. I got the hearing aids with a fresh set of batteries on July 26 and they lasted until this afternoon. Not bad, I’d say. Genese’s don’t last that long but she wears hers 24/7. The only time she takes them off is when she has a bath. I’m an amateur. I wear mine around eight to ten hours a day.

Speaking of Genese, we have two games going at the moment. I’m winning this one:


and she’s winning this one:


It isn’t much of a comeback for me. The one I’m winning will make one out of four.

Now it’s time to feed the beast and harvest the water kefir. Onward and upward!

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