I was really in no mood to go anywhere today but the car needed attention and I’d made an appointment for 1 o’clock EDT. High noon TT. I did all I could do in the time I had to do it and set out.

It isn’t far to the shop. Just go to the light past the audiologist’s clinic, turn left and it’s on the corner of the next block. I got there 15 minutes early feeling like a hotrodder. I haven’t made that much noise driving ever, I don’t think.

I had a book with me since I figured it would take a while for them to do whatever had to be done. The man came in and said they’d be taking my car back to analyze the problem soon. I settled down to read.

A few minutes later, a very young young man came and said I was needed in the shop. I got up and followed him to the back. He directed me to the spot where my car was up on a rack.

The man who was working on the car motioned me to come under the car and warned me not to bump my head. It isn’t often things are low enough for that. He showed me the problem. The pipe had rusted loose from the muffler on the engine side and the muffler itself was starting to rust. He told me how he planned to fix it and said it would run $74. He’d have it done in about 15 minutes. I gave him the go-ahead.

I resumed my reading but before I could finish the chapter, the first man called me to the window and said he had the total on my bill if I wanted to pay and get that over with. It was $81.22. That was $74 plus tax (which the other man had failed to mention). I whipped out my Discover card. He hesitated. He explained they charge an extra 3% for Discover. I put it away and got out my bank card. Okay. The additional charge on that would be 50 cents. I wrote a check. That was “free”.

True to his word, the car was done in no time flat and I still didn’t finish the chapter. Getting in the car, there was a strange phone in the seat. I took it back into the shop and the man met me on the way out to get it. Adjusting the seat, I started the car and reveled in the fact that it was quiet again.

Yesterday, I called the hospital and asked for copies of my x-rays so I can take them to the specialist. I went through the routine of signing the release and the x-ray tech met me in the hallway with the DVD. I told her I’d had problems viewing the films on my computer so she took me to the department and showed me how it was done. She was very nice and when I left she told me she hopes I’ll feel better. So do I.

Then it was on to the animal hospital to get Twinkle’s supply of food. It cost more than the muffler did.

Walmart didn’t have everything I needed though the produce manager said he’d order some mangoes which should be on the truck Sunday if they are available.

Bi-Lo was next. When I left there, a few raindrops had started to splatter the windshield. I continued on up the mountain. When I got to the top, the rain started coming down a bit harder. I pulled into the produce place and parked behind a truck that had parked in the shed part of the building. I figured it belonged to the owner and I was going to give him a hard time.

The rain was coming down fast enough I had to use my umbrella and was just starting to go in when a family came out and got in the truck. I had them parked in. I went back to the car, moved it and when they’d left, I got their spot.

I picked out the tomatoes I wanted with the sound of the rain hitting the metal roof. I visited a bit and when I started back to the car, the skies opened up.

On the way home, it was coming down so hard and fast I couldn’t see the vehicle ahead of me. Granted, it was something like maybe four car-lengths in front but visibility was almost zero.

It was still raining so enthusiastically when I got home that I sat in the car and finished the chapter I’d been reading. I was in need of the bathroom and the rain pelting down wasn’t helping. Grabbing my umbrella, I came in the house.

I changed my clothes, put in a load of laundry and rebounded. When I’d done all that, the rain had stopped and I unloaded the car. The rain gauge had 2.25″.

The audiologist was right. With the batteries fully charged in both my transmitter and remote, it didn’t crackle.

Not one thing has been done on the lessons today and that’s fine. I’m farther along than I expected to be so I may take another day off tomorrow. Guess I’m the boss of me, after all.

4 Responses to Muffled

  1. Lila August 8, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    That sounds like the rain I was driving through going up the mountain to H’ville yesterday. You are right – visibility was extremely poor!

    • Tommie August 8, 2013 at 10:45 pm #

      I never could understand people who like to drive in the rain!

  2. Mary Jane August 9, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    Glad the job on the car wasn’t a major one!

    • Tommie August 9, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

      It was a relief. I was expecting much more.

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