If Twinkle Ain’t Happy…

My cousin and CIL weren’t home when I got up this morning. As is my custom, I went outside to see if there were any sign of the sun. There wasn’t. However, there were kittens. Four of them. They came swarming over to see That Old Lady Who Gives Them Food. The fifth one hung back. I was surprised that the hanger backer wasn’t the black one because it’s the most skittish. Maybe it was the hungriest this morning.

I came back in to get the key so I could get to the Food and Twinkle met me at the door. She smelled my feet and my housecoat, laid her ears back and hissed. I started to take a step toward the kitchen where my little key caddy is and she hissed again. Not to give her the satisfaction of a reaction, I ignored her. Eventually, she settled down and I took care of the kittens.

As usual, they were all over my feet until I got the bowls filled. After that, it was safe enough to go back into the house, leave the scoop and lock the door. Filling their water bowl completed my task and I came home. Twinkle was quiet. She’s just going to have to deal with it. Far as I know, the kittens aren’t going anywhere. As long as they don’t bring fleas over here or use my grow boxes as litter boxes, I’m fine with that.

My cousins really did come home today. I haven’t seen them but I saw the vehicles and they didn’t drive themselves.

This is the anniversary of DH’s and my wedding. That was a long time ago in 1972. Forty-one years. A lot has happened since then. It’s also the date I add $10 to my T-Mobile account to keep it active for another year. I tried to do it by calling using WiFi but the volume was so low I couldn’t hear anything. Nothing like GrooVeIP. I looked up my number in my gmail and called using my MagicJack. When I checked my balance, it didn’t sound right. I had $17.90 and 65 minutes. I made gold a long time ago and it’s supposed to be 10 cents a minute. A customer service rep verified those numbers were correct. I told her what I believed which she also verified. Now I have 179 minutes and who knows if I’ll ever use them. I should have lots more than that but I won’t quibble.

The editor has been in fine form sending email after email. I submitted the article I wrote and let her know it was there. She’s pretty busy so I don’t know when it will be published. She’s given me a lot of access but I don’t think I can publish anything. Besides, I don’t have access to the clip art she uses.

Earlier this evening, I went into the bathroom to find fruit flies swarming Twinkle’s food. That isn’t fruit! There had been a few in there and I’d put some of the “brew” to trap them. I do believe it’s an attractant, instead. I decided I would employ my late sister’s trick of vacuuming the critters. I grabbed my Dyson, pulled up the wand, unfastened the hose from the machine and went to work. I don’t think they can find their way out but, just in case, I took the tank outside and emptied it.

A few minutes ago, I had to repeat the vacuuming but I left it at that. When I started the vacuum the second time, I didn’t know Twinkle was in the bathroom. She is terrified of the Dyson. Here I was, waving the, hopefully, magic wand that will make the fruit flies disappear and she was trapped. The Dyson was sitting in the doorway. She got very brave and streaked by it.

Genese has started another Wordscraper game that makes me feel like I’m playing in a minefield. Plus, she passed her turn so I had to play first.


I’ll be very surprised if I win this one.

It’s already after 10 and I’m still up. That will be remedied shortly.

2 Responses to If Twinkle Ain’t Happy…

  1. Mary Jane August 7, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    Even cats can get jealous!

    • Tommie August 7, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

      Especially Twinkle! She’s supposed to be the Only One.

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