A Fun Morning

It was up early, feed the kittens, have my quiet time, shower and dress. Today was the Women’s Ministry Prayer Breakfast at a sister church. On the way, I stopped and took pictures of Mother.

The Cemetery

Here She Rests

The cemetery was nicely mowed but they aren’t too careful when it comes to the gravestones.

Mower Attack

There’s another smaller hunk out of the corner diagonally opposite but I won’t post its picture.

I was a few minutes late but they hadn’t started eating yet. Next time, I really must take something vegan to contribute. There was enough for me to eat but I may pay the price later for ingesting soy.

One of the ladies gave me pictures of the last breakfast I attended but I’d have to scan them and I’m not going to do that tonight. I had a picture taken with her today but it was with my little Canon and the result isn’t worth sharing. I have my eyes almost closed. That’s what happens when I smile. My father was the same way so I come by it honest.

There was a devotional and prayer time. I think everyone at the table had requests to share.

We had a good time visiting and I’d considered staying for the card-making. There was so much to be done here, though, so I left. I stopped by Walmart and got a few things and came home. When I turned off the main highway into my side road, either the engine got louder or my hearing aids decided I wanted to hear it better. Tomorrow, I’ll check it out.

After I changed, I went outside and ate cherry tomatoes off the vine. They’re sad-looking plants but they are still bearing. The ones my CIL planted have started putting on fruit and I do believe they are Romas. He likes Romas but he though these were Big Boys, I think. They’re still very green.

The kittens are getting bolder. I was outside (again) and they gathered round while I pulled weeds. DD called while I was out there.

I called DD back and we talked for something like an hour and a quarter. She has a good attitude about being unemployed. One of her co-workers found a job in three weeks of hunting and interviewing so that’s encouraging. She’s getting more and more intrigued with the possibility of owning a tiny house. Seems they are getting increasingly popular. They range from more traditional designs to some really way-out ones. We talked about the kittens and I told her they’re cute but I’m glad they belong to my cousins. I’ll stick with Twinkle.

She and merm were going out for brunch and then to an open house so we signed off.

I’ve gotten three lessons done which makes 01 through 07 finished except for polishing them here and there. I contacted the fellow in South Africa who does the helps to see when I’d have them to work on. He assured me he was starting on them today and would have them done by “week’s end or during the next.” I’m counting on it.

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  1. Lila August 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    You are a busy lady! Glad you got to the Prayer Breakfast. Have you ever figured how much time a week you average working on SSNet? Bet it’s a lot!

    • Tommie August 5, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

      No, I haven’t. It would be interesting to track it but I’m not going to try. I don’t usually spend hours at a stretch. It’s broken up with doing other things so it might be a little difficult.

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