A Peach of a Rainy Day

I’d called the Apple House the other day to find out when they’d have peaches. The man told me they’d be picking on Wednesday. To my dismay, the day dawned foggy and wet. It was raining off and on and I couldn’t imagine they would be out in weather like this.

Once again, I called. The woman who answered the phone said they hadn’t come in yet but they should be around lunchtime. I reserved a half bushel.

As nasty a day as it was, I didn’t want to go out in it if I didn’t need to so I called about 12:30. Well, the main part of the picking hadn’t been brought in. I said I’d reserved a basket and that’s when she told me the peaches that had been reserved were already there.

I was tempted to go the “back way” which is a little one lane dirt road but decided against navigating it in the wet. I made it to my destination without incident.

The Apple House had peaches but no apples. Basket after basket was lined up. Even though there was one with a sticky note with my name on it, I could have any I wanted. The first basket looked fine to me so the man took it out to the car while I wrote my check.

The rebounder was a perfect place for the peaches.


I loaded some up and took them to my cousin. She was inspecting the little basket I had them in and one peach fell out and rolled across the floor. I think it will probably be well bruised by the time it ripens. We visited for awhile and she probably thought I’d never leave.

When I got home, Twinkle came ambling out of my bedroom and starting inspecting the peaches. She really got into it.

I Love Peaches!

Getting peaches isn’t the only thing I got done today. I did less02 for Q4 (translation, the second lesson for the fourth quarter). I haven’t gone over it with a fine tooth comb yet. I’ll do that before I upload it to the server.

Genese must be doing okay with her computer. She’s roundly beating me on Wordscraper.

I’ve been messaging with the audiologist. These hearing aids are comfortable but I have to turn them ‘way down. She says I may have something she called “recruitment”. Of course, I had to Google it and I found this. From the description of the article she said she would give me, this seems a match. It’s strange, though, that I didn’t have this problem with the other aids I wore.

It looks like rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. I had planned to go to town but I may blow it off for another day.

Guess I’d better go make sure Twinkle has provisions for the night. I called today and ordered another case of canned cat food and a bag of the dry. I don’t remember if I told the lady I want a small bag or not. I’ll have to call in the morning and verify that. In the meantime, I’m going to have a snoozin’ good time.

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  1. Mary Jane August 1, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    The peaches are beautiful! I need to call the Farmer’s Market and find out what they have available–and the price, which won’t be cheap.

    • Tommie August 1, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

      I know what you mean. These weren’t cheap but I didn’t have to go much farther than my back yard to get them. Prior years’ experience tells me they’ll be good, too.

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