What Firm Resolve?

Last night, I went to bed without the benefit of cough medicine. I was determined not to take any. The minutes ticked by and 45 of them after I had hit the hay, I had to give up. I got up and took a scant teaspoonful, checked some things on the computer and went back to bed. So much for that. Maybe someday—er, night.

After I got up this morning, I did the usual things. Drank my water, had my quiet time, cleaned out Twinkle’s litter box, ate breakfast, took out the compost, checked Facebook and my email, etc., etc. Oh, one thing out of the ordinary was I wrote a blog post for SSNET. When it will be published, I don’t know. Then Twinkle had scattered some of the pellets so I cleaned those up. When I looked at the clock, I was amazed it was a little past noon.

At 12:30, I did something I rarely to never do. I lay down for a nap. When I woke at 1:15, the power was off but I didn’t realize it. I noticed the light was off in the kitchen but I figured I’d probably turned it off when I went to bed. It was off in Twinkle’s bathroom but as soon as I touched the switch, it came on.

I have no idea how long it had been off but it was at least 15 minutes because my computer had gone to sleep. The strange thing was, the wireless was also off. I don’t know if the modem went off or not. My netbook is connected via cable and it was up when I tried the phone. Several minutes later, the wireless kicked in. The UPS shows two hours worth of juice so it shouldn’t have gone down at all.

Since the editor has left me to take care of the fourth quarter lessons production, I’d “nudged” the HTML expert yesterday and he got his part done for one set of 13. I downloaded all of them this afternoon and have the first lesson finished up—I think. I almost always find something else I haven’t done. There were some things I had to figure out on my own since the editor is out of pocket but I did it and it looks good. When I have to “feel my way”, I remember better, anyhow.

The storm door has looked awful ever since I sprayed the wasp’s nest with WD-40 so I cleaned it. I noticed my cousin’s back door was open. I’ve been wanting to show my CIL the avocado “tree” I transplanted. When I went out, I saw a familiar car in the driveway, then noticed the vans in front of the little shop. Making my way over there, my cousin and the former house-sitter were inside.

I went in and took the stool that was offered and visited a bit. Then I announced I had to leave because I hadn’t had supper yet. Wanting to know what was for supper, I listed cherries, mango, tomato, cucumber…The house-sitter wanted to know if I was planning to juice them. WHAT??! That would be an insult. No! I was just going to EAT them. She said someone she knows juices all sorts of stuff and she wanted to taste some of the concoctions before she invests in a juicer. I could let her use my Champion but I doubt that’s the kind of juicer she’s talking about.

We talked some more and then I left to come home and make good on my promise. I ate the cherries, then I peeled a couple of mangoes (pretty ones) and added blueberries and a banana. When I’d eaten that, I fixed a salad of tomato, cucumber, avocado and onion. Everything was much better eaten that way than smashed together in juice.

The HS was leaving when I took the compost out. I showed my cousin where I’d transplanted the avocado “tree”. I don’t know when her DH will see it.

This evening, I had a Facebook message from Genese’s daughter.

Mom asked me to drop by your page and thank you for the yummy gifts you dropped off. Apparently she’s been having technical difficulties with the net. Not sure if Big Brother has added more restrictions or if her system needs updated or if it’s a combination of the two. She gets online accepts the TOS which has a new look and addy. Then moments later connection is lost. She says she’ll get with you soon as she can…

I might have known that the flaky public network was to blame. I had thought about calling her today but she sleeps so much I didn’t want to disturb her. In a second message, her daughter said she gets her best sleep from 3 a.m. until 10. I told her to tell Genese to call IT and let them know. They may not realize people can’t get on.

Twinkle has been dosed and fed and even though I haven’t gotten a lot done today, I’m tired. I don’t think my nap will keep me from sleeping tonight.

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