Twinkle Remembered, deuxième partie

After a reasonably good night’s sleep, I was up shortly after sunrise. Twinkle didn’t wake me. The sky getting light did. I went out and checked on the avocado tree and it’s still there and doing well.

I was interested to see what would happen when I got my paraphernalia ready for my B12 shot so I didn’t dread it as much as usual. Twinkle was on my bed. When everything was ready, I walked toward the bedroom. Well before I got there, she got off the bed and ambled out. When I’d completed my distasteful task, she was sitting outside the door, waiting. I would say three times in a row means she is a smart cat.

DD called in the early afternoon. The phone closest to me said it had a low battery and I couldn’t get to another one before it went to voice mail. We played phone tag for a few minutes and finally connected. She tried to help me put my diagnosis in perspective. I’m not actively stressing over it but every time I cough, it’s a reminder.

Other than the phone visit, I got a few things done today which included eating quite a bit of fruit. I had the juice of three oranges, four mangoes (the last ugly one is gone), some beautiful huge cherries from Chelan, Washington (my sister and her husband used to vacation there), blueberries and a large banana. It’s that time of year when there’s a glut of wonderful produce. Too bad it can’t be that way year ’round.

My aids are still working well except there’s so much volume when I’m using the transmitter, I have to turn them all the way down. There’s also a slight “roaring” undertone I have to turn down, too, on other settings. I had my exam before I took the series of antibiotics and I think I’m not as hard of hearing sound as the tests indicate. Clarity is still an issue but volume isn’t, necessarily.

The editor is out of pocket so I have been doing what she asked and “nudging” the HTML expert. I’ve done it for the last time tonight and I’m going to bed shortly.

Twinkle is “marking” my foot with her chin. I didn’t catch any kittens on the deck today but there’s always tomorrow.

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