Thursday night was a long one. Sometime in the early hours of Friday, I had a coughing fit to top all coughing fits. I coughed until I started gagging and almost threw up. Not pleasant to read and even worse to experience. I had to be up early so I could be at the hearing clinic by 8 a.m. TT. I was thankful I had my timer set.

Speaking of the timer, I have found something really neat. I have one timer in the kitchen I can count on to be accurate. I have another “cute” one Mother gave me but that doesn’t equal dependable. I don’t remember why I needed another timer but I did. I sat down at the computer and typed “timer” into a Google search. At first, it brought up timer programs and timer sites but I really didn’t want a program and the site I looked at wasn’t confidence-inspiring. I tried again. Timer. One word. It brought this up. The first one is simple enough and loud enough it will work and I can have any number of timers going at once by having them in different tabs.

So…I had set the timer for eight hours. Believe me, it does work. I had the volume turned all the way up on my netbook and it lives on a computer desk by my bed. When it went off, I almost had to be peeled off the ceiling. There was no way to turn it off without getting up. I was awake. That one has disappeared so I’m playing with the others to find the perfect one.

I made it to the clinic with a few minutes to spare. Sitting in the waiting room, I busied myself with a magazine until the audiologist would be ready for me. The front door opened and in walked her brother and his wife. They both smiled and spoke but I knew he didn’t recognize me. I’d make myself known to him when he was on his way out.

I didn’t have to. The aud grabbed his arm and pointed to me saying, “Do you know who this pretty lady is?” He looked a little bewildered and she said, “I’m not going to tell you but her name starts with Tommie Sue.” He did a double-take and exclaimed, “NO WAY!!” Yes, that was me. He continued, “I had a crush on you at camp one summer!” I was flattered, to say the least. “Are you available?” and then the clincher, “I always went for older women.” I didn’t know whether that was a compliment or if my ego should instantly deflate. He introduced me to his wife and they left.

Going into the inner sanctum, I was introduced to my latest and, hopefully, greatest hearing aids. It seems the recent mix-up of the wrong hearing aids being sent was providential. I found I could hear better with the aids I wouldn’t have tried otherwise and I could get them in a comfortable case. They are less expensive and with expenses piling up, I can handle less expensive. The audiologist said they are a good compromise. They have the quality sound I want and there are enough settings to make her happy. After a thorough adjustment, I walked out with the aids, a copy of the latest contract (the fourth one) and a refund check.

Shopping at Walmart was pleasant. The rumblers overhead weren’t deafening. I was on my way to Customer Service to get a refund for my rotten food when a friend ran me down. She told me I needed to turn my aids up. No. I had them on Noisy Environment (or, as the aud likes to call the setting, “low beam”) and that turns the back microphones off. We visited for a bit and she went to find her son.

I’d put the receipt in the bag with the bad food but it had fallen out. I guess they were convinced I’d really bought it there because the supervisor was consulted and it was decided I could exchange it. That was fine with me.

The pharmacy didn’t have my cough medicine so I called and talked to my doctor’s nurse. She agreed to call it in. She said she was still working on getting an appointment for me with the pulmonologist and would let me know something as soon as she found out anything.

My sister had suggested I compromise and get the over-the-counter cough medicine that the doctor had said was the best OTC. I went her one better and got the “store” brand. I took some last night and I think it’s probably, as my step-father would have termed, “false economy”. I have to take twice as much and it doesn’t work as well plus I took melatonin with it. I took some last night and woke at 3 a.m. coughing. I didn’t think I’d ever get back to sleep.

Going through the produce section, I found FOUR boxes of beautiful Ciruli Brothers champagne mangoes. I had to call the manager over to get a box down for me. He said, “You’re the lady that likes these, aren’t you?” DUH! I had asked him time after time to call and let me know when they got them in. He offered to do just that the next shipment. I told him they’d quit harvesting so there was a good chance those would be the last. Later, I saw a friend and steered him to the mangoes. He got seven. His wife is visiting in Belize and he said she’s eating ripe mangoes off the trees. I told him I didn’t want to hear about it.

Besides Walmart, I also went to Bi-Lo and the produce place here on the mountain. I got some beautiful tomatoes and a mess of greasy beans. Both my former co-worker and her daughter exclaimed over how glad they are I’m eating cooked. They say I look healthy. It would be nice if it were more than looks. The pastor asked me today how I’m doing and I told him, “That remains to be seen.”

When I got home, I busied myself did some cooking after I ate lunch. I made some more of the Facebook recipe cookies and fixed the beans. It’s tradition in the South to cook potatoes on top of them so that’s what I did. I ended up with enough for several meals.

This morning, I didn’t forget my jacket. It’s terrible to have to take one to church the end of July but I wasn’t going to chance getting chilled again. On the way, I took Genese three mangoes (one ugly, two pretty) and a couple of cookies. She was sound asleep. I didn’t try to sneak around but all of my noise didn’t wake her. She hasn’t been overly communicative lately but she’s been giving me a run for my money on Wordscraper. “FLANKED” netted her 11,917 points and I currently stand at a total of 3,070. Unless I can pull something out of my hat, she wins again. We’ve both learned it ain’t over ’til it’s over, though.


I could hear almost everything in church! The trumpet didn’t deafen me! The piano wasn’t too loud!! The aids are comfortable! Yesterday afternoon, the aud and I were messaging on Facebook. She said, “still comfortable? still hearing good?” I could sense she was probably praying, “Please say yes!” We will both be so relieved if these are The Ones.

It was raining when the service was over. I was glad I was pessimistic and took my umbrella. I didn’t have my wits about me, though, and was trying to hold the umbrella handle under my chin while I rummaged for my keys. The pastor came to my rescue and held the umbrella plus my Bible and quarterly. I gave up on my usual set and got out the spare. One of my friends had a jar of Vegenaise for me and he was going to carry it to the car. I had some cookies for her so she carried it for me instead.

One of the ladies was pounding on her battery connector thingy with a wrench. I told her my mother used to carry a rock in the car for such a purpose. She tried starting it and it groaned but little else. I offered to pull my car around so she could jump it but she had a handy-dandy little charger thingy (sorry for all the technical jargon) and it started right up with it.

This afternoon, I’ve read more in The Race. I went from 50% to 78% through. At a couple of points, I read myself to sleep but not for long. I notice the price for the Kindle edition has dropped a couple of dollars. Of course, that’s considerably more than the FREE Genese and I got ours for.

My sister emailed about the tomato and cucumber she got from her garden. It looks like one of my volunteers is just about dead and the other one is on its way out. There are some tomatoes on them but not many. The ones my CIL planted are blooming. I hope, for his sake, they survive and bear a bumper crop.

Our other sister went out blueberry-ing yesterday. I had to buy some at the store. Oh, well, as long as I have the funds to spend. I guess I’ll never have the blueberry patch and peach trees I’ve always wanted. Looking forward to heaven…

Smokey was resting on one of the deck chairs this afternoon. One of the kittens fled when I went outside. I hope they’ve been de-fleaed. I don’t need another invasion.

Twinkle is resting on “her” dining chair. It must be cooler there. The a/c hasn’t kicked on at all today since I turned it up this morning. I had to put on a long sleeved shirt when I got home from church but I have on short sleeves now.

I’ve sort of come to terms regarding my latest diagnosis. I’m the same person I was before I was informed and I won’t know any more until after I’ve seen the pulmonologist and undergone whatever tests he orders. I’m trying my best to put it in the Lord’s hands and leave it there. That isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

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  1. Mary Jane July 28, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    Maybe you have finally gotten the right hearing aids!! The refund makes them even better.

    • Tommie July 28, 2013 at 8:54 pm #

      Amen to both! I need to get them adjusted so the volume isn’t so loud. When I use them with the transmitter, I have to turn them all the way down and they could go even further to be really comfortable. The button on them changes the programs. It doesn’t control the volume. I do that with the remote.

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