More Carrots and a Mystery

It was about 7 TT when I got up. As soon as I’d gone potty and put on my robe, I took a turn around the yard. The sun was barely evident through the clouds. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be mostly sunny and then back to a chance of storms on Sabbath. That will continue into Sunday. We’ll see if the Weather Guessers are right.

I was pulling some weeds out of the grow box and there were some carrots that were definitely too close together to grow well. I pulled some up that are getting to be a good size plus a couple of babies. They’re all history.

More Carrots

Part of breakfast (a large part) were three mangoes. They aren’t the most beautiful in the world and they have little fibrous knots in them. I took a glamour shot of them:

Ugly Mangoes

I posted the picture on the Champagne Mango Facebook page and the person who maintains it said the storms have affected the quality of the mangoes and they’ve quit harvesting. The others I had were so nice and I’m having to eat these before they get as ripe as I like. It’s a disappointment but as long as no more rot, I guess it will be okay.

My doctor sent me an email saying he had been able to view my x-rays (wonder why I couldn’t?) and he confirmed I have some lingering problems. If I continue coughing and being short of breath, he wants me to see a pulmonologist. If I do, that’s more expense. Just what I need.

The editor is going to be out of pocket (literally without Internet access) from Friday through much of August. She wants me to track the progress of the fourth quarter lessons. I feel like I’m being thrown into the deep end. I told her about the email from my doctor and she immediately started Googling remedies. She sent me a couple of links and then sent me another link saying the remedies don’t work. I do appreciate her caring, though.

One of my sisters calls this a “bump in the road”. I hope that’s all it is. The other one hopes it’s nothing serious but she says I need further checking. I haven’t heard from any of my children.

When I took the compost out, one of the kittens dashed off the deck. They are getting more and more bold and wandering farther away from Home all the time. It flew into the tangle of brush between what’s left of the old house and a little patch of yard in front of this one. I went to look for it and found what seems to be a shelter for some good-sized animals. It was getting close to twilight so my picture taking didn’t go too well. Between that and my tremor, not many of my tries were successful even with different settings. The area is probably roughly 7’x12′. I could be very wrong about that. I’m not good at estimating. It’s big enough for Bambi, Faline, Geno and Gurri or a mama bear and her cubs. Just sayin’.

Something's Bed

A Den of Sorts

A Different Setting

I’ve gotten next to nothing done. Twinkle’s bathroom mirror is cleaned and the light bulb changed. That’s my last CFL. As the prices come down on LEDs, I’m going to start investing. I have one, so far, in the lamp beside me plus several small bulbs that don’t give much light at all.

For some unknown reason, the Wordscraper archives are only showing eight games for Genese and me for the last three months. I really don’t think that’s correct. I posted it on her wall but she didn’t comment—yet.

My chores are done. Remembering Bambi’s Children was a dangerous thing to do. I found a decent copy on eBay for $4.25 with free shipping. My 14 cents in eBay Bucks brought it down to $4.11 so I’ll have a package in the mail someday soon.

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  1. Mary Jane July 26, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    In the woods next to my property there is an enormous brush pile that has been there for more than the 22 years I’ve lived here. The property owner wants it for a shelter for the critters and invited us to add to it, which we have done for years. I also have a smaller one on my land. And, yes, they do make a haven for unwanted beasties, too, but it’s also a good way to clear stuff out of the yard.

    • Tommie July 26, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

      It’s supposed to someday BE my yard! Or a garden spot. It’s no more than eight feet (if that) from the deck.

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