The Cold Heater

That’s what DD used to call the air conditioner embedded high in the living room wall of one of the houses we lived in when we were in Nebraska. In the summer, she would say, “Mom, please turn on the cold heater!” When I did, the blessed cool air would spill out and she would be a happy little camper.

Today was the appointment to get the cold heater in the car fixed. I didn’t allow quite as much time as I did last Thursday but I still got there half an hour early. Check in and reporting done, I went to the bathroom and from there to the waiting area.

I’d taken my netbook with me and climbed onto one of the tall chairs in front of the “Customer Work Area”. My netbook went on the long counter and I was set.

The service advisor came in after an hour or so and gave me the bad news. The clutch was bad on the compressor. Since the compressor was 13 years old, he didn’t advise replacing just the clutch. Mentally comparing that to the Bible passage, “No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse,” Matthew 9:16, KJV, I okayed the repair. I asked how much it would be and he told me. $645. Mercy! It had to be done.

He guesstimated that it would be around 5 when it was finished. I’d asked about Internet access on my way back from the bathroom and it finally got going. Between Facebook, private messaging with the audiologist, checking email, playing Wordscraper with Genese, doing my nails and watching videos, the time finally passed. It was 4:20 EDT when I was presented with the bill.

I took the paper and looked it over. I’d been given credit for less than what I’d paid last Thursday. I pointed that out and he said, “You had an oil change, too.” But that wasn’t included in the $129.72. Oh, yes! The oil change was free.

He took the sheaf of papers back and went to his little kiosk. When he gave them back, the full amount had been deducted from the $645. My total plus tax was $578.17. I handed over my credit card. Over the course of a few days, it’s cost me $707.89. I can’t complain too much. That’s the first repair amount I’ve had to pay for many a year. Actually, the other repair was covered by the extended warranty so I guess that’s the first repair and it was elective surgery and not something that kept the car from being drivable. I’ve bought gas, had the oil changed and a few sets of tires. Not bad for 13 years.

On the way to Walmart, I had to keep turning the air down. If I’d kept it on all the way, I would have had icicles hanging from my nose.

Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends messaged me privately and asked if the mango she’d pictured was the kind I like. It was and it was Ciruli Brothers. She said she was at Walmart on the other side of the mountain from where I shop and they had them. (For some reason, my sister referred to them as “fancy” mangoes.) This morning, I called “my” Walmart and, for a wonder, they had a box. The produce manager said he’d put them in the back and for me to just knock on the door.

I knocked and one of my favorite produce guys saw me and went the other way. What??!! A fellow behind me asked if he could help me and I said, “Well, I thought…” when here came the guy with the box of mangoes. Wearing a big smile, he put them in the cart and they told me the manager had ordered them not to put them out. I thought he said something about sending me a message on Facebook but I guess I was wrong because I have yet to find it. There was one mango I let them keep. It looked like it had been somewhat smashed. I doubted it would make it until it ripened.

Since getting home, I messaged some more with the aud. I guess she wasn’t aware the last aids made my ears sore because she offered to let me wear them until we can figure something else out. I figure I’ll wait until my next appointment and go from there.

Twinkle and I both have been fed and I’m just about exhausted after waiting for almost four hours. The deed has been done, though, and I’m glad.

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