It’s the Thought That Counts?

I was up early this morning. Today was the day I was taking my little Honda in to have its oil changed and get the a/c fixed. Or so I surmised. I’d called and made the appointment earlier this week and when I took my CIL to get his truck, he approved of the plan.

Since I’m never 100% sure of where I’m going when I go to the Honda place, I allowed plenty of time. Traveling state roads can be a slow business in itself and I inevitably get behind a log truck or someone who is out on a Sunday drive on Thursday. After one wrong turn, I arrived at the dealership 54 minutes early.

Checking in, I gave the fellow the business card with a note on the back dated 12/31/2007. It gave me a free oil change because I’d had to go clear back to the shop to have something tightened after I’d had the timing belt changed. If you’re curious, you can click here and read the post I wrote that evening.

I’d taken my netbook with me so I went to the cashier and asked about wireless. Yes, it was listed under linksys. I went back to the waiting room and connected. That was easy. The only thing was, there was no Internet access. I thought about telling the girl but I had a couple of videos on a flash drive so I settled down to watch them.

My real appointment time (1 p.m. EDT) came and went, then 2. It was probably 2:30 when the service advisor came to talk to me. My a/c was supposed to have 60 whatevers and it only had 48. They’d topped it off and everything should be fine. I explained that I’d had it recharged once upon a time and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

He read the notes on the form that had been filled out when I went in. I told him everything it does and that’s when he got that look in his eyes that says, “This woman doesn’t know what she’s saying so talk really slowly and carefully and maybe she’ll understand.”

“Let me give you a hypothetical situation. My air conditioner at home has been working fine for years but all of a sudden, it cools when I first turn it on but after an hour or so, it quits cooling and blows warm air. I call the repairman and he says it’s low on freon. He puts freon in it and now it works! You see, yours was low on freon and after you drove for a while, it would freeze up and not put out any cool air. Then, if you let it sit for a while and started it up again, it would start cooling.”

Not so! I protested. That’s not what it’s doing. There are times when it starts out not working but then it kicks in. Other times, it will work in the beginning, not work in the middle and work at the end. That’s what it did today. It isn’t consistent.

“Well,” the man said, “drive the car this weekend and call me on Monday to let me know whether or not it’s working. If it isn’t, I’ll give you a car to drive while we try to find the leak if it has one. If we have to do more work on it, what you’ve paid today will go toward the total bill.”

I handed over my credit card and left.

Eighteen miles later, the air started getting less cool. Seventeen miles after that when I got out of the car at Walmart, the back of my shirt was damp. Eleven miles from there to home, the back of my shirt was wet. This old woman knew what she was talking about. I won’t wait until Monday. I’ll call him tomorrow.

My Civic emblem had come off so someone put it back on. I wondered if it would stay. When I touched it, it moved so I took it off and put it back in the car. At least there was no charge for that.

Wandering through the frozen food section, I discovered Walmart has Amy’s. I didn’t feel like “scaring something up” when I got home so I got some of her Indian Vegetable Korma. The cauliflower/carrot mixture and rice with peas and cashews was good but the dal! I could have eaten a big bowl of that. I don’t know what it’s flavored with to make it taste the way it does. Everything is listed but it tasted like durian. Honest. Cross my heart. I kept trying to place it and when I did, I was amazed.

While it was baking, I did my usual 25 minutes on the rebounder while I watched Andy.

DD and merm participated in Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. You can watch the video here:

I looked for their faces but I didn’t see them.

For some reason, Twinkle thinks she’s invincible if she goes under something when I have the dropper ready with her B12. This evening, she went under a chair. I moved it and before she knew what was happening, I held her head and shot the liquid into her mouth. Silly cat.

Genese must really be under the weather. Yesterday, I won both games we were playing and there’s been no other game(s) forthcoming. This is the longest we’ve gone without one or more underway since she created The Monster eons ago.

It’s been a long day. For a wonder, I don’t think there’s been any rain to speak of. When I emptied the gauge this morning, there was less than a half inch.

I’m tired. I think I’ll sign off and go to bed.

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  1. Mary Jane July 12, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    Guess you’re supposed to give the Honda an aspirin and call the car doctor Monday!

    • Tommie July 12, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

      You reckon that would heal it?

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