Stormy Weather

The sun wasn’t hidden by clouds again this morning. I went out, still in my robe, and checked on it to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. The garlic is falling over so I pulled up one bulb and, in the process, two globes. I went down to check on the dill and it was being choked out by weeds. My sister would marvel at that because she has dill coming up in all sorts of places. I played in the dirt some more and then came inside.

Elephant Garlic

While I was having my quiet time, I discovered an error in the lesson that affected all of them except for the ones I’d corrected last week. I fixed the remaining 24 and uploaded them. The editor had me modify the process in the document on Google Drive.

Today was my older sister’s birthday. I didn’t have DS1 here to harmonize with me so I called her and sang a solo. They were eating brunch so we didn’t talk long.

A bit later, there was a knock on the door. It was my CIL asking if I could take him to pick up his truck. Sure, but I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I told him I’d holler at him when I was ready.

I didn’t take time to shower before we left. The intense stink I had after my course of antibiotics has subsided so I don’t think I stifled him. The a/c worked on the way down the mountain, anyway.

The last hearing aids I’ve been trying out are very comfortable behind my ears but the in-the-ear part feels like little rocks. When I was at DS1’s, it was easier to hear and understand without them. Even though the audiologist is on vacation this week, the secretary/receptionist was there. I turned them back in. I told her that speech sounds much like Charlie Brown’s teacher and she thought that was very descriptive.

Next on the agenda was the car wash. My car was terribly dirty and had needed washing for a long time. After I’d pre-washed, brushed and rinsed, I needed something to wipe it down. I grabbed one of my Awesome to be Rawsome shopping bags and went to work. When I got home, I put it along with several other bags in the washer. For a wonder, the one I’d wiped the car with came clean.

When I checked my messages, there was a voicemail from the optometrist. I called him back and he said he wants me to come in for a repeat of the visual field test. He said there is an area he’s concerned about. The test is normally $79. He didn’t charge me for it the first time and said he’ll just charge what my co-pay would be if they accepted my medical insurance—$30. He’ll go over the results with me this time. I hunted up my records from when I had repeat tests years ago and will take them with me.

Later this evening, there was a loud crack of lightning hitting something and an enormous boom of thunder. It clouded up and rained hard for a little while. It was still a couple of hours until sundown but it was as dark as if it were 9 o’clock. The thunder and lightning went on and on but it’s taken a break now.

Twinkle has been aimlessly wandering around and I’m feeling about the same. The optometrist said the problem with the test may be nothing and I hope he’s right. I don’t need another problem.

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