Rain, Rain—Are You Here to Stay?

I don’t remember when it started raining. It was before the 4th because there was no question but that the “picnic” would be an indoor affair. I believe it was raining when DD called last Sunday. I seem to recall opening the front door so she could hear it. Weatherbug has rain in the forecast through next Friday. I certainly hope the Weather Guessers are wrong. The water has nowhere to go.

Friday, I spent much of the day in the bathroom. When I was eating that unfamiliar food, I knew I was going to pay for it and I did. Between trips, I did laundry, changed the bed, washed dishes and did some light meal preparation. I emptied the rain gauge of another 1.25″ of water.

I’d talked to the pianist at the “picnic” and we decided it would be best for her to play the organ if the other pianist was present so I could get an earlier start to DS1’s house. I’m so glad we came to that conclusion.

The weather was horrible on Sabbath. Getting my things into the car was quite a feat. Here’s what I had to deal with.

Mountain Flooding!

A small creek was running down the driveway. There was no way I could manage an umbrella and carry stuff so I ended up quite wet.

I always have prayer before I venture out. This trip, I had prayer before, during and after. I have never seen such rain. DS1 scoffed and said we’d been through rain like that before but he wasn’t with me yesterday. It was so heavy at times I considered pulling off the road more than once. There was water everywhere. I know I’m not supposed to drive through water that’s across the highway but I’d be upon it before I knew what was happening and I had no choice but to continue on. I’d pray and go.

A working air conditioner is necessary for a defroster to function. Mine did until I was maybe 15 minutes from my destination. I had to wipe the inside of the windshield periodically so I could see to drive.

It was such a relief to see DS1’s driveway. There’s been so much rain, the plantlife is taking it over. It’s right up to the pavement and makes it beautiful.

DS1 met me at the car and warned me not to fall on the walkway. My DIL had taken a spill recently and banged up the knee that was just beginning to recover.

Making it into the house without mishap, I was met by the whole family. Benji was either alarmed or joyful. I don’t know which.

It was my middle sister’s birthday. I called and got voice mail. DS1 and I sang “Happy Birthday” to her and harmonized at the end.

We had a good visit and haystacks for supper. They weren’t the usual. These were much better.

When I was looking for a card from my granddaughter, I found a perfect one. It was Maxine saying, “You’re tough to shop for” and inside, “so I didn’t.” I folded a $? bill and put it behind the card. It was perfectly hidden. We sang “Happy Birthday” to her and I gave her the card. She opened it, pulled out the card, read it, thanked me and that was that. She didn’t seem at all disappointed. DS1 and my DIL joined me in hinting for her to look in the envelope and you should have seen her face! That one earned me a hug.

That night, DS1 got my transmitter hooked up to the TV and we watched a bit. I had to turn the transmitter off. DS1 is, I do believe, more hard of hearing than I am. Listening to the volume on the TV itself and through the transmitter was too much.

After we watched an episode of American Pickers, my DIL got me a blanket (and, yes, I needed it) and we all went to bed. My granddaughter had already hit the hay saying she was exhausted.

I didn’t think I was ever going to get to sleep. By the time I wished I’d taken some melatonin, it was too late. DS1 didn’t have to be at work until 7 EDT but he was up at 5 EDT and I was awake. I did manage to go back to sleep after he left and slept until after 8 TT.

The templates were almost ready—I thought. I decided I would give them a good going-over before I uploaded them. I’m glad I did. There were parts that were all out of whack and I had to correct each one individually. Over and over, I’d make a change, then display it in a browser. I’d have to make another change, then check it again. By and by, they were all done. I notified the editor and she said to go ahead and upload.

The trip home was hairy enough but not quite as much as yesterday. My granddaughter had prayer for me before I left and asked the Lord to give me safety.

Between their house and the university, the skies opened up and dumped. When I got to the supermarket, it had slowed to a drizzle. I did my shopping, loaded up and was on my way.

The road was actually dry in places but when I got within a few miles of Walmart, the hardest rain yet set in. I pulled off to the side of the road and waited until it let up some.

I made it to Walmart, did my shopping and stopped to get gas. Thankfully, it was just lightly sprinkling. The tank held just over nine gallons and the trip meter read 343 miles. I ciphered it in my head and came up with 38 mpg. Not bad especially since the a/c had worked pretty consistently on the way back.

Checking the rain gauge, it had just about exactly 5″. That’s the total (except for a few more showers since I got home) since Friday morning. It’s rained off and on and when it was off, the sun actually came out.

DD emailed me after she’d called twice and not gotten an answer. I’d picked up the phone to call her back when I read the last paragraph of the second email. She and merm were going out so we’ll talk later this week or next Sunday. That’s fine. I’m tired.

Twinkle had eaten almost all her food and started nibbling on the bok choy that was still in the bag. I yelled at her and gave her a leaf off some organic cauliflower. She ate it and upchucked on the carpet. Welcome home.

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  1. Mary Jane July 8, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    Your driveway looks like sections of my back yard have looked many times over the last week.

    Glad you had a good visit with the Birthday Girl and family, and I did with my Birthday Girl and family. And thanks for the serenade when I was the Birthday Girl!

    • Tommie July 8, 2013 at 9:57 am #

      It’s cloudy again this morning but I don’t think it’s rained for a few hours. And you’re welcome!

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