My Adult Grandchild

Now, if that doesn’t make a person feel old, I don’t know what will. DS1’s daughter is 18. Back when I was her age, that wasn’t considered an adult. I had to wait for 21 to achieve that status. She changed her profile picture on Facebook today and she surely looks like a young woman. I guess that’s because she is.

It’s been a dismal day. I woke to cloudy skies and they didn’t clear—not even once. The rain gauge had water in it for the third day. I figure it’s a total of about an inch and a half. It was misty when I went to the mailbox. The utility bill came and the charge for my electricity is under $100 for the May 30 to June 25 period. I still pay the budget amount each month so it will be interesting to see if I build up much of a credit this year like I did last.

The editor’s heart was made glad because I worked on the templates for the fourth quarter Sabbath School lessons. I still want to go over them with a fine-tooth comb before I upload them. I got in touch with the HTML expert and let him know where I am in the process.

When my other cousin and her husband were here the other day, he asked me if I were still involved in the lessons. Oh, yes, I replied. We already have the manuscript for Q4. He figured when we got that done, we’d be through. Not so! Then it would be time to start on Q1 for 2014. It’s like housework. It never ends.

Genese has been getting creative with the Wordscraper boards again. These have a patriotic theme. The first one is “Bombs bursting in air”.

July 4

Now I’m showing off…

July 4 too

And you can tell what this one is.


I started a game with the audiologist but I think she’s a bit intimidated by the unconventional layout. She’s a Scrabble person and says Genese is beating her “like a TOM TOM”. It could be, too, that she’s busy doing something besides sitting at the computer.

I’ve worn the mic-in-the-ear aids all day today and just took them out a few minutes ago. Actually, they don’t go all the way into my ears. They kind of rest at the opening. I can’t push them into the canals. I’ve tried, time after time. I even put a little vaseline around the edges of my skin thinking that would grease the way but it didn’t help a whole lot. They don’t hurt and I can hear but I’m sure they would do better if they were closer to my ear drums. The audiologist said to let her know if I want to keep them and she’ll have the serial numbers transferred to me. Since she’ll be on vacation next week, I guess I have a week and a half to get used to them.

Twinkle has eaten a large amount again today. I really do need to find out if I can supplement the prescription diet with some less expensive food.

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  1. Mary Jane July 4, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

    I like the flag! That’s the only thing I understand about that game. We used to play Scribbage, which is totally different but good for the mind, but I don’t do it by myself. Probably should get back to it.

    • Tommie July 4, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

      Wordscraper is so much fun! The only things that are standard are the values of the colored squares—and they can be placed anywhere the “builder” wants to put them. The values of the tiles can be changed. Genese has some pretty wild ways to do it. Sometimes, all the vowels are 99 points each. It’s wherever her whim takes her. For the flag one, all the letters in the phrase “our flag was still there” are valued at 99 points.

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