Twinkle on Steroids

The Cat finally got full after she’d eaten a huge amount of food—for her. As soon as I got up, she was begging. I put about 1/6 of the can of food in her bowl. She ate it and wasn’t satisfied. I gave her some more and she ate that. It wasn’t until I’d put a 1/4 can chunk in that she ate part of it and took a break. I think this must be what she wants to resemble.

Twinkle's Goal

That animal sits on a box beside the receptionist/secretary’s desk. The audiologist doesn’t like it but I believe it’s there to stay. I think it’s cute as it can be, myself.

The audiologist came into the waiting room to give me the current hearing aids. I think she thought she was going to get off easy but I asked for a favor. I wanted to take a picture of the comparison in sizes of the different hearing aids I’ve worn. The gray one is the size of the first ones. To the right are the ones sent by mistake. The “golden blond” one is half of the pair I’m trying out now.

Size Matters

When I left the office, the aids seemed more like ear plugs than hearing aids. I think I’d turned them down too much when I was in the bathroom. I had to stop by the bank so while I was waiting for a teller, I played with the settings but didn’t do much good. Before I went into Walmart, I took them off and put them plus the remote in my purse.

Since I got home, I’ve fooled around with them some more. The domes are bigger than the first ones. They aren’t as soft and comfortable as the ones without the microphones. With the audiologist’s coaching on Facebook, I was able to change the domes back to the smaller ones.

I’m just about ready to fall over. I had intended to get to bed earlier tonight but it hasn’t worked out. Now, it has to. Good night.

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