Making Up for Lost Time

It was about 8:45 when I tumbled into bed last night. I went right off to sleep and didn’t stir except to go to the bathroom until around 5:30 this morning. As usual, I lay in bed and thought and prayed for the next almost hour.

First, I went out to see what the day looked like. It was cloudy. The tomato plants were not going to stake themselves. When I was looking for the twine to tie them up, I found a stocking that had a run and cut off several pieces to use instead. It was obvious it had rained last night. The gauge had .5″ in it. Not bad.

Power was off when I came back in. By the time I’d plugged my cell phone into the UPS so I could call service, it was back on. My cell phone is used so little, I don’t think to charge it.

I’d given Twinkle half a can of cat food last night. She finished it and licked the bowl. This is the cat that used to take a few bites and walk off.

A little before 8 TT, I called the hearing clinic. The audiologist wasn’t in yet. Later, but not much, I got a call back saying to bring the aids in whenever I wanted and she’d work on them between clients. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to watch but with the office being closed Thursday and Friday and the audiologist on vacation all next week, I couldn’t quibble. Only one glass of water down and no shower, I pulled on jeans and a top and set out.

Handing over the case with the aids, I was assured I would be able to pick them up before the end of day on Wednesday.

When I got home, I noticed my CIL was up and around. I thought he’d brought his truck home but it’s still in the shop. He said he’d seen me headed out earlier. Had I known, I could have taken him to town. I needed lemons so I asked him to pick me up three or four.

My credit card balance is still messed up. Even though I’ve called almost daily, I didn’t remember the number. This time I was told that the secretary at the hearing clinic had called but she didn’t have their merchant number so the charge couldn’t be taken off. However, it’s supposed to fall off all by itself if the money isn’t collected. I’m to give it until next Sunday to wither and die. We’ll see. I’m beginning to think that none of their systems “talk” to each other.

While I was on the phone with her, my CIL delivered the lemons. He wouldn’t take any money for them. One of these days…I’m going to give him a large list of groceries to pick up for me and see what he says.

Twinkle came in and looked at me longingly so I gave her as much cat food as she used to eat in a day. She chowed down and licked the bowl again. The vet called with her lab results. The thyroid levels are normal. I told her about Twinkle’s increased appetite and she was pleased. I told her I’m still giving her 1 ml a day of the liquid B12 but I wanted to know how much the injection would be in case her appetite waned again. She didn’t know offhand but she found out and told me it would just be for the administration—$20. Mercy! I guess she sensed my hesitation and said she would put a note in Twinkle’s chart to only charge $10. Even at that, I couldn’t take her in weekly (which is what is advised). $40 a month to get her to eat more cat food that’s over $2.25 a can? I’m going to see if there is some kind of less expensive food I can give her to stretch this. She’ll pick at the dry but it’s expensive, too.

This evening, the audiologist messaged me on Facebook:

I changed the covers! YEAH! I put on the anchor wires! YEAH I put on the next size up tips! YEAH! they are ready for pick up! YEAH!

I also put in your case the little tips in case you want to change them back.

She’s pretty proud of herself. The screws that hold the covers on are like little dots and she said the screwdriver is tiny tiny. To see them better, you can click on it and open it in Flickr. Then click again and it will open larger. If you want it even larger than that, you can go back and click on the three white dots at the bottom of the display and select “View all sizes”. The original is the largest size.

Red is Right

The red on the hearing aid indicates that it is for the right ear. The left has blue. All of the other aids I’ve worn have miniscule markings but these really show up which is nice.

When I pick these up, I’ll take the ones I have on now back to be returned. It isn’t a given that I’ll keep the ones with the microphone in the ear but I definitely don’t want the wrong ones they sent.

At almost dark, the sky opened up and it rained—hard. It should make the carrots grow.

Twinkle came and looked pitiful—again. I dumped a little more than half a can of food in her bowl. That should keep her going until morning.

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