If It’s Gonna Happen…Part 2

I’d been out to the mailbox, swept the deck, then got to wondering if UPS had charged me for a pickup that didn’t happen. Coming into the house, I went to the computer and pulled up my credit card account. I went over the charges and it wasn’t there but something was strange about my balance. It was ‘way too low.

Looking over the payments and credits, they were fine. Everything that was there should have been. Then it was the charges. Uh-oh! I saw it. There was one credit for the balance of my hearing aids and one charge. They wiped each other out. If I weren’t an honest person, I would have thought I’d gotten better aids for half the price but…I would have known. I couldn’t let it go.

I called the credit card company and talked to a nice young man. One of the charges had posted. The other hadn’t. When one was reversed, it canceled the only one showing up. I asked if he could put the charge back on. No. The merchant would have to do it.

Next, I rang up the clinic. Hmmmm, the secretary said. She’d been going over the bank statement and wondered why it wasn’t balancing. Well, I knew why. I told her what the credit card rep said and asked if she could take my payment on the phone. Of course she could! I gave her my info and she ran the charge.

After waiting long enough for it to “hit”, I checked the website again. Oh, NOOOOOoooooo! It had gone through twice—again. I called the secretary back and told her what had happened, then called the credit card company. I was over my limit. The rep suggested I could increase my credit limit so it wouldn’t mess me up—again. She transferred me to a rep in another department and it was done in a matter of minutes. It may lower my credit score but I’m not looking to buy a house or a car, anyway. I was back in the black. Checking again, I noted the second charge had been taken off and the secretary called to let me know.

This morning, I started out wearing the hearing aids I’ve had for a bit over a week. It occurred to me that they might not work with my remote since it had been paired with the ones I’m taking for a “test drive”. No worries. The remote works with either pair.

A couple hours later, I changed and put the others on/in. I could tell a marked difference in the sound. Trouble is, the inside-the-ear part isn’t as comfortable because the domes aren’t the right size. You can see the difference in this side-by-side.


The one on the left obviously has the microphone. The other one is the correct size and it also has the little “tail” that I miss. That helps to hold it in place. If the good points of both aids could be combined, it would be so nice! I don’t know for sure but I believe the right size click dome would solve the problem. My left ear canal is tender tonight. The audiologist thinks if she adjusts the wire, it will be more comfortable. She said it’s necessary sometimes.

This morning, I had my water kefir in a mug and when I had downed almost all of it, I saw a fruit fly had committed suicide in it. If it had been a housefly, I would have pitched it and probably gagged. Fruit flies don’t bother me so I was trying to drink “around” it. Next thing I knew, it had disappeared. I got a bit of animal protein which makes me no longer a vegan—not even a vegetarian!

Weatherbug chirped a severe thunderstorm alert this afternoon. It clouded up and looked ominous, rained a bit and then the sun came out. Nothing to speak of.

Unless I luck up, Genese is about to pull a win out of our current Wordscraper game. She and I were seesawing back and forth until she slammed me with a 2k point word. I’m almost 200 points behind with only four tiles left in the pile and eight on my tray.

I’ve been having strange dreams. The other night, my sister had paid $1125 for me to go to a conference and the bus had left without me. Jumping in a car I don’t have any more, I tried to chase it down but ended up on a winding dirt road through the woods. Coming upon a little settlement full of friendly people, I stopped and was treated to a bowl of water to drink. I never did catch up with the bus.

Last night, I had cooked three skillets of possum. Now, why on earth I would dream that, I don’t know. The only meat I’ve ever cooked (and cooked badly) was beef (ground chuck once, beef bacon once and steak also once) and that was for my ex-husband. I don’t know of any supermarkets that sell possum but I’d cooked it. Whether it was edible or not, I don’t know.

Dreams are pretty neat, really. I look at them as entertainment for while I’m asleep. Soon as I take care of Twinkle and put the water kefir away, we’ll see what tonight brings.

6 Responses to If It’s Gonna Happen…Part 2

  1. Genese June 27, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

    Take my word as a meat eater, possum, when fed and cooked properly, is quite good. (And no, it does NOT taste like chicken.)

    • Tommie June 28, 2013 at 7:31 am #

      I will take your word for it. I prefer possums in the wild and not on a plate.

  2. Mary Jane June 28, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    I got a good laugh over your cooking possum! If I had known you did that you could have had the 2 that have been trapped and removed from my place.

    • Tommie June 28, 2013 at 7:45 am #

      Thanks, anyway, but I’ll leave that to Genese. I didn’t eat any. I just had three skillets with cooked possum parts in them.

  3. Lila June 28, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    Would love to knw the word that Genese zapped you with. If I’m the sister that paid your way to the conference you never got to, I want my money back!

    • Tommie June 28, 2013 at 10:15 am #

      No, it was the other one and it was non-refundable. The word was “DEFAME” for 2192 points. It was parallel to the first three letters of “BUSIER” to spell “AB”, “MU” & “ES”.

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