What’s the Answer?

As soon as the office opened this morning, I called. The receptionist/secretary was there but the audiologist hadn’t come in yet. I was told she’d be consulted and I’d hear back. It wasn’t long until the phone rang. Could I come in at 2 EDT? Sure. It was set.

I busied myself here at the house then took a shower close to the time I should leave. There was no way to know if the a/c in the car would work or not and I didn’t want to stifle anyone I might meet. The on again/off again a/c decided to work on the way to the office. Even so, the back of my t-shirt was damp.

Taking me in almost as soon as I got there, the equipment was readied. I learned the story of the aids. A man who has worn aids most of his life was the one who had brought them back after one day of wearing them (and I thought I held the record). He has such a high degree of loss, whenever he moved his mouth, there was feedback. Really. If you open your mouth, the shape of your ear canal changes. Don’t believe me? Put the tip of your finger into the canal—not too far—and open, then close your mouth.

The aids are very small, much smaller than the ones I’ve been wearing for the past week or so. I took a picture to prove it.

Fourth Try

Unfortunately, my size domes weren’t to be found. I got the next size down which don’t fit too well. I’m used to having something to push against, too, to seat the domes in my ears. I’ll have to learn to insert these so they are comfortable. As far as the behind the ear part is concerned, it’s okay.

Fancy Hearing AidHooking me up to the computer, my specs were loaded into the aids and in less than 45 minutes’ time, I was ready to go forth and, hopefully, conquer. Before I did, though, I had to visit the restroom. I miss the poster that used to be in there but I found it online. It is the coolest hearing aid you ever saw. I shudder to think how often the batteries would have to be changed in those but if I were a glamourous type…

My wrong aids were put into a little compact to bring home and I proceeded on to Walmart to get the few things I needed. Thankfully, the overhead rumblers didn’t threaten to deafen me.

I was zoned in on getting everything when my cart was rammed. Surprised, I looked up and saw one of my friends. She was laughing and asked if I didn’t hear her. I told her I figured it was someone who didn’t know where they were going. She asked about my ears and I caught her up on the saga. She was amazed.

Then I saw one of the ladies from the prayer breakfast group. They didn’t have it in April but the June one was just a couple of weeks ago. She took my phone number so she can call and remind me about the August one.

Finishing the gathering of goods, I checked out and was zoned in (again) on getting where I was going when I heard my name. Looking around, it was my friend who works in Customer Service. I went in and visited with her and enjoyed the cool a little longer.

It was HOT outside and no, the a/c wouldn’t work. I stopped at Bi-Lo but didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without. I came on home, unloaded, fixed supper and ate.

After I took the picture above, I put both sets of aids in their little compacts. I plan to switch out and get a good comparison between the two. At first, my voice was really loud with the “newest” ones but the audiologist turned it down a lot. If my whopper of a headache is any indication, my brain is trying its best to comprehend what’s going on. At first, the aud said to let her know by Friday what I want to do but after I told her the real deal would be how they performed in church, she gave me until Monday to “test drive” them.

I’ve been back and forth with Amazon about my return. I let them know how hard it is to deal with UPS with no drop off place reasonably close. Even though they haven’t received the juicer (it just went out yesterday) the refund has been initiated. And finally the status of the shipment has been changed to “in transit”.

My water kefir is ready to decant and add the raisins. Twinkle has been dosed but not fed. I’ll do the necessities and then I’m going to take my aching head to bed.

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  1. Mary Jane June 28, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    The picture of the ear confuses me. Help!

  2. Tommie June 28, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    The aid is the little leopard thingy. There’s a tube that leads to the dome in the ear but most of it can’t be seen.

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