I Have a Headache

Most of the morning was spent on the phone going back and forth between Humana and the hospital. I was right that I shouldn’t be liable for the non-covered charges. I spoke to Pacara to begin with and she verified that was correct. We discussed Advance Beneficiary Notices and I told her I had not signed one. Before I hung up, I had her repeat that the hospital cannot bill me for the charges that were non-covered.

The lady in the office at the hospital answered my call on speakerphone. Now, if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s discussing personal business with the whole world listening. The first thing I asked was for her to take me off speakerphone. I gave her my account number which is considerably shorter than the eight or nine digits the Mother Ship uses. Yes, the $127 was non-covered by Humana which makes me responsible. Oh, no! Not so! said I in so many words. I had just gotten off the phone with Humana and was told I couldn’t be billed.

She said she would have to get with the billing department as well as call Humana to confirm my stance. I gave her the number I’d called as well as Pacara’s name. I asked her to call me back but it’s almost 8pm TT and I haven’t heard anything yet.

My Humana Rewards only has two things listed—both from the doctor’s office. When I spoke to Betty, she said it was because the hospital had billed my bone density, lipid panel and fasting glucose incorrectly. It sounds as if their chargemaster needs help. I think that’s the case with most hospitals. I looked up the CPT codes and was going to call the hospital about that but it was lunchtime and I didn’t want to leave voice mail. If they would bill with the correct codes, they might even get paid for tests. I’ll call about those tomorrow.

I contacted my doctor about the results of my chest x-ray. He said the report said it looked better but there is some scarring. He wants to see them himself so I’ll stop by and pick up a DVD. The man I talked to about that was very nice. I’ll pick it up in Medical Records where I’ll have to sign a release. When I was working, our office got stuck with that job.

Other than that, it’s rained some more today but not a whole lot. When I went out to get the mail, I saw four streaks from the little deck beside my neighbor/cousins’ house. I guess I missed the fifth. Anyway, on my way back from the mailbox, I checked the gauge and it was about 7/8″ total since night before last.

My smaller hearing aids are in. I don’t know when I’ll go to get them fitted. I’m sure it can’t be any time soon. I called and left voice mail a little while ago. It was a sure thing they weren’t in the office but I’ll get busy in the morning and time will slip away. This puts it on the receptionist’s list of things to do.

I was chatting with the audiologist earlier and if these don’t work, she can get me the same size with a microphone that’s in the ear. I don’t know about that. It seems to be a little much. Maybe she can get close enough with the new ones.

Something tells me Genese is being nice playing along on Wordscraper. She did win one of the last three games but here are the records for the last 15. Tell me what you think.

Wordscraper Records

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