Another Father’s Day

I’d posted a picture on Facebook last night for Father’s Day. However, I knew I had some pictures somewhere that I would prefer. This morning, I started hunting. I hunted and hunted and when I was just about to despair, I found them.

It didn’t take long to scan them and since I have folder share set up on both my notebook and netbook, I was able to import them to check them over with Paint Shop PhotoPro. I cropped them, did some minor retouching on one.

So proud!

The other one is a color picture circa 1948. Color photos of that period have not held up well. They tend to fade over time and this one had faded pretty badly.


Paint Shop PhotoPro 3 came to the rescue. I had never noticed the adjustment for faded photos but when I clicked it, here’s what happened.

Daddy and Me

Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone. Tonight, I played a little and combined the two into one that shows the difference side by side.

Old to new

Almost the first thing this morning, Twinkle got in her litter box and strained like she was going to poop. Nothing happened. She got out and started “butt-scooting” across the carpet. I went in and got a dose of laxative ready. She saw me coming with it and ran into my bedroom. Going under the head of the bed, she thought she was out of the way. I went to the other side of the bed and she retreated. It was like she knew she was eventually going to be defeated. She dropped to the floor, rolled over on her back and presented her behind to me. That’s when I saw something sticking out. It was a bit of poop—I thought. There’s a box of tissue on the table by my bed so I grabbed one, took hold of the nugget and started pulling. She lay there like she knew I was going to help her. Slowly, it gave way and I was able to pull out about 2″ of—a hairball gone the wrong way! Plainly relieved, she got up and walked off. No thank you. No nothing. I put the laxative away.

It was still pretty early when I heard a lawn mower start up. I took a shower, dressed and went outside. By that time, it was a weedeater. My cousin was hard at work. She took the grass down a notch or two and now it’s getting rained on so it will grow back quickly. She stopped for a few minutes and we visited.

DD called just as I was partway through breakfast. I finished what I was eating and we talked for a bit over an hour. She’s planning to start job hunting in earnest soon. She hasn’t been able to because of the pressure of trying to train people to take over.

The editor has asked me to do something that is ‘way over my head. I have no idea what she wants and I’m not going to attempt it and potentially mess things up royally.

I’m tired and I have nothing to show for it. It won’t be long before I’ll be nestled in my waterbed and sawing logs.

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