The Lost Is Found!

More than a couple of weeks ago, my handset #2 went missing. I looked high and low for it and even went out and scoured the grow boxes for any sign. I’d taken one of the phones out one day and I thought I might, possibly, have left it. With all the rain we’ve had, I was sure it would be no good to anyone but it would be, at least, closure.

Yesterday, I was emptying the trash. There’s a wastebasket beside my bed that doesn’t fill up very quickly so I’d left it. I’m embarrassed to say it had been skipped for weeks. When I tipped it into the bag, I saw a flash of black. Digging down through the paper, I found—guess what! Well, I suppose I’ve given it away already but it was handset #2. Thoroughly run down, I put it in the charger. Hours later, it was still charging. I can imagine it was kind of like Twinkle when her water bowl is empty. What a relief! I can get on with my life!

Back to yesterday morning. I had been asked to see the audiologist before noon EDT. I hurried through my routine, stripped the bed and put a load of laundry in, showered and got ready to go. I was there a couple of minutes until 11 EDT. No one was waiting. No one was with the audiologist. I was taken right on in. She showed me my options for smaller hearing aids. I picked out the same color that has a bit of a design on it, not that anyone will see it.

Starting out, she called for me to come back in. Uh-oh! The aids don’t have as much “headroom” as the current ones. That means she can’t reach all the trouble spots with my “wonky” hearing loss. She went ahead and ordered the lesser of two evils and we’ll hope for the best.

She told me to get some moleskin and pad these so they’d be more comfortable. I did and they aren’t.

I got to Walmart and saw the same person in the beauty shop and started out. An attractive young woman stopped me and asked if she could help. I almost didn’t recognize her but she was the hairdresser I used to go to regularly. I could have hugged her! She took me immediately and gave me a decent haircut. I’m shaggy no more.

Of course, I had to pick up a few things before I left but I was home before 1 TT.

It’s a rare thing that I write a check but I had occasion to yesterday. When I got my checkbook out, here’s what I found:

Checkbook Decoration

It’s one of the decorations for Genese’s hearing aids. When I posted the picture on Facebook, she said the letters aren’t staying where they’re supposed to. Two of them are decorating her panda speaker.

A lot of yesterday was spent finishing up the lessons and helps for the next quarter. I was so relieved I was done! Then I started checking everything in my browser and the helps pages from lesson 7 through 13 were all formatted incorrectly. They showed up fine in KompoZer but not in Chrome. The editor figured out there was a capital “C” where there should have been a lowercase “c”. Such a little thing to throw it all off. I corrected all of the files and uploaded them again. AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!

I got to church early so I could practice the closing song. It’s 575 in the hymnal, “Let Your Heart Be Broken”.

When I went out to the bathroom near the end of Sabbath School class, the pianist asked me if the song was one we knew. I sang a bit and hummed a bit more and she recognized it.

One of the elders had the sermon and when he announced the closing song, I went up and commenced to play the introduction. We were well into the first verse before anyone started singing. The elder had a puzzled look on his face and it was obvious he didn’t know the song. Later, I collared him and he admitted he thought he’d picked something entirely different—“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”.

Finally, someone besides me was surprised by a song. The look on his face was priceless. The head elder told me it’s a good song (and it is) and we should sing it more often. I told him I’d practiced so I could play it.

My aids did well in some instances but not so well in others. I think I’m going to have to admit to myself that some people are just hard to understand, no matter what.

One of DD’s schoolmates was there with her husband and baby. The baby was stylin’ in a little outfit with matching hat and tiny Ray Ban aviators. I was surprised he wasn’t fighting the hat, shades or both but he seemed perfectly content.

Since I posted a shaggy picture the other day, I figured I should show my non-shaggy self tonight.


You can’t see my aids but they splay my ears out in a way that isn’t natural or comfortable.

There are people who don’t check their mailboxes on Sabbath. I should have been one of them today. There was an envelope with a window from the local hospital where I had all my tests done. I put it away until after sundown and tried not to think about it. Tonight, I opened it. It’s a bill for $127. I went to the Humana web site to see if anything had changed and it hadn’t. It still shows my liability as zero. There were three things I signed. One was a consent to treat, another was acknowledging my privacy rights (HIPAA) and the third was understanding that the radiologist would bill separately. There was never any mention of an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) authorizing them to continue with the understanding that I would pay if my insurance didn’t. I’ll call Humana Monday and then the hospital. I’m sorry, but I don’t pay if I don’t owe.

Before sundown, I took the compost out so the fruit flies wouldn’t have supper at my expense. I was surprised to see my cousin was at home. We surveyed the carrots and volunteer tomatoes and admired the allium blooms. I pulled up a couple of black walnut saplings (I hate ’em!) and spied one in among the carrots. My cousin pulled it up. I wish the squirrels would quit planting them.

I’d posted Psalm 150 in the Good News Translation on Facebook this morning. One of my friends posted tonight:

…thank you for turning me on to I am not SDA, but SDA is pretty much like Baptist in the focus (theology?) as far as I can see (I don’t know how you baptize). The lessons are good. I am so glad that you mentioned… it is a valuable thing for me.

It’s good to know our efforts are appreciated.

The clock is ticking away the minutes and it’s already after 9 TT. Twinkle needs to be fed and then it’s bedtime for Tommie.

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