Rain, Rain…

It was already cloudy when I got up. I took some pictures of the Mystery Tree while it was still dry. The rain held off for a bit but then it started in. I don’t know what time that was and it really doesn’t matter. Here are the latest shots:

Right End from Deck

Left End from Deck

The new (old) juicer has been consigned to being the backup and the backup has been moved into the primary position. There’s a difference in the speed of the motors. It isn’t like I’m in a hurry to get somewhere but I don’t like to have to spend more time juicing oranges than I have to.

By 1:30, the fountains of heaven had opened and the cloud cover was so thick it looked like twilight. My sister said her garden needs rain but she would prefer something gentle. The sides of the boxes keep things from washing here but there’s one box that has the top part of the end totally out. Maybe the roots will hold the dirt in place.

Today is Genese’s birthday. I have a feeling it’s been a busy one for her. This is the first audible one she’s had for a long time. Someone informed her that they do procure aids for the residents but just not the way she got hers. The providers are supposed to be credentialed by the Mother Ship and I guess our audiologist isn’t. She’s doing the billing, anyway, so they don’t have to be concerned. The funny thing to me is, if they do get aids for the residents, why didn’t that include Genese? Of course, if she’d gotten aids through the nursing home, they certainly wouldn’t have had the decorations hers do. More than likely, if they had any at all, this would be their choice:

Tennessee Volunteers

(Sorry, Genese. I had to do that.)

I rearranged the rebounder yesterday and had a better workout on it today. Besides that, I did some steps with Walk It Out! and the balance board. Talk about out of shape! I’m not going to say how many steps I did. It’s shameful but it’s a start.

The cantaloupe I got yesterday is delicious. The corn is okay. It would have been better picked a couple of days earlier. Some of it was starting to dent. Out of the six, there were two nice ears but I fixed them all.

In this post, I told about taking the mask I’d been issued by the hospital to the audiologist. She messaged me on Facebook this evening:

“the man who worked in the bathroom and the stinky carpet…LOVED your mask!” “I told him that God knew before he did that He would need one and provided it! ‘Amen!’ the man said as he put it over his nose and mouth!”

I’m glad it’s found a use. The only time I had it on was when I was fit-tested (and, for some reason, it was listed on the requirements as “fite testing”). I kept the one I used to use while I was cleaning out Twinkle’s cat box.

Speaking of Twinkle, I need to go section her can of food (I divide it into six wedges and give her two of them every night and sometimes one in the daytime). Besides that, she gets some dry food to snack on, too. Talk about spoiled! I thought she was piled up on my bed but she was under the rebounder. Guess she was unsuccessfully hiding from her nightly dose of B-12.

The latest quart of water kefir is in the fridge and I’m done for tonight.

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  1. Genese June 6, 2013 at 8:25 am #

    Boo! Hiss! Orange is only good in a juice glass. A young friend of mine in Middle School is a huge Tennessee fan. He came to visit and when he saw my Alabama flag, he informed me that he hated “A’s”. I asked him, “how many “T’s” do you get on your report card?”

    I never asked the nursing home to get hearing aids for me. I knew medicare wouldn’t pay for them and it never occurred to me to ask if there were another way of getting them.

    • Tommie June 6, 2013 at 8:41 am #

      That was a good comeback! He might have gotten a “U” in grammar school.

      Seems hearing capability should be part of the admission interview. We both know now but it worked out better in the long run. Agreed? 😕

  2. Genese June 6, 2013 at 8:42 am #

    I think your Mystery plant is a Laurel. It looks like the picture here. (http://landscaping-lawns-ponds.knoji.com/so-you-want-instant-privacy-try-these-fast-growing-plants/)

    • Tommie June 6, 2013 at 8:51 am #

      It may be a cousin of that one but the flowers only have four petals. The one pictured in your link has five.

  3. Mary Jane June 6, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    My garden did get rain, and it wasn’t too much; however, more is on the way, according to the weather predictors.

    • Tommie June 6, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

      It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow in these here parts.

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