Happy Birthday Eve

I was still in my housecoat when the doorbell rang. Opening the door, I spied the USPS jeep in the driveway and a package on the deck. I had to think a minute…Years ago, I’d order something an teem with anticipation until the parcel arrived. Not so any more. Most of the time I order and forget it until it gets here.

Opening the package was a project. I’d already figured out it was my new (old) Oster citrus juicer. There was paper wrapping it which is a novelty in itself. Most are just boxes with tape. Inside that was a flat rate box from the post office. I knew then the reason for the paper.

The box was filled with peanuts (I loathe peanuts). I dug carefully down until I got to the prize. Pulling it out, it was wrapped in layers and layers of bubble wrap—not the fun big kind that make nice popping noises but the small bubbles that just go pop. I gave up trying to peel off the layers. Grabbing my kitchen shears, I plowed through them.

The base that houses the motor is a bit yellow but not as much as the one I’ve been using. I could almost tell you for sure the reamer and pitcher have never been used. They are bright and shiny as the day they were manufactured. Well worth the price.

I took a shower and prepared to go see Genese. I’d told her I had to go to town and I’d run by. One unplanned purchase was a cantaloupe and half a dozen ears of corn from the produce man I use to help support. Then I stopped at the bank and cashed an AT&T refund check for $2.53.

My primary purpose for the trip was to deliver Genese’s hearing aids. I didn’t want her to guess I had them so I’d been devious. I took her some herbs from the garden and loaned her Season 1 of “All Creatures Great and Small”. She’s as much a fan of James Herriott’s books as I am (I hadn’t known that) and was overjoyed to get the DVDs.

A Is for AlabamaThe audiologist had gotten a nice case for the aids and accessories so I slipped it out and went over by the bed. I opened it and handed it to her. When the light dawned, I wished I’d had my camera at the ready. I had it with me but I missed the look of surprise and pure joy. I’d conspired with the local printer to make some Alabama Crimson Tide stickers. She and Genese are friends, too, so she did them at no charge. The audiologist had put them on yesterday.

When I put the right one on her ear, I said something. I don’t remember what it was but she was thrilled. She was able to hear me with her “bad” ear without looking at me and reading my lips. I got the other one “installed” and she was enthralled with talking in the hallway and the squeak of shoes as people walked across the room.

Her birthday is tomorrow. I’d failed to remember but I took her birthday/Christmas present to her, anyway. I’m so hooked on being able to hear audio on my computer and TV with my ex-hearing aids, I had to get her something comparable. It’s a neckloop. The audiologist set the aids up for it. It has to be plugged into the computer but she can now listen without disturbing her roommate. And no, I didn’t pay that much for it. The price went up after I ordered it.

She had experience with her dad’s hearing aids so she isn’t exactly a novice which makes it nice. That she’s happy there’s no denying. She gave me permission to let me post her “I can hear!!” picture.

A Happy Birthday Eve Girl

Several people came in while I was there. Each one had to see (and admire) her new ears. I think it would be safe to say she’s as proud as punch.

I left her room about two hours after I arrived. On the way through the building, I spotted someone I considered a friend when I was working there. We had a long conversation and she kept saying I hadn’t changed a bit. I don’t know what she expected. It was good to see her and I tried to make her promise to check her email. I don’t know if I was successful or not.

My banana supply was getting low. I replenished it at the local Save a Lot for 49 cents a lub.

Before I completely unloaded the car, I took some more pictures of the Mystery Tree. This time, they are closeups of the flowers with my hand for size reference. I chose only one to share. Oh, and the flowers are smaller than bluets.

More Mystery Flowers

I cut the cantaloupe and took half of it to my neighbor. The door was locked and he didn’t answer. It’s in the fridge.

It’s been a strange day without my hearing aids. After my shower, I automatically thought I’d do what I usually do and put them in but they are nowhere to be found. The audiologist said she would check tomorrow to see if my new ones have come in. I certainly hope they have.

Twinkle has been dosed but I still have to feed her. She’s a nocturnal snacker.

It’s been a long day. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

4 Responses to Happy Birthday Eve

  1. Genese June 4, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and thrilled beyond words. I am so glad you were appointed ‘assistant’. And you were sneaky; I had no idea the aids would arrive this fast after ordering. I can hear things and people that I never heard before; like the lady talking in the next room and my nails tapping the keys as I type on the laptop. Mother was so excited when I called her. I can hardly wait for the kids and their little ones to visit. I should be able to hear every word they say.

    • Tommie June 4, 2013 at 11:20 pm #

      The aud and I were conspirators and add in the printer-lady…It was all planned so it would be a surprise. I picked up the stickers at the hardware store office after church. The aids came last Friday but she couldn’t put in the adjustments until yesterday. I’m so glad you are enjoying them. Let me know how your visits go! Welcome back to the world of NOISE!! 😕

  2. Lila June 5, 2013 at 8:07 am #

    So glad for Genese’s joy! Thanks, Tommie, for helping to make it happen.

    • Tommie June 5, 2013 at 8:17 am #

      “Helping” is right. I couldn’t have done it all by myself. It was the audiologist who should get 90% of the credit. THEN there’s the doctor, the speech therapist, the lady who printed the stickers and me. Oh, and the nursing home staff faxed the information. It took a team of people all working together. It wasn’t only gratifying to see her reaction—it was fun!

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