Twinkle’s Back!

When Twinkle took up her post on the other side of my bedroom door this morning she wasn’t moaning. It was more of an informative meow. I came out zipping up my ancient secondhand housecoat (and it isn’t pretty, either). She indicated that I was to follow her (we do communicate) and led me to her bathroom.

Just inside the doorway to the left out of the way of where I walk was a little mouse body. I let Twinkle know she had been a good cat, got some toilet paper, gingerly picked up the carcass and gave it a burial at sea.

Yesterday, Twinkle hadn’t eaten much but she made up for it last night. She had polished off 1/3 can of food plus some of the dry. There must have been a lot of energy expended in the capture of the Intruder.

Rain was predicted for all day today. At 8 this morning, it looked like 8 in the evening. The cloud cover was thick. The rain came down hard for some minutes and there was one clap of thunder. After that, there would be periods of sun.

Since Sunday is the day DD normally calls, I checked handset #1 I keep by the computer. The battery indicator showed about 1/4 charge. I picked up #3 and it was completely dead. Handset #2 was nowhere to be found. The base has “FIND” on it but it proved useless. No doubt #2 is dead, too, and wouldn’t make a peep, anyway. I put #3 on the charger and hoped for the best from #1.

As per her custom, DD called. I gave her fair warning. I didn’t know how long the battery would last. It could be minutes or hours. We could talk as long as it allowed but I might be there one second and gone the next. She let me know she understood so the conversation started.

While we were talking, merm sent the message that she had my coffee ready. I told her to ship it. She foams the milk and tries her hand at making designs. I said I wanted a flower on mine.

The job situation came up first. There are a couple or three possibilities. The question is, will they become probabilities? We will all have to stay tuned to find out. Then she started talking about her desire to own her own home. She’s especially intrigued by tiny houses. She admitted that one like that would be a bit small. This one or this one would be more to her liking. She posted a documentary about tiny houses on Facebook. What I’ve watched has been very interesting.

The battery was still showing 1/4 charge when we hung up 99 minutes later.

I was in the mood for some rosemary thyme potatoes. My cousin was out in the yard when I went to harvest the herbs. She’d been feeding the kittens. The mama cat has disappeared. I told her yesterday they were going to become the Crazy Cat People with 27 of the felines. The male half is blamed for their being here but she dug some meatballs out of the freezer and warmed them up so they’d have something to eat in the absence of cat food. The kittens are about the size Twinkle was when my granddaughter brought her home.

The potatoes were duly fixed. Next time, I’ll mince the rosemary.

Nothing has been heard from the editor. I just checked the server. There has been some activity but one of the lessons has been skipped. Until I get the go-ahead, I’ll leave them be.

The clock is striking 9. It’s a bit fast but I need to wind this up and go to bed. I’m sleepy.

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