I Should Have Waited.

I hadn’t had my OJ yet when the mail came. My new Cuisinart juicer was delivered along with the usual Tuesday flyer from Bi-Lo. The package had been put in the neighbor’s box (per my direction requested by USPS for things that fit in theirs but are too big for mine) so I got it out. When I turned around, there was my CIL! I’d been caught red-handed.

Unboxed, it’s a pretty sight to see, just like the picture on Amazon. It was evident that it wasn’t only “like new”, it WAS new. The packing tape was still on it and there wasn’t a fingerprint anywhere.

Washing and drying the components that would have contact with the oranges, I got ready to try it out. This was exciting! I not only had a juicer that would juice and let me keep the pulp, it was purty!

I sliced the oranges and put the first one on the reamer. People had complained about it spinning too fast. If it were any slower, it would be stopped. It took me a good four times as long to juice four oranges as it does with the Oster plus it’s a pain to clean! It’s going back. I thought I’d give it one more chance tomorrow but I’ve decided enough is enough.

Tonight, I checked eBay again and found a Buy It Now for $7 plus shipping. It will cost me to return the other one but I guess you can say it’s a life lesson.

My cousin called me this afternoon. Her construction partner’s brother is in one hospital and the partner’s daughter is in another. It’s all they can do to keep up. Pray for all concerned. They need it.

Genese had about given up on getting hearing aids but I was able to let her know they were ordered this morning. They don’t come in the color she wanted but I think she’s happy, anyway.

Two strawberries were ripe enough to eat today. I didn’t take a picture of them but I did take some of my sage that’s in bloom, the oregano and thyme. I’m not going to post them tonight. I’ve been working on lessons and am done in. I know someone who is tired and sleepy and her name is Tommie.

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