My Juicer Died

It was reasonably early when I got up yesterday morning. The editor of SSNET successfully sidetracked me by emailing regarding the third quarter lessons. I worked on the first two and intended to go on to the third when she had mercy on me and said she didn’t mean I should do all three right then. Early in the coming week would be fine. I’d already had my quart of water and water kefir.

It was time to juice the oranges for my morning dose of vitamin C. The juicer is a permanent fixture on the counter. I got five smallish oranges, sliced them and started juicing them. On the third half, the juicer coughed. Then it stopped. Not a peep. I checked the breaker for the kitchen but it hadn’t tripped. I plugged my immersion blender into the outlet. It worked. My juicer was dead. It is the second one I’ve killed.

When I was working at the Oster plant, I bought my two boys and myself each a citrus juicer. I gave the two of them boxes of oranges to get them started. The juicers were manufactured in 1987 (I worked for a few weeks in October of that year before I was laid off. The plant subsequently closed. Not my fault.) and they are good for juicing and being able to recover the pulp. I like thick OJ.

That first juicer lasted for many years and it was a sad day when it gave up the ghost. In the meantime, eBay had come into being and I was able to find a replacement for my discontinued no longer available obsolete model. When it came, I decided I didn’t want to be in that predicament again so I found another and bought it. It could be my travel juicer until it was time to press it into service full time.

Well, that time came on May 24, 2013. I took it out of the travel box and plugged it in. The motor base has yellowed with age but that’s okay. It still works. I finished juicing the oranges and was thankful I didn’t have to pull out the old manual juicer.

Until shortly after I visited DD and merm last September, DD was the only one of my children who didn’t have a juicer like mine. Once again, I got on eBay and ordered one for her. I don’t know if she uses it or not but it will be there for me whenever I descend.

Oh, dear! I looked on eBay and the closest thing I could find to another backup was $40 including shipping. I couldn’t do that. Amazon to the rescue! I stepped outside my comfort zone and I ordered a “like new” Cuisinart warehouse deal juicer. It has a feature that lets you decide how much pulp goes into the juice. I’m like the reviewer who wants a lot and she’s happy with it.

When I was released from doing the lessons, I got my meal out of the way and started in on laundry and changing the bed. The trash needed to be taken out, too. The door to the pump house where we stow our trash is rather noisy and my CIL thought I had knocked on the door. He came out and reprimanded me saying I didn’t need to knock, that I should just go on in. I told him I hadn’t knocked.

He has a new TENS unit that must be the latest thing out. It has a belt with magnets and other doohickeys to go around his waist. He wears it for a half hour at a time. Besides that, it has a strip to go around the neck. He said it helps a lot. It would be nice if it would make it so he could do away with his pain meds but that’s a bit much to ask.

I’d noticed both his truck and my cousin’s van were here. I was at the same time surprised and not when he said the truck still has problems. My cousin suggested he should keep her van so he has wheels if he needs to go somewhere.

The day was beautiful and sunny. I pulled some weeds, then walked around the two yards and picked a mess of poke.

Thursday was DIL1’s birthday. I’d ordered a gift and it had arrived on The Day. I hadn’t heard anything from anyone in the household so I called DS1. He said they had gotten to Indiana on Monday and his mother-in-law wasn’t doing well. It’s sad that she’s so sick but I was glad my DIL got to spend her birthday with her mother.

With the bed stripped, Twinkle thought she had nowhere to go. She knows she isn’t to get on it except when she can lie on the comforter. I’d put the sheets on but it was still unallowed. The comforter went into the dryer to tumble for 20 minutes. Poor Twinkle. She kept looking longingly at the bed. When I got the comforter and put it on, she was making her nest within seconds. She was a happy cat.

Yesterday was the first day I really felt like doing something besides veg out. In addition to the computer work, I did two loads of laundry, changed the bed (no small task in itself), washed dishes, cooked, washed more dishes and played in the dirt. It was a good day.

Last night was cool enough I had to put Mother’s little comforter on the bed. It must be Blackberry Winter. My domestic blackberries, what’s left of them, have been in bloom for several days.

The temperature in the kitchen was 64 degrees when I got up this morning. That’s a bit cool. I didn’t want to run the furnace so I switched on the Dr. Heater. It was enough. It’s amazing how quickly the room feels cozy and warm.

I wanted to get to the church early enough to test the waters with the loaner aid but the pianist and her family pulled up just in front of me. I’d have to wing it.

The clarity of the aid just isn’t there like it is with my aids. I could understand some things but not as much as I could last week. I took them off and put them away at least a couple of hours ago or more. That’s usually the last thing I do before I go into the bedroom for the night. When I was chatting with the audiologist, she said Siemens has a good turnaround but it would take longer to get mine back because of the holiday. ARRRGGGGHH! I’d forgotten about that.

It was cold enough in the church to hang meat so I went out and stood in the sun. One of my friends joined me until it got to be a little much. She had on a black turtleneck. I felt a bit envious.

Genese’s and my mutual friend came up between services and told me about their visit last Sunday. She was quite pleased with her lunch. The lady in the cafeteria did a good job for her.

My friend’s sister (who is also my friend) recorded the service for Genese. What I could understand was good. At one point, everyone laughed but I missed the punchline.

After church, I spoke to the pastor about going to see Genese. After all, she needs to put a face with the voice. He told me to email her room number so I did that when I got home.

I’ve been sleepy but I haven’t napped. I woke in the very early hours of the morning and didn’t go back to sleep for an hour or so. When I did nod off, I dreamed that DD and I were in a car. I was driving and it was raining so hard cars were stopped right on the highway. I managed to miss all of them but then the car started sliding toward the guardrail. “That will stop it,” I thought. It didn’t. It gave way with the impact and we went over. I remember a floating feeling as the car fell. We never hit the bottom. I’ve heard that if a person has a dream like that and hits bottom, he/she will die. If that were true, it begs the question—how would someone else know what the Dreamer dreamed and how it ended?

4 Responses to My Juicer Died

  1. Mary Jane May 25, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    In the past I’ve dreamed many times of falling through the air–and I always land! And even though I’m afraid of what’s going to happen,it’s always a soft landing, and I’ve lived to tell about it.

    • Tommie May 25, 2013 at 11:40 pm #

      Well, as a friend of our mother would say, “That goes to show.”

  2. Genese May 26, 2013 at 12:53 am #

    Joy, her mother and the children visited for Mother’s Day; so I now know who they are. It will be nice to add another face to the names I hear so often.

    • Tommie May 26, 2013 at 8:29 am #

      You hadn’t told me that! They are such sweet people, aren’t they?

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