What? No Rain?

I woke again to sunshine this morning and it stayed around for most of the day. This afternoon, I went out for 10 minutes. Most of it was sun but the last few had it hidden by clouds. The bugs didn’t bother me like they have when I used the Moksa soaps. I think the critters are attracted to the botanicals in them.

My friend from church called me from Costco. She had forgotten to tell me she’d be going so I didn’t have a list. There was a nice-looking container of quinoa tabouli I agreed to split with her. I told her what I wanted from the university supermarket. When they got there (her husband was with her), the item I’d asked for wasn’t in the cooler. I called the store and it was almost instantly restocked but they were gone. They had doctor appointments. I’ll live.

This afternoon, I got an email from the editor of SSNET. She said the lessons had been split up and put into the templates and would I go ahead and proof the first three? The man who does most of the coding likes his work in “big chunks”. I agreed and downloaded those three from the server. I wish I had a picture of my face when I opened the first one. There was nothing there but the template. I went back to the server and all of the files were template size. I emailed the editor and told her. She said she would get in touch and ask for the lessons. I checked a few minutes ago and they’re there. I’ll wait to do the first three tomorrow.

The temperature has been steadily dropping. The high was around 80 but currently it’s 61. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 70. The a/c will have a rest.

Twinkle is getting more and more wary of me. She used to follow me around the house but if I start her way now, she turns around and makes ready to bolt. I won’t stop giving her the B-12 but it does make me feel like I should stop, let her be happy and waste away.

The order for Genese’s aids still hadn’t come through the last time I heard. I asked if my aid had come back yet but all I got was a grin. I really really don’t like the loaner. I’m better off with it than without it but I’ll be glad when I don’t need it any more.

My sisters have been putting me to shame again. I have had a bit more energy today but I’m still not up to hunting bears with a switch.

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