Decisions, Decisions

My subconscious jinxed me last night. It took note of the fact that I was sleeping well and lowered the boom. It didn’t help that the temperature in my bedroom was pushing 80 when I went to bed. I should have turned on the a/c but I thought the fan running would pull the cool air in. It did—hours after that. It’s going to be different tonight. I’ll be cool as a cucumber. Just watch and see if I’m not.

It turned really hot for this time of year. My appointment with the audiologist was today. She’d told me she wanted put me back in the booth for another hearing test. The a/c in the car worked from home all the way there. I even had to turn it toward the warm side so it wouldn’t freeze me in place.

I was a few minutes early. I’d started looking at a Reader’s Digest when I was there before so I resumed my reading. A couple came in while I was waiting to be called.

Before we got started, I was shown off as the Remote-Wearing Poster Child. The man who had the appointment before mine has had the remote and transmitter for two years and hasn’t used them. I can’t imagine that. It’s what makes wearing the aids worth it.

When the aud took me to her inner sanctum, I fully expected to be put in the booth as she said she would before. She had changed her mind. She hooked me up to her computer as usual and started tweaking my aids. She explained that putting me in the booth wouldn’t really be practical while adjusting my aids is. Okay. She’s the boss.

Again, my average wearing time was 11 hours per day. She was surprised to see I’d used the TEK with the transmitter something like 51% of the time. I told her that while I was sick, I spent a lot of time watching videos. There wasn’t a whole lot else I could do. She’s amazed at how little I listen to music but I can do that with the TEK/transmitter combo, too.

All the information the aids has been gathering is being meshed together in a new program. That seems like a good thing but, once again, it’s given me a headache. Shopping in Walmart was a trial. The giant rumbling fans up in the ceiling sounded terrible no matter what I did to lessen the noise. I’d been encouraged to use the setting for noisy places but it didn’t help. I put it back on automatic and tried turning it down but it was still too loud.

I’d printed off three coupons to use today and all three “took”. One was $3 off Brita filters. I may have a lifetime supply. It’s better than running out.

While I was shopping at Bi-Lo, I remembered another item that used to be in the freezer but isn’t any more. No telling how much stuff ex-S. ate.

Coming home, the a/c refused to work. Tomorrow will be a good day to call the Honda place and talk to the service department about what can be done. As hot as it was today, no telling how high the thermometer will go in July.

The car has been unloaded and everything put away. I bought the first watermelon of the season but there isn’t room for it in the fridge. I drank my water and fixed supper and I’ve eaten too much.

I’ve been chatting with the aud on Facebook about getting aids that are more adjustable than these. She’s going to look into some things and let me know what my options are. And then, there will be more decisions to be made.

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  1. Lila May 16, 2013 at 9:03 pm #

    I failed to comment on your earlier post when you wrote about SSNet. I didn’t know there was anything computer-wise you couldn’t do! Anyway, I hope you appreciate getting all that time back. Seemed to me it was really time-consuming.

    • Tommie May 16, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

      I’ll still be working on the lessons. I just won’t be learning all the processes yet.

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