Pushing it

Every morning up until today, I have been free to go back to bed if I needed/wanted to. Sabbath morning, not so much. I was feeling a bit nauseated and wanted desperately to go lie down but the clock was ticking. My first glass of water helped so I steeled myself for the day.

I was in bed a little past 9:30 last night and, believe it or not! I went to sleep not long after. That was a great relief coupled with the fact that I didn’t cough much at all. My grammar check is suggesting “laugh” for “cough”. Thanks, anyway, but I’ll stick with cough.

Last night, DD had posted on Facebook she was going to make coconut ice cream with peanut butter. This morning, there was a picture of the finished product and it looked SO GOOD.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Today was the “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive the post office does every year. I’d found a bag in the mailbox the other day and filled it up. I took it out this morning and hung it on the mailbox. It looked like it might rain so I took a larger bag out to cover that one. It was hard to hang it so the whole thing wouldn’t come tumbling down. It’s only gravity holding the box on the post, anyway.

Still not too sure about my stomach, I ate most of two bananas (they were pretty well bruised which might explain why they were in the “return” buggy) and a few small crackers. I’d taken a bath yesterday and hadn’t done any hard labor since so I washed the areas that needed it and got dressed.

The bulletin secretary generally sends me the bulletin file on Thursday or, at the latest, Friday. I post it on my church group on Facebook and make a note of what the hymns are. If it’s something unfamiliar or hard to play, I try to go to church early to practice. I hadn’t gotten anything. I called her cell phone and she laughed (not coughed) and said she’d forgotten. She gave me the hymns and neither one was difficult. I was in good shape.

The mail carrier was at the box trying to wrestle the bag off when I left. It didn’t get rained on, after all.

When I got to the church, the organ was open and turned on which was nice to see. I put my hearing aids on “MUSIC” and the pianist and I started on a song prior to song service. The program made it sound tinny so I went back to “AUTOMATIC”.

I had to ask for a repeat of the hymn numbers several times and I had to look one up once. Someone would say a number and when the leader would announce it, she would look down or the other way. Even with hearing aids, that doesn’t work. I could hear better with the setting on “OUTDOORS” but that made the organ and piano both too loud. Yep, I think an upgrade is what I need. The ones I’ve been looking at are automatic and unless I’m completely wrong, they are to switch according to the sound they’re being fed.

It’s easy to hear the person who was superintendent today. I don’t even need aids for her. It’s a different story with the Sabbath School teacher. She has a very soft voice. A lot of the people who participate have soft voices. By putting my aids on “OUTDOORS”, I didn’t miss much. I even spoke up once which is unusual because I haven’t wanted to say anything when I didn’t know what was going on.

During a trip to the bathroom, I glanced outside and saw it was raining pretty hard. I’d taken my umbrella but it didn’t look like it would last long. It didn’t.

Second song service went much like the first but I got through it. The preliminaries took a little while but then it was time for church. I sit at the organ from the beginning of second song service through the announcements, then play for the singing of “The Family of God” followed by “Into My Heart”. The elders go into their little room and I play a prelude. When the light comes on, I launch into the introit, “The Lord Is in His Holy Temple”. The elders come out on the platform. After the pastoral prayer comes the opening song. Next is the prayer and praise time. Today, I asked that everyone pray that Genese’s results will get to the audiologist soon. Sharing time over, I play “As We Come to You in Prayer” and everyone sings. Then the prayer starts out so I can hear but the volume gets softer and softer until the end when I’m not sure whether it’s over or not. Hoping for the best, I pray the prayer response. THEN it’s time for the offering and I play an offertory while the deacons go around and collect the money. I watch and, when they get to the back, I wind up my playing. They are supposed to wait until the intro to the Doxology to start back to the front but they still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Or maybe they’re supposed to do it when everyone is singing. I don’t think anyone is completely clear on that. All that I know is, since it’s been changed, I have a hard time switching from the offertory to the Doxology because the settings on the organ are different for each. Anyway, I’m almost permanently adhered to the organ bench and it isn’t over yet. The children go around and collect money for the Lamb’s Offering while I play “Jesus Loves Me”. They sit down on the front pew for the story (which I could hear today) and when it’s over, I play a portion while they go back to their seats and that’s when I can leave the organ.

I’m usually okay through all of this but today I wasn’t sure I would make it. I kept hitting wrong notes and I needed to lie down. I wondered if anyone would mind if I stretched out on one of the empty pews but I remained upright. Flowers for Mother’s Day were passed out and as soon as that was over, I went to the bathroom.

Back to my seat at the end of the pew, I felt like leaning over and putting my head on the leg of my friend next to me but I didn’t. I’ll bet she would have been surprised. I could hear and understand the speaker but I couldn’t concentrate. Praying, “Lord, help me through this” time after time, I prayed once again, “Lord, just help me get through church.” When I opened my eyes, the speaker was announcing, “I’ve changed the closing song.” I glanced at the bulletin secretary and I must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights because she laughed. It was one page back from what she had told me and was an easy one, so okay. The closing prayer preceded “Dismiss Us, Lord” and then the postlude which is a repeat of the closing song played by both the organ and the piano. On my way out, I told the speaker he’d broken the record for changing. Most always, I’m notified at least a few minutes ahead.

My friend gave me the food she had picked up for me over a week ago. Feeling totally washed out, I made it to the car where another friend stopped me. She had given me a card earlier that I had tucked into my Bible thinking it was a get well card. Well, NO. She hadn’t known I was sick. She thought I was away last Sabbath visiting my children. “If I had known, I would have called you.” It was just as well. I really didn’t feel like visiting.

On the way down the mountain this morning, I met a long line of cyclists going UP the mountain. Mercifully, there were none coming home. I had a headache.

I came in a lay down on the bed for a few minutes still in my church clothes and heels. Feeling a bit better, I changed and went outside for about 15 minutes. The bugs of all varieties found me very interesting so I was brushing at something or other constantly.

Touring the grow boxes, I saw that the rest of my carrots are putting in an appearance. There was some water in the rain gauge. It had rained here, too, to the tune of 3/4″. That will help things along.

Twinkle let me know she was hungry.

Genese messaged me on Facebook that the person who did her hearing test had brought her an earpiece that amplifies for her “bad” ear. She’s able to hear the TV now. The reason the results haven’t been faxed to the audiologist is because the lady didn’t have the fax number. I messaged her and gave it to her. Maybe things will get moving again.

The afternoon has been filled with eating and resting. If today doesn’t set me back, nothing will.

4 Responses to Pushing it

  1. Lila May 11, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    I wondered if you would even try to go today. Glad you made it, but hope it doesn’t slow your recovery!

    • Tommie May 11, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

      I don’t like missing but it would have probably been better if I’d stayed at home. My next outing won’t be until mid-week so maybe…

  2. Mary Jane May 12, 2013 at 11:54 am #

    I guess even the best of hearing aids can’t match the hearing we once had! Too bad.

    • Tommie May 12, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

      No, but I believe better ones than these will come closer. These are the least adjustable ones that are Bluetooth enabled.

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