I Think I’ll Live

Not taking the Mucinex last night was a good idea. Instead, I took some cough medicine that’s something I never take in the daytime. I went to bed and lay there for over an hour. It was obvious I wasn’t going to sleep any time soon. The antibiotic was still kicking up its heels, I guess. Then, I had a bad idea. On top of the cough medicine, I took half a 3mg melatonin. I did go to sleep, by and by, but this morning I felt like I’d been on a cheap drunk and the effects hadn’t worn off yet.

Getting up was the farthest thing from my mind that I wanted to do. I would have preferred to stay in bed but I had to take my thyroid med. I was in the kitchen by a little after 6:30. After the thyroid med, I waited the prescribed hour to take the Mucinex. THEN I went back to bed.

A couple hours later, I got up again and took the antibiotic. I’ll be so glad when I take the last one tomorrow and it will be history. My stomach never feels good after I take it. I ate a banana and a cracker and sat down to have my quiet time.

I had thought that, if the weather cleared off enough (it rained again last night and much of the morning) I would go to town and get a couple of things I desperately need. I was so washed out, I canceled that idea pronto.

There was a knock on the door. My neighbor had a package for me. He left it on the rail and was almost back to the house when I looked out. I called “Thank you” to him but he was on a mission. Maybe he didn’t hear me.

My computer was getting a bit slow. It had been up for several days and needed a refreshing. I restarted it and when it came back up, there was no Internet access. The little message on the screen said if it stayed down more than 15 minutes to call support.

It had started raining again and, without Internet, I have no phone. There was no way for me to call anybody. After probably 2 1/2 hours, I took a bath, got dressed and made ready to go next door. I had two avocados I wanted to give him so I put them in a bag, put on my coat and grabbed my umbrella.

Walking up the steps, I was surprised to see the door swing open. He’d seen me on the way over. He was on the phone with my cousin so I went in, put the avos in the fridge and went to the living room. When he finished the call, I just held my hand out for the phone.

I wasn’t able to get through the first time or maybe I gave up too soon but the second time I tried to dial, I was so shaky he had to dial it for me. After going through the preliminaries, there was a recording saying U-verse was out in my area and estimated time for it to come back up was three hours after it went down.

The mailbox hadn’t been checked since Friday. There was mail in there, probably since Sabbath.

Coming back to the house, surprise! U-verse was up. I praised the Lord. My sister had emailed she was trying to use gmail but the forward button was grayed out and wouldn’t work. I don’t know what the deal is. Mine is fine.

It took until after 3 TT for me to get out of the fog. I was hungry for something so I cooked the easiest thing I could think of—lentils. After they were done, I made a mirepoix (I watch cooking shows) and turned most of the lentils into soup. I ate too much even though it wasn’t as good as usual. Maybe it’s my tastebuds.

Poor Twinkle is having to cope with a catbox that hasn’t been cleaned out for several days. I’ve still been giving her B-12 (giving me mine yesterday was something I didn’t want to do but I did it, anyway).

The sun has set. I’m sleepy but I don’t know if this will be another sleepless night or not. I hope it isn’t.

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