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With this post, I am going to a more or less daily review rather than doing one long weekly one. It takes me, literally, two or three hours or more to do one on Saturday night (or Sunday, as the case may be) and writing shorter ones will be easier on me plus being more current. As if anyone may care. If you go to the archives, you’ll see this is what I started out doing in the beginning. And so I’ll continue…

Today came and went. DD called. We discussed her job prospects. She hasn’t heard anything from the test she took but she’s taking that as a good sign—maybe. She knows someone else who applied for several different positions at the same firm who has already gotten a “sorry, no”. This coming week, she plans to put in more applications and send more resumes. I was so frustrated with my situation I cried a lot and she listened to my rant. She went to the dentist last week and is getting a mouth guard because it is, in fact, TMJ. Our conversation was cut short by the landlord coming over with a new lease for her and merm to sign.

It was still raining this morning but it cleared off enough in the afternoon for the sun to come out all too briefly. I went out and checked the rain gauge and found it filled almost to the top with 5″. I knew we’d had a lot but I didn’t know it was that much.

My neighbor/cousin had told me to call her husband (my cousin-in-law) if I needed anything. I am completely out of raisins and had used dates and prunes in my water kefir with varying degrees of success. I’d had to discard more than a quart because it was really nasty. Taking my cousin up on it, I called him to see if they had any raisins and woke him up. No, they didn’t have any so I apologized and hung up after telling him to go back to sleep.

Walmart had some Haden mangos and one was just on the edge of being ready. I was impatient and peeled and cut it up. It really wasn’t too bad. I’ve had better, though.

A huge part of my day was rehashing the prior week. Yes. I wrote Saturday night’s blog today so sue me. I really hadn’t felt up to it before and had gone to bed early. Besides the Mucinex (BLECHH!) I’d taken a melatonin and was able to sleep but not well. I was in such a fog this morning I couldn’t think straight. That’s when I decided for sure it was no more Mucinex at night.

When the blog post was published I emailed my sisters. They had both assumed (and rightly so) that I hadn’t been up to doing it last night. One of them emailed back after reading it, “You know that I have not the slightest idea of what you’re doing with the SS lessons! They look the same to me as the quarterly–does that mean I’m not finding what you work on?” I emailed back, “No, that means we’re doing our job.” I explained how many of us it takes to do it. There are mainly two of us working on the actual lessons, one does the helps, and the rest of the all volunteer staff keeps up the blog, the study list and various and sundry other things. The editor oversees everything.

The editor was thrilled when I told her what my sister had said and suggested I send her the raw manuscript the coder works from. I sent some other things, too, and told her to be impressed. She was. If you want to see this week’s lesson, just click here. That’s one of the two versions we do. The link to the other one is at the top of the page.

I sat on the rebounder and bounced for seven minutes. Not enough but a start.

Compost doesn’t do well in the house for long. I scurried outside with it, emptied it and came back in. I hope no one saw me. It made me sad that the bit of exertion ended up with me breathing hard. I finished up today in the housecoat I put on this morning and I don’t feel a bit guilty.

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