My Week: A Rocky Road

Sunday went as most Sundays do. DD called and updated me on her job search. One of the requirements for consideration for one was a humongous test of all things HTML/CSS. That was keeping her busy. The noteworthy thing I had to report to her was that the battery in my phone was finally dying and I had to switch. How many weeks did that make? I’ve lost count. Later on that day, she posted on Facebook that she thinks she has TMJ.

Monday, my doctor called with the results of my tests. All the labs looked good—my thyroid function was right where it should be. My bone density had even improved. That was nice to hear. HOWEVER, my chest x-ray showed a touch of pneumonia. He wanted to call in an antibiotic and which pharmacy did I use? I told him Walmart. He said, “I have the number right here and I’ll call it in now.” I told him I’d be in town the next day and pick it up.

I needed to stop by the audiologist’s office to get some different sized stems for my earbobs (she said I have petite ears) (would that the rest of me matched) but I’d forgotten she was going to a hearing aid “do” that day so I postponed my trip until Wednesday.

That was my first stop. She’d told me I could just drop in and wouldn’t need an appointment. When I walked into the waiting room, I peeked into the secretary’s office and told her I wasn’t in the book. I just needed to see the aud for a few minutes. Taking a seat, I was inspected by two ladies who were already there. I thought, oh no! If they’re waiting for her, too, it’s going to be a while.

They turned out to be mother and daughter. They were there with the mother’s 84 year old sister whose hearing aid had quit. She’s here from Canada on vacation. The daughter had on shorts and was very casually dressed while the mother was all decked out in a beautiful outfit and lots of jewelry plus makeup. We had a right lively conversation, the three of us, until the vacationer came forth. The aud had outfitted her with a loaner aid and was sending hers off to be fixed. The charge was nothing. They were all thrilled.

After another 15-20 minutes, she came and got me. She changed out my stems, gave me an extra set with tips and set up a music program on my remote in place of the Bluetooth phone one. She made a couple of other adjustments and was surprised there’s a range that still doesn’t sound right. She said after I finish taking the antibiotics to make an appointment for another hearing test. She figures my ears might have been a bit stopped up for the first one. The event she’d been to was about the new type aids similar to the Lyric. The manufacturer was quite upset that she refused to sell them. She says they are ripping people off and she isn’t going to do it. When I left, the waiting room was full.

My next stop was Walmart. I had my list all made out with a reminder to get my prescription. I decided I’d leave it until last and went about the store doing my shopping. When it was my turn at the pharmacy, I told the woman my name and birthdate. She signalled the pharmacist to come over. He explained to me that the doctor also wanted me to get Mucinex and a probiotic to go with the antibiotic. Did I want to pay for it there? No, I’d pay at the checkout with my other purchases.

I could have dropped on the floor when I saw the charge. $117.78 for seven doses. That was $16.83 each. (I didn’t figure that up until later at home.) They’d both been watching my face and I guess I didn’t disappoint. I gasped. The pharmacist said, “It’s expensive but it’s a strong antibiotic.” I knew my doctor had said he was prescribing generic so I made sure that’s what it was. “Oh, yes. Name brand would cost two or three times that much. And you don’t have insurance?” No. I opted out of Part D. I guessed I have to suck it up and take the hit.

By that time, I was in a daze. I wandered over to the display where the Mucinex was. I had no idea what to get. I don’t normally take stuff like that. The pharmacist came and helped me decide what to get. Another $11. I didn’t get the probiotics. I drink water kefir every day. That would save me a bit.

With a cart of groceries and other items, I thought about going around and putting things back but I didn’t. I made my way to Customer Service and asked one of my friends who works there for the ad binder. It was at register 12. Bi-Lo had avocados for 99 cents and I wanted to do a price match. The ones there were like a quarter more. I had to save anywhere I could. She spent a lot of time finding it since it wasn’t IN the binder.

I got to the checkout and put everything on the conveyer belt. The price match was moot. Walmart’s avos were 98 cents in spite of what the sign said. I had a 75 cent off coupon for Almond Breeze I’d printed off It stated on the coupon, “Redeemable at Walmart”. When I presented it, it wouldn’t scan. The cashier said she couldn’t override a coupon from the Internet and called her supervisor over. I kept insisting that it was ONLY redeemable at Walmart and it was a valid coupon. Sorry, Charlie. No can do. That capped the stack.

I stopped at Bi-Lo to get a few things and used another coupon. It was for 55 cents. Not only did it scan, it was doubled.

The coupon fiasco had added insult to injury and I posted a complaint on the local Walmart Facebook page. I was referred to a private area that would send the complaint direct to the manager. I posted it again there.

When I got home, I got in touch with my doctor and told him, “You didn’t tell me I’d need to take out a mortgage on the house to get my prescription. It was $117.48 [I’d misread the 7 for a 4] plus another $11 for the Mucinex. I didn’t buy probiotics because I drink water kefir every day.” He was so horrified about the price he failed to comment on the water kefir.

I took the antibiotic about 5:30 and the Mucinex at 7. It was a lethal combination, almost. After I took the prescription med, I read the side effects (wrong order of business). Along with other things, it can cause sleeplessness. When I posted on Facebook about having to take Mucinex, one of my friends commented, “I can’t take that. It wires me.”

I went to bed at a reasonable hour but I was wide awake. I got up and worked on the templates for SSNET the editor had asked me to do weeks ago. She’d also asked me to set up a directory on the server for the next quarter and upload the templates to their individual folders. I got the templates all finished (two sets of 13) and went to upload them. There was already a directory and folders there. I wasn’t going to write over anything without checking with her first and it was something like 1 a.m.

A little over an hour later, I posted on Facebook, “NOW I read the side effects of my antibiotic. Sleeplessness is one possible (absolute) one. I took it at 5:30 p.m. Since it’s once a day, I’m kinda stuck at 5:30 p.m. ARRGGGGHHH!”

Surely I could go to sleep. I went back to bed and watched the clock. I’d close my eyes but they’d pop open again. I saw the sky getting light and knew it was getting on toward 5 a.m. Tommie Time. I waited another hour. Finally, I dozed off after I looked at the clock at 6:03. My eyes popped open at 6:05. After a few more minutes of that, I got up.

Checking Facebook, one of my nurse friends had commented, “You can change times of many antibiotics . In the hospital we give first dose antibiotics when they get admitted or prescribed late in day . And if they are daily start them again the next morning , I would take it early today . Check with your pharmacy.” As soon as the pharmacy was open, I called and the lady pharmacist told me to take it mid-morning, then keep that schedule. What a relief!

I had energy but I didn’t know how to focus it. I did do the dishes and corresponded with the editor about the templates. I explained about the ones that were already there. She advised me to copy them to a different folder under bak so they wouldn’t be lost and upload mine. Okay. I didn’t quite know the reason for that because they were old but I’d do it.

She emailed that nothing had been changed in them. After many misunderstandings, I got it across that those were already existing templates and I had uploaded the ones I’d done to the working directory. AH!! She wanted me to upload the ones I’d done to both the bak and working. Her wish was my command.

My doctor had told me someone had gotten the same prescription in my ex-work town for $24. The rest of the day was spent trying to get things straightened out about my prescription. I checked with the pharmacy my doctor had referred to and he was almost right about the price. It was $24.50. I called the Walmart pharmacy. Well, they do price match but they can only do it in town.

After more phone calls, I found Bi-Lo pharmacy has it for $80.99. Still pricey. I called Walmart and told the pharmacist. He’d have to check it out and see what he could do. Going down the list, I almost didn’t call the little locally owned pharmacy. Surely it would be expensive there. When the girl told me it was $13, I couldn’t believe it. “$13 DOLLARS??” “Yes.” “Walmart charged me $117.78!” “I knew you were surprised when I told you. They sell so many generics for $4 and $10 that they have to jack the price up on other things.” I thanked her and hung up.

Calling Walmart back, I reported my latest find. He’d checked with Bi-Lo and he had been told $80.99, too. He’d check with the other pharmacy. Just to make sure I hadn’t heard wrong, I checked back, myself. Yes. Seven doses were $13 and Walmart had just called.

Once again, I called the pharmacist at Walmart. He was busy but was there something the phone-answerer could help me with? I told her who I was. By that time, it was common knowledge what was going on, I guess. She said they had my refund waiting for me the next time I go in.

I don’t even remember who I was talking to later on but there was a call on call waiting. Whatever it was I was conferring with was important enough that I didn’t take it. I had voice mail from one of the associates at Walmart asking me to call. When I did, she said to bring the coupon and my sales slip to Customer Service and they’ll give me the 75 cents. Justice was done.

To cheer me up, my roommate from academy days remembered I didn’t have my annual from when we were seniors. She scanned this and emailed it to me. It did help.


That night, I had no trouble sleeping except for the huge quantity of water I had to drink. I’d been up for 37 hours straight. No more taking the antibiotic in the afternoon.

Yesterday, I felt almost human. I did some things around the house and a large load of laundry. I didn’t change the bed (how nasty!) because it takes too much effort to put the pillow cases on my huge pillows. I shouldn’t have gotten medium fill but the reviews were good. Those people must have huge cases for their huge pillows.

I ate what I thought was reasonable in the mid-afternoon. I finished some leftovers and had some avocado loaded with garlic granules. Big mistake.

Downing my Mucinex with a large glass of water, I went to bed a little after 7. Acid started bubbling up. I never have heartburn but I sure did then. I kept thinking it would get better but finally gave in and got up. I took a melatonin and drank some almond milk. That settled it down and I was able to get to sleep around midnight.

This morning, I was fuzzy-headed (and I’ll hit whoever wants to know how I can tell). I took my Mucinex (UGH!) and went about getting ready for church. I didn’t feel like standing in the shower so I took a bath. All clean, dressed and breakfasted, I got in the car. The day before, I had told one of my friends to let the pianist know I wouldn’t try to make it to Sabbath School but I’d be there for the church service.

Pulling out of the driveway, I realized I’d failed to put in my hearing aids. Oh, well. Everyone else and I would just have to put up with it. I got out to the highway and changed my mind. I did a U-turn (that always makes me think of Barney, Gomer and “Citizen’s Array-est”) and came back. I wasn’t going off without them. When I walked in the front door, I realized just how washed out I was. I couldn’t go anywhere. Calling my friend’s cell phone, I let her know I wouldn’t be there. She’d picked up some things for me but she could use the tomatoes (beautiful, gorgeous Campari tomatoes), my treat and the rest of it would keep.

My neighbor/cousin had called earlier and told her I’d have some tomatoes for her so, not wanting to lie, I called her back and let her know the bad news. I think she was relieved I wasn’t going to try it. I changed clothes and went back to bed napping until time to take my antibiotic.

I haven’t been able to rebound except for the first day (Thursday). Maybe if I’d sit on it, Twinkle would jump up and down and bounce me. It would probably do me some good if I could just do a gentle bounce. We’ll see.

Genese still hasn’t had the hearing test that was ordered almost two weeks ago. She’s up to her old tricks on Facebook, though, with this one. I think she has it in the bag.

Strawberry Festival Wordscraper

It started raining last night and rained all day. I didn’t see the sun one time and that’s unusual for Sabbath. All week, I’ve kept my sisters up on what’s been going on in my life. I’m sure they’ll be glad when the news is better.

6 Responses to My Week: A Rocky Road

  1. Mary Jane May 5, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    What a time you’ve had! Glad WalMart has come through with both refunds. We don’t like to be shafted!

    Hope we’ll both be well very, very soon.

    • Tommie May 5, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

      So do I, dear sister! So do I.

  2. Shari May 5, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    Holy mucus Batgirl! While reading I mistakenly read “breakfasted” as “breastfed”! Thought maybe they had you on some really strange meds.

    Hope you are feeling better and can get some sleep.


    • Tommie May 5, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

      That would be unusual! I am on strange meds. The sunshine is going a long way to perk up my spirits plus I’m rebelling against taking any more Mucinex at night. Just the thought of it makes me sad.

  3. Lila May 5, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    Tommie, I thought I had TMJ when Fosamax was the culprit. Some people on it have had to have reconstructive jaw surgery. I know your daughter wouldn’t be taking that, but it did bring back unpleasant memories. I wonder if hers is as painful as mine was;hope not!

    • Tommie May 5, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

      When my doctor suggested I take a “bone-building” medication, I told him I wasn’t going to take one of those “rob Peter to pay Paul” ones. He mentioned Evista but I don’t like the side effects of it, either. I said I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

      DD wakes in the night with her jaw hurting and it sometimes does it in the daytime. I think she’ll be getting a night guard soon. That should help.

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