My Week: Say WHAT??

Saturday night, I slept a bit better but I had to get up a little past midnight and take the third ibuprofen out of the bottle. I haven’t had to take any since so I still have seven of the little fellers. Taking stuff like that is foreign to me. Percolating under my own steam is more my style.

Sunday, my arm was still giving me some grief but not as bad as it had before. I soaked in the tub and that relieved it some. When DD called, it hurt to hold the phone up to my ear so I put it on speaker. The battery didn’t last long that way. I dreaded buying batteries for three handsets because the ones I’d found at Walmart for my older phones were pricey.

I dragged around and got a few things done but my heart really wasn’t in it. Exercising was top priority. I’ve found that I feel much better later on if I exercise so I still put in 25 minutes on the rebounder. That’s been every day except for Sabbath and the day I went to town. Five out of seven isn’t too bad.

Monday was April Fool’s Day. I usually try to think up something good to spring on people but not this year. I posted a couple of Google pranks and that was it.

Tuesday, I was almost back to normal (whatever that is). I did a bit more than two and a half miles.

My sister had emailed her house had been invaded by tiny black ants. I don’t know if the email carried them or if they have a more sophisticated form of communication but I discovered they were making their way into my house, too. And all the way from North Carolina? Sharing is supposed to be nice but I’d appreciate it if she’d keep her ants to herself. She mentioned peppermint so I got out my trusty bottle of essential oil (still about half full) and wiped the pathway down with it. I still see an occasional ant but maybe they’ve found sweeter digs. Or maybe the REAL invasion is yet to come.

The B-12 I got from Amazon is probably better quality than what I’m giving Twinkle now but this is more affordable. She definitely doesn’t like it so I try to catch her in the evening when she’s taking a nap and ambush her. One evening, she had avoided her snooze so I had to confront her in the kitchen. She jerked around and a lot of the liquid went on the floor. I could only hope the ants would find any I missed cleaning up, eat it and then go back to the nest hungry and eat their young.

I was in DD’s room and looking for something else when I ran across a picture of a picture one of my forum friends from Oz had painted. I scanned it and uploaded it to Facebook and (with permission) made it my cover picture. I hope she won’t get upset with me if I share it here.

A River Somewhere

One of my friends from church had asked me for a list of anything I wanted from the university supermarket or Costco. One of the things I emailed her was to get me some licorice at the Village Market (VM). I wasn’t close enough to a working phone (drat those batteries!) so she left voice mail. Google Voice sends a transcription of voice mails to my inbox and here’s what it heard:

Jay, Tommy need more on the B M and I don’t know what kind of liquor she want because they have like X different time. So they have a black green, Reading Rainbow, Pinkett white. So call me back and let me know. Maria. Which kind you want. Talk to you later. Bye.

I badly needed a good laugh and that gave me one for sure. That’s the only time I was ever glad for the bad batteries in my phones.

Batteries! I needed batteries! Amazon (bless its heart) keeps a record of every purchase I’ve made for the last I don’t know how long. I looked up the phones I’d bought back in January, 2011. Using the info there, I Googled the manual and found the size batteries I needed. I went back to Amazon, found the right ones and lo and behold! (my sister would add, “High and be dropped!”) there were batteries 3/$9.99 and 3/$10.99. They looked the same but one was described at “high capacity”. They were the $10.99 ones. I emailed the seller but didn’t hear back so I ordered the “expensive” ones.

That evening, I got an email saying essentially, heh heh. Yes, the batteries are the same. They are just different listings. I canceled the order and got the cheaper ones.

Over the next day or two, the seller sent me tips on how to get better life out of the batteries. I really appreciated that. I’d know what to do when they got here.

Wednesday, I really really hoped for a good night’s sleep. My appointment for my hearing aids was Thursday. I got my wish. I slept very soundly, thank you, and was ready to hunt bears with a switch the next morning.

I’d cut my breakfast-eating short because I didn’t want to be late. The phone rang. Could I come in an hour later? The audiologist had a scheduling problem earlier in the day. Sure! I ate some more.

When I walked out the front door, there was the package with my batteries! It was huge. It also had all of my subscribe and save stuff in it. Not wanted to take time to wrestle it inside, I left it where it was. I’d deal with it when I got home.

Arriving at the center a few minutes early, I busied myself reading a Reader’s Digest. Even though the magazines aren’t particularly current, none of them are dog-eared which leads me to believe that no one has to wait long.

Going into the inner sanctum, the audiologist questioned me. “What kind of aids do you want?” I’d already let her know I wanted the behind the ear (BTE) with the open fit. “Bluetooth.” Okay!! She told me about the remote and how I’d be able to interface with just about anything electronic. She pulled out a price list and advised me to go with the least expensive Bluetooth-enabled package and upgrade if I found it didn’t meet my needs. Then she got some color samples and was handing me ones that would blend with my hair. I let her know I wasn’t interested in blending. If I’m spending that kind of money, I want them to stand out! I might even have her decorate them with unicorns. I settled on gold as in Worth Their Weight In. She wrote the total down for me and I left.

It’s usually like Old Home Week in Walmart. I’m rarely there when I don’t see someone I know and that afternoon was no exception. Sometimes it’s one person, sometimes half a dozen. That day, it was two. I talked to the first briefly and for a bit longer with the second. Scrutinizing my face, the pronouncement was made, “You look GOOD!” ?? “No, really! You look GOOD!” “Did you expect me to look bad?” “Well, no, but you look GOOD.” After the visit wound up, I went on my way lookin’ good.

At home, I didn’t attempt to bring the enormous box inside. I unpacked it where it was.

My neighbor/cousin’s brother-in-law was the one who took me to see the ENT so I called to fill him in on the happenings. His father has Bluetooth aids and loves them. We talked until my phone started beeping signalling it was getting ready to die.

That night, I didn’t sleep worth a plugged nickel. I guess so much excitement (I am excited about getting help with my hearing) kept me awake. I’d dozed off and on but didn’t get really sound asleep until after 4 o’clock. Twinkle was at my bedroom door at 7 sharp. I saw a Maxine cartoon on Facebook that said, “Cats are alarm clocks you have to feed.” Yes.

Sometime during the week, the demolition crew of one went to work on the old house that still isn’t completely down. I found out later he’s supposed to be earning his trip to the airport that way. He has until Friday the 12th to get ‘er done so we’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday, I’d filled out forms, made phone calls and faxed to attempt to get money to pay for my aids and I was getting all keyed up again. I must say, though, the fax worked like a charm with the higher connection speed. It wasn’t limping along like it did before. Went through the first time and the confirmation said seven sheets were OK. Woohoo!

I just knew last night would be eight solid hours. Nope. I woke about 2 a.m. and didn’t go back to sleep until 4. The organ was calling so I unwillingly got up at 6:30 to go fulfill my duty.

Once again, I didn’t get to the phone when it rang. Since I was getting ready to leave, I didn’t want to check the computer for a message so I just looked at the number on the MagicJack. I recognized it as my neighbor/cousin’s brother-in-law’s. I called him back and almost wished I hadn’t. Did I have such and such hymnal? No. Well, it has the song in it I want to use for opening song. “At Calvary”–did I know it? It sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure.

I got on the computer and tried to do a quick search. There were several hits to choose from but I didn’t have time to look at any of them. I tried downloading and got all sorts of stuff I didn’t want. I’d have to take my chances.

The song was in my Hymns for the Family of God my sister-in-law had given DH and me years ago. When I got to the church, I grabbed it and started studying. There was no way I could play it over before I had to play it for the congregation to sing. That took the cake! I’m often asked to play a song on the spur of the moment but not something I’d vaguely heard and never played before.

Most of Sabbath School class was spent studying the hymn. I played it over and over in my head. I couldn’t hear 90% if what was being said in class, anyway, so it was just as well I had something to do. Today was a beautiful day and going outside for a few minutes helped me to unwind.

The song went okay but, as usual, the note values were largely ignored. I gave up and played along. Mother would have had a cow but it’s normal every Sabbath stuff.

After church, one of the ladies invited me to go eat haystacks with them but I was tired, tired, tired. I appreciated the invitation but I would have to feel really good to handle haystacks and there was no way. I came home and drank all the stuff I usually drink in the morning and it added up to two quarts that will probably keep me hopping tonight.

I posted on Facebook,

I know it’s still early at my house but I’m wiped out. Two nights with insufficient sleep will do that to me. I’ve dosed and fed Twinkle, washed what dishes I’d dirtied, strained the latest batch of water kefir and added raisins, filled and started the water distiller, wrestled the back off handset #2 and replaced the battery then wrestled it back on (WHY do they make it so bloomin’ hard??) and put it on the charger. I’m done for the day and done in. Good night, all.

Next time I write my update, maybe I’ll be able to talk about hearing sounds I didn’t know existed. We’ll see.

4 Responses to My Week: Say WHAT??

  1. Lila April 8, 2013 at 5:30 pm #

    First, congratulations on looking GOOD! Those words can make a person’s day. You know, I never before heard the expression “High and be dropped,” but it isn’t difficult to guess which sister you’re quoting.

    When looking for this post this morning, I discovered I had missed reading last week’s, so I had a double treat.

    Best of luck with the hearing aids!

  2. Tommie April 9, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Yes, it was our sister in the Great Northwest, may she rest in peace.

    Thanks! I’m excited and anxious all at the same time!

  3. Mary Jane April 10, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    I wondered where the ants had gone! Still have just a few in and around the bathtub, so I’ll have to clue them in where they can find the rest of the crowd.

    I had a remote that needed new batteries and I could not get it open, so went to Home Depot (which is not far from me), and asked the first employee I saw if he had a strong thumb. He did and opened it up for me with no trouble at all. Went there once with a Christmas tree stand I couldn’t figure out. It took a couple of them, but they got it put together. And all out of the goodness of their hearts!

    • Tommie April 10, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

      Yesterday, Twinkle was refusing to eat her food. When I looked closely, I found out why. It was COVERED with ants! Taking the bowl to the bathroom, I flushed the food and the ants down the commode. Mother would have said I made sailors of them. Then I grabbed a sponge mop, anointed it with peppermint essential oil and scrubbed the floor. There are still some brave ones that try to cross it.

      Handset #1 has been off the charger since Sunday morning and I’ve made lots of calls with it including a 95 minute visit with DD. It still has juice left. When it dies, I still have #’s 2 and 3 to use while it recharges. Nice!

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