My Week: Change? Not me!

I’ve been blogging since June, 2005. Not once has anyone anywhere read that I was happy about Springing Forward. On the contrary, I have always been very upset that I had to do what I didn’t want to do every April (and then it was moved to March). October was when my missing hour was returned and THEN it was moved to November. I, along with a host of other people, have wondered why it wasn’t left one way or another. It never occurred to me to swim against the current and not change—until last year. If I’d thought about it, I could have left my clocks on the same time year ’round but I wasn’t thinking. It wouldn’t have done me a whole lot of good while I was still gainfully employed because I would have still had to get up an hour early to make The Boss happy.

This morning was the first day I’ve gotten up earlier than my usual time. The dratted alarm went off and I had to crawl out of my nice comfy bed. Sabbath School would be starting on Daylight “Saving” Time whether I was observing it or not.

Last Sunday, I blissfully went about my normal routine. DD and merm had been out shopping so she didn’t call until later in the day. That was okay. I could talk any time. I was busy but she took priority, anyway.

Monday, I was slammed. I had finished my part of the references for the Sabbath School lessons but now the lessons, themselves, were ready to go. There were lots of little nit-picky things to fix about them before they could be published and would I do Lessons 1-3 right away?

Tuesday, I worked on the lessons some more, then did the blog post that was supposed to have been done Saturday night. I went to town that afternoon mostly to get my shingles shot. I was glad I hadn’t gotten it the day I’d gone in to have it done at first. The lady that did it was super nice and I barely felt a thing—except for the almost $200 hit to my bank account. I’d rather pay for it in that way, though, rather than chance having the experience my sister did. True, I’ve escaped this long and might have forever and ever but I’m not given the ability to see into the future. A tad of grocery shopping finished the trip.

Early Wednesday morning, Twinkle started moaning and groaning outside my door. It was 3:30 and I couldn’t even think about getting up. I turned over and went back to sleep. I got up along about 7:30 Tommie Time and fed her. When I picked up her water bowl, I was horrified to find it was licked dry. Poor cat had been out for no telling how long! When I filled her bowl, she drank and drank AND drank. I felt condemned.

I’d been so busy with the lessons (by that time, the assignment was 4-6) I hadn’t done the dishes. Five days’ worth were stacked in the sink. I took a break and cleaned them up. Not much of an accomplishment but it made me feel better. My sisters both still put me to shame when it comes to housework.

I was watching Twinkle out of the corner of my eye.

She drooped around and didn’t have much appetite no matter what I did. Thursday came and I felt the need to talk to DD. It was during her work hours but I called her anyway. We didn’t talk long but it was good to hear her voice.

The editor of the lessons had spent a lot of Thursday trying to get some colors that would correspond to the Study Guide. The first try she sent me was only too awful. I wasn’t the only one who thought so. She did, too. After many attempts, she came up with this:

Lesson 2

We agreed it was the best, so far. She had stressed that she wanted to get the online version as close to the print copy as possible. Now, hold that thought.

That night, my neighbor/cousin called to let me know they wouldn’t be able to make it home (vehicle trouble) and could I feed the critters yesterday morning? Sure. No problem. She said the Squatter doesn’t have a key to the house any more so I decided I’d be sure to go over before he got up, which is what I did.

The weather was beautiful so I went out and planted some arugula. I didn’t water it in but since it grows like a weed, I figured it could wait until the next rain with no problem. The Squatter sat in the sun on all that’s left of his truck—the toolbox—and neither of us said a word.

Late yesterday afternoon, I went to check on the critters again. They didn’t need food but it was getting chilly in the livingroom so I moved a heater in and went back out. The Squatter waylaid me. Wasn’t I going to feed the critters? I told him I had that morning. Then he questioned me about what I’d planted and said he’d never heard of arugula. I was edging toward my side of the yard and he kept talking. He wanted to know if I’d ever had bean sprouts. Yes. (sidle sidle) His wife had bought some and brought them home and he didn’t think much of them until he tried them on a sandwich and they were better than lettuce! (sidle sidle) After a bit more mostly one-sided conversation, I made my escape and came in the house.

Last night, I did something I probably shouldn’t have. I gave Twinkle the juice off some canned garbanzo beans. She does love that but the salt in it might be iodized. I don’t know. I mixed it with her food but, in spite of my efforts, she licked up the broth and left the food.

This morning, she seemed perkier and ate some of her dry food. I needed to make a phone call to my cousin-in-law about getting a new Adult Bible Study Guide (known for years as a “quarterly”). I needed it to compare to the lessons I’ve been working on. I walked into the bedroom to get the phone and, on my way out, I almost stepped in the contents of Twinkle’s breakfast. So much for that. I cleaned it up and prayed.

She started showing signs of constipation (aren’t you glad I’m going into all of this??) so I gave the old girl some of her laxative.

It was so nice out this morning I didn’t wear a coat. When I got to the church, I wished I had. It was 68 degrees in the sanctuary which is okay if there are enough layers or I’m moving around but neither one was the case. I steeled myself for the full time and put the best face on it.

One of the deacons was adjusting the clock that hangs on the back wall in full view of the speaker. He asked what time it was. I told him 8:17. He wasn’t amused. He asked someone else and after all that, he set it to 9:20. Daylight “Saving” Time. BLECCHHH!

Sabbath School class had started when my cousin-in-law came in and handed me the new quarterly. I put it on the pew and didn’t think too much more about it. Class was almost over when I picked it up and flipped it open. I had to stifle a laugh. Here’s what it looks like:

Lesson 2, too

2013 Second Quarter CoverNow, you’ll have to understand we can’t do everything the same as the quarterly. The graphics have to be sized down to fit. It’s the color that hit me between the eyes. I wonder what the editor will think of that? She was trying to match the cover.

Her colors do go a long way to blend with the outside of the quarterly but they are nowhere near the inside. I’ll be interested to know what she thinks of that. I’ve never met her face to face but, from what I’ve been able to gather, she’s as picky as I am and she won’t be able to leave it alone until it’s right.

During prayer and praise time, I reported that Genese has lost 30 lubs in the past five weeks. Maybe I should get the menus for the 1600 calorie diet she’s on. She’s been puny but I think she must be feeling better because she’s still giving me what for on Wordscraper.

I’d failed to put my little Canon in my purse so I attempted to take some more pictures of the “time” altar arrangement with my camera phone. I made sure the flash was on and, though it isn’t perfect, it’s better. I hunted up my little camera and, if the clocks are still there next Sabbath, I’ll take a GOOD picture.

It's about time

Coming out of the church, it was much warmer outside than inside. I could finally thaw.

The sun was shining so nicely I changed clothes when I got home and went out to catch some rays. My neighbor/cousin had made it back and we had a nice visit. She showed me her latest creations in her shop and I showed her (and her other half) the garlic that has come up in one of the square foot boxes. There’s only one plant so I put her other half in charge of planting more. He’d planted what is there and I haven’t had any luck.

There was no sign of the Squatter. He was still asleep. My cousin told me her other half taken him to town recently to apply for food stamps. He had him stop by the pawn shop so he could pawn some tools. He got $20 for them and promptly spent the money on two cartons of cigarettes and a bag of dog food. When he was taken to the Department of Human Services, he refused to go in and said he’d do it later. That went all over her and she has given him notice. I guess his free ride is over.

Twinkle and I have had a good afternoon. She has eaten a bit and spent a good amount of time on my lap. I’m making sure she doesn’t run out of water and the clock is chiming that it’s past my bedtime.

6 Responses to My Week: Change? Not me!

  1. Joanie Crosby March 16, 2013 at 11:32 pm #

    You at least had long sleeves on! I was a bit chilly also, it was ok when Andy could sit there, but otherwise…. otherwise, the day was nearly perfect! Just love Fran’s “clock arrangement.” I think it’s one of her best yet!

    • Tommie March 17, 2013 at 1:53 am #

      If I’d worn a long sleeved top underneath, I would have probably been okay. It WAS a beautiful day!

      Did you notice the clocks on the piano and organ, too? She’s really talented.

  2. Mary Jane March 17, 2013 at 4:58 pm #

    Just remember that the content of the lessons is more important than the color or the art work!

    • Tommie March 17, 2013 at 5:22 pm #

      ‘Tis true. However, it’s nice to have it all match. 🙂

  3. Lila March 17, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

    Glad you got this done on time this week!

    • Tommie March 17, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

      I’m trying to do better! I even got yesterday’s dishes done today. 😀

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