My Week: Retirement IS Busier.

When I was working, I could always fall back on the reason excuse that I couldn’t do this or that or the other because after work I was too tired and Sunday was my only full day at home to Get Things Done. Now, I don’t have that reason excuse. And I’m having to learn to say “NO.” Period. The end.

Too many weeks for me to count, I’ve had to put off updating what has now become a mostly weekly blog because I was Busy. A few hours here and a few hours there add up. Believe me. It’s true. No, I don’t work a regular 37.5 hour work week (that is full time decreed by the Mother Ship) but the hours I do put in are unpaid except for an occasional “Thank you!” One email I got recently said, “You are good!” Coming from a computer programmer, that was high praise. As the pastor said in one of his sermons, I should respond, “Thanks for the encouragement and praise the Lord!”

Last Sunday (as on the day before), I didn’t have time for my water kefir or orange juice. I got ready and went, as I’d planned for two months, to the Women’s Ministry Breakfast. The spread had more than enough food that was vegan and I ate too much. After the devotional, we got to work on cards. I didn’t do the fancy Valentine like the others because I don’t have a Valentine to give it to. I did a Thank You card. It’s rather plain but I prefer to call it “minimalist”. The expert in the group kept wanting me to dress it up with a bit of ribbon or SOMETHING but I resisted. I liked it just as it was.

As usual, we had a pretty hilarious time. I left shortly after noon to go to my next meal. As if I needed it. My two daughters-in-law had prior engagements but I had promised myself I was going to eat at the cafe if I had to go all by myself so that’s what I did.

The menu board had white bean with tomato and basil listed right at the top. I asked the chef about it and she beamed and said, “And it’s vegan!” (I wish you could hear her accent. It makes everything she says sound musical.) I ordered that and a half order of tomato bruschetta. For dessert I had a marzipan and coconut ball. Everything was scrumptious and I ate it all. Talk about stuffed!!

From there, I went to Walmart and got the few things I needed. Almost every time I went around a corner, I saw someone I knew. I was speaking to one person when I looked up and there was one of the nurses that works at the hospital. We hugged and she said, “I sure do miss you! Whenever I asked you something, if you didn’t know the answer, you’d find it. Now, I’ll ask and I get that ‘deer in the headlights’ look.” I told her I’d made sure my successor had the same access I did but if she didn’t use it, she would lose it. Guess that’s what happened. We talked for a long time but all good things must come to an end.

I checked with the produce guy about fuyus but he said there’d been a freeze (in California?) and he was having trouble getting them. Later, I found out he was right. I get behind on the news with no TV.

That evening, DD and I had our chat.

On Monday, I mostly did my weekly blog (SEE?? I told you.) Just because it has Saturday night’s date on it doesn’t mean it was done then. My sister said she could see why I didn’t get it done earlier.

On Tuesday, I remembered I’d forgotten to shoot myself in the leg on Monday. I hadn’t had time on Sunday. I took care of it but everything had caught up to me and I spent a lot of the day coughing. I coughed until I was worn out so I went to bed early.

Wednesday, I knew I had to get to work on the lessons for SSNet. I still wasn’t completely comfortable with it and it took a long time to get through the reference page plus both versions of the lessons. I did manage to get some rearranging done in the kitchen.

Thursday, it was more of the same, SSNet-wise. It went a little better but it was still time-consuming. I guess I’m too anal for my own good but I’m not satisfied until it’s as good as I can make it. Now, if that could translate to housecleaning…

Yesterday, I woke with pain shooting through my lower back. I could hardly move. It did ease some after I sat with the heating pad on it so I decided I’d do a bit more moving things around in the kitchen. My project was moving the dehydrator to the counter from the microwave cubbyhole where it has lived for the past several years. It isn’t heavy so it was no problem to move to the dining table. I cleaned the space and went over to get the microwave. Now, it’s heavy for a person with an aching back. A bolt of lightning hit my back and it took my breath away. I set it down and there it is. It was time for a long soak in the tub.

DS1 called and wanted to know where to find documentation for stories my mother had told him as a child. They were about Kata Ragoso (also spelled “Rangoso). He was able to find one but there are two others he hasn’t been able to locate. He told me I could google them in my spare time. I had to laugh. What I figure is that Mother heard them at campmeeting or somewhere or they could be something she took and embroidered a bit. My mother was quite the storyteller and her grandson is taking after her.

I asked about his mother-in-law. My DIL is making a lot of fresh juices for her and she is feeling better. Now, if it would only fix her problem…

This morning, I had as much pain as yesterday so I set the timer for 15 minutes after running a tub full of hot water. I immersed myself and let the heat do its job. People say, “Put ice on it!” but I don’t do ice. Sorry. It was much better when I got out.

It was obvious when I started studying next week’s lesson my corrections didn’t “take”. It was the first one I’d tried doing myself (with the editor on the phone) and it hadn’t worked. I pulled up the file and did what had to be done on both versions and uploaded them again. The ox wasn’t in the ditch but the lesson was. I could only hope everyone else starts studying later in the day.

I made it through Sabbath School and church and the afternoon. I’ve been having quite a discussion with one of my Facebook friends. I don’t think either one of us will be convinced that the viewpoint of the other is the right one. I finally told her we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Another of my friends has gotten in on the discussion but, at the moment, all is quiet.

The Social Committee had a Valentine meal at a Mexican restaurant in town. I didn’t go. It’s the place where they picked some of the chicken out of the fajita and called it vegan. I don’t eat at places like that. If they can’t fix me something fresh, forget it. The only place in town I trust is the cafe.

I dreamed about Mother last night. Her Little White House was back where it used to be. She decided I couldn’t get by on SS and my dab of pension so she decreed I should get a job. I was gathering up what I would need to take to Chattanooga, including a skateboard. Seems I had made the round trip several times on it. Oh, well. There was lots more that had to do with DD and me going swimming and forgetting our towels. Oh, the dreams we dream! Entertainment while we sleep.

Genese has lost seven lubs on her 1600 calorie a day diet. Even though she is below the weight threshold as set by the nursing home (I’ve been unable to find where it’s a requirement of the state), the Powers That Be are intent on moving her out. Anywhere else, she will be a long distance (both mileage and phone) from family. I understand she is high maintenance but that’s no excuse. Her doctor wants to keep her there but he evidently doesn’t have any say in the matter.

The situation is affecting her playing on Wordscraper. What other reason could there be for my winning the last 10 games? And I’m well on my way to winning the current one.

There was a bit of snow falling this afternoon while the sun was shining! My sister commented on my Facebook post and wanted to know if I saw a snowbow. No, I didn’t. My other sister emailed from North Carolina that the ground there is beginning to get white. No accumulation here but it sure is cold!!

I’ve tried the popper three times and it’s neat. The second time it got too hot and scorched the corn so I’ll have to watch the temperature. I tried it with nutritional yeast flakes (that’s how DD and my cousin like it) but I think I prefer it with just a sprinkle of black salt.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Retired? What’s that?

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  1. Lila February 18, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    You lead an interesting and busy life – seems to me a bit too busy. Glad you can enjoy eating at the cafe. Your meal sounded delicious! I hope the back trouble is history by now. Sorry to hear about Genese’s problem! Hope the solution is a good one.

    • Tommie February 18, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

      I would wager it isn’t as busy as yours. The cafe eating will be very spotty. The old budget would object to many visits. My back is doing much better. I had a twinge when I got up this morning but it “works itself out” as the day goes on. Pray for Genese. She needs our prayers.

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