My Week: Talk About SLOW!

It was late Sunday evening when the phone rang and DD was on the other end of the line. I’d given up any hope of hearing from her. But. She called, we visited and all was well. We didn’t talk as long as usual because there wasn’t much happening at her house or mine, either. Just routine stuff and that didn’t take long to cover. Neither one of us likes to “chat” on the phone just to hear voices. I can do that with the ones in my head. As They say in the Texting World, “jk”.

On Monday, I called Walmart to get a price on something. The person I was talking to (or trying to talk to) kept saying my voice was breaking up and she could only get maybe every other word. I called back but it wasn’t any better. My neighbor/cousin called and said she could understand me. However, for me, the conversation was breaking up a bit but I blamed it on her cell phone.

Going to the mailbox, I saw this, took the picture and posted it on Facebook.

January Daffodils

It’s ‘way too early for daffodils to be in bloom.

Things started taking a long time to load and there was no watching anything on Hulu or Netflix. Not that I needed to be sitting here on my behind watching videos, but it was aggravating. I’d give it another day and do something else that needed to be done. Really?? No, I spent hours troubleshooting. It didn’t do any good.

Tuesday morning, I’d had it. I unplugged the modem/router/gateway/whatever they call it and plugged it back in. When all the lights were green, I tried the speed test on MegaPath. I’m supposed to have a superfast connection (compared to what I used to have) but the speed was all over the place. It would be up to 11Mbps then, with the next test, it would be down to 1. I was getting ready to pull my hair out which would solve needing a trim.

On my computer, the only thing Internet Explorer is used for is to give the status of my Internet and provide a door into the router to perform different tests and, for the brave of heart, maintenance. I put in the passcode and started poking around. Ah! I could reset the modem from my computer. Couldn’t hurt. Might help. I clicked on the button and was warned that it would go back to factory defaults. Fine with me. I okayed it and here we went. Expecting to have to put the password back in, I had the info handy but it wasn’t needed. I figured I’d unplug yet again. I unplugged and went off to do something else for a few minutes. When I came back, it had been far longer than the recommended 30 seconds so I plugged it in.

One after another, the green lights came on with the service light turning red. That was normal. I wasn’t concerned. Watching it intently, by and by it turned green. I started to my computer when I realized that wanted/needed green light had gone out. ARGGGGGH! Had I killed my gateway to the World Wide Web? I started kicking myself for trying to “fix” things.

My cell phone doesn’t get a signal here. I don’t have a land line. Thank goodness, my neighbor/cousin-in-law was home. I asked to use his phone. He had me bring it home so I went in and stood by my bathtub and called AT&T. It wasn’t long until a real person answered. She heard “My Internet is down” and said, “There is a massive outage affecting 12 million customers.” Any time estimate? “No. All I can say is, they are trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.” I called DS1 and asked him to email my sisters so they’d know my situation then took the phone back to my neighbor and told him what the rep said. Oh, well. I’d been without Internet a lot longer during my lifetime than I’ve been with. I could do Other Things. I was relieved the No Service Light wasn’t my fault.

Every time I passed by, I’d check the lights. Having access is distracting. Not having access can be more distracting. There’s no win-win.

On Wednesday, I went back over to my cousins’ house to use the phone. I figured there was no reason to bring it back over here so I sat down in their living room and tried to get through twice. When it would go to Ignore Music, the volume would drop out enough that the phone thought no one was there and it would hang up. I was told to bring it home and not worry about getting it back to them before I was through with it.

Standing by the tub, I called again then I discovered I could sit on the edge of my bed by the window and get a signal there, too. That was much better. It took a bit longer to get through to a real person and, when I did, I was informed I had the DSL help desk and not U-verse. He’d transfer me. Okay. The computer voice told me my estimated wait time was 10 minutes. I could live with that. I noted the time on the clock and settled down. The 10 minutes passed. I was still hearing music and advice on how to get faster service (“Go to” I’d yell, “I can’t go to! If I could, I wouldn’t be calling!!”

I started announcing the time in five minute intervals. It got to 25 minutes and I was still on Ignore. At 29 minutes, I don’t know if I pushed something on the phone or if it was on Their end, but an announcement said, “The number you have reached, 706 (I didn’t hear the rest), is no longer in service.” The line went dead. I was fit to be tied.

Hearing a disturbance in the bathroom behind me, I turned around. Twinkle prefers drinking my bath water to what’s in her bowl any day of the week. I hadn’t drained it out because who knows when it might be needed? She had evidently slipped into the tub and the noise was her scrambling out. It all happened so fast, she wasn’t even wet. The only thing I regretted was that I missed it. At least there was some comic relief and I had a good laugh at poor Twinkle’s expense.

Calling back, when the real person came on the phone, I didn’t give him a chance. I said, “I know I’ve gotten through to DSL service. I have U-verse. Can you give me the status of the outage?” Real Person #2 was nice. He said he understood that the outage affected some 12 million customers (note that) in the southern half of the US. No effort was being spared to getting it fixed and he did apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for choosing AT&T. I called my daughter-in-law (DS1’s wife) and asked her to post my predicament on Facebook. I figured by that time, Genese would be wondering about me even if no one else was. Later, I thought about my proofreading job on SSNET but that was after I’d returned the phone.

Going to town, I stopped by and picked up my records from the hearing center. The receptionist wished me luck with seeing the ENT.

I was in the produce section at Walmart waiting for some fresh Campari tomatoes when someone threatened to ram my cart. It was an old friend I’ve literally known all my life. Mother had taught her voice when she was very young and she’d sung at the memorial service. We visited a few minutes and then went on about our business.

Back home, the lights on the gateway were all green except for that all-important service one and it wasn’t lit up. I unloaded and put everything away.

When I went to the bathroom in the wee hours on Thursday, lo and behold! all the lights were on! I thanked the Lord and went back to bed.

When I got up, I fully expected everything to be back to normal. It wasn’t to be. The speed was crappy, to say the least. At least I could go to to contact support. I chatted with an agent who had me test the speed repeatedly and cut a few other didoes. Then he checked the line. Based on what he saw, he advised a tech should come out. He could send one on Friday. Not so, said I. The weather on Friday was supposed to be terrible with icy conditions in my neck of the woods. Saturday? No. That’s Sabbath. Well, YOU tell ME when the best time would be. (smiley face) We settled on the 12-4 window on Monday.

I’d posted a link about the outage which claims the impact was far less than what I was told by the techs. Doesn’t matter. It got me no matter how many other people there were.

That evening, one of my friends sent me a private message on Facebook saying she and her husband would be here at 5:30 the next day to take me to the Agape Supper and Communion. I informed her I wasn’t going if it was icy. Oh, it would be okay. It would be cleared out by that time. Well, we shall see what we shall see. I don’t “do” ice.

Yesterday, the weather was sorry but the connection was much better. I was able to see what the weather was doing on Wunderground. I did a screenshot and posted this on Facebook explaining that my house is kind of under the red pointer. Things didn’t look encouraging.


Before the ice began to collect on the deck floor where the roof leaks in front of the door, I’d manhandled the old computer desk back into the house. I’d put it out there hoping someone would want it but, instead, I found a use for it. I planned to relocate the netbook and peripherals into the bedroom. That way, the netbook could be wired to the router which is supposed to be better for MagicJack use.

I’d been working on it for awhile when I took a break and posted on Facebook:

I’d forgotten what a pain it is to move a whole computer system (printer, phone, speakers, external hard drive) even if the computer is a little bitty netbook. Crawling around on the floor is no fun, either. I still have a desk to put (back) together so I can move my puzzle board off my bed. I’ll be turning in early tonight.

By the time I got ‘er done, I was about done in. I couldn’t find my screwdriver (a place for everything and everything in its place?) so I used a little one a computer software company had given me years ago. It wasn’t easy but it worked. I’ve never been a contortionist but I needed to be to fit between the bed and the desk plus put the screws in ‘way above me.

Everything barely fit on the smaller desk I’d previously planned to use for my puzzle board. When I printed something, it was obvious I’d have to move everything again. With every swipe of the print head, the desk swayed from side to side. Not good. So now I have another project. I’ll move the puzzle board back to the bed while I transfer all the equipment to the old ugly desk. It may not be a thing of beauty but it IS sturdy.

Thankfully, late in the afternoon, I got a phone call from the head deaconess saying the Supper had been postponed. My mountain wasn’t the only one that was icy.

This morning, my car was still an ice cube. My Facebook friend had her daughter text me from church that the highway was perfectly clear. I thanked her and said I would be down for the church service.

It was a treat not to stand at the sink while I scarfed my breakfast and I took my time getting ready to go. The temperature had warmed enough to melt the ice off the car (and deck). I walked in the door while the second song service was still underway. The other organist was playing so I slipped into a back pew as unobtrusively as possible. Instead of being tied to the organ, I was able to be part of the congregation. At one point, she glanced around and spied me. Our eyes locked and I gave her a big delighted smile. I was sure she’d live.

After church, I visited for a few minutes with the cousin-in-law who is going to ferry me to the ENT. I told him about the procedure I hope to have that I posted on last week’s update. One of the members thanked me for the birthday wish on Facebook and I left for the car. On the way, rather than telling me they’d be by to pick me up, my friend said they were willing to come get me for the Supper if I wanted. I told her okay and we settled on a time.

True to her word, they pulled up in the driveway and took me down the mountain. We had a nice time sitting around the tables in the beautifully decorated fellowship hall. The food was good for the most part and I regretted eating so much at home. The only thing that was off-putting to me was the co-ed foot washing. One of my friends asked to wash my feet and while she was doing that, I remarked I’d thought she’d be taking part with her husband. Well, she had once but she guessed she was old-fashioned. I must be, too, because I prefer the sexes to be segregated for the Ordinance of Humility. There are enough rooms in the building to do it.

Afterward, one of my friends mentioned she had been looking at breadmakers on Amazon. I asked her to go through my link if she bought one. I gave her my card along with one for her sister.

Genese has had a sadness in her family. Her daughter had been pregnant with twins, miscarried one, then managed to carry the other until Thursday. She will be buried tomorrow. I hope the weather is decent.

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  1. Lila January 27, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

    So sorry about the twins! That really is a huge loss.

    • Tommie January 27, 2013 at 8:39 pm #

      It’s very sad, for sure.

  2. Joanie Crosby January 29, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

    Actually, it would have been difficult to use the other rooms as they would have been COLD! They were using space heaters for them over the last year and the person to whom the space heaters belonged had reclaimed them…..

    • Tommie January 29, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

      Since there will be some discussion about what to do with the budget, maybe some heaters could be mentioned? I was really uncomfortable.

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