My Week: A Wish List Granted

My granddaughter and I had been private messaging back and forth on Facebook when I mentioned I planned to get with her mother about bringing their Christmas presents on New Year’s Day. She replied, “I dont think it would be a good idea for you to visit for New Years unfortunately. Mom has the flu and is not up for entertaining.” I kind of bristled at her thinking I would need entertaining. You don’t “entertain” family. You put up with them. Be that as it may, I didn’t want to chance getting the flu. After all, I wasn’t working in a hospital any more and my immunity to such things might be compromised. I agreed I probably definitely shouldn’t go.

There was a little more back and forth about Christmas and smart phones and how every electronic gizmo should have Angry Birds on it. We discussed the sizes of memory cards (mine is 4 GB) and she finally decided that would no doubt be all she would need, too.

I just knew when I got in the bathtub on Sunday afternoon that DD would call. Sure enough, I had a voice mail waiting after I got out and dried everything that needed drying. We had a good visit. She told me about the method she used to make her latest creation:

Weekend Project

She hoped it would hold together long enough to take it in to fire it. I haven’t heard anything since. It looks like it will be a beautiful piece if it survives.

My sisters have been emailing about all their activity which puts me to shame. One of them regularly hangs sheets and towels on the line to dry. I know that’s the preferred way to do it, green and eco-friendly. However, I had no choice for so many years I throw mine into the dryer and rejoice. I rarely do more than a couple of small loads a week and I’ll be durned if I’m going to hang ’em out.

I called DS2 to let him know I wouldn’t be coming by on New Year’s Day (which was also his birthday). He was surprised I had planned to—even though I’d told the couple that’s what I was going to do. My DIL called to make sure what I’d said. Somehow, something was lost in the translation. While we were on the phone, she told me my Christmas present was scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday.

Now, in years past, I have gotten gifts from DD and merm that were on my Amazon wish list. I’d dropped hints here and there to the other two couples but they were largely ignored. This year, I was more pointed and it worked. Christmas Day, I opened gifts from DD and DS1 and family that were both on my wish list! I so enjoy Anne of Green Gables (that was one) and the other was a charger for the car that has two three prong outlets and a USB port which will come in handy if there is a prolonged power outage.

Anne of Green Gables Power Cup

New Year’s Day dawned ugly and wet. I was sorry my DIL wasn’t feeling well, but it was a real relief not to have to venture out to go anywhere. I was IN until Wednesday.

Mortar and Pestle MicroplaneBefore I left to do my grocery shopping (and take back some toilet tissue that was too terrible for words), FedEx left me a box. It was sort of heavy and when I opened it I found the mortar and pestle I’d been so tempted to order for myself but I had it on my wish list instead!

Stopping at the mailbox, I was surprised to find a package that contained a microplane—from my wish list!

When I got home, there was yet another package on the deck. UPS had brought it while I was in town. It was very heavy and I guessed what it was before I opened it. A salt lamp!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

It’s the same size as the one I already had that’s in the kitchen. I’d repeated it on my wish list because I wanted one for the bedroom, too, and knew I would never buy it for myself. The other one which is as identical as a Himalayan salt lamp can be has an on/off switch. This one has a dimmer which makes it perfect for the bedroom.

I must say, my children came through. They all got me things I wanted and can use. Some people might think it strange to encourage people to get things from a list but why? DD and merm have both had lists for several years now and it makes it much easier for me to get them something they truly want. Plus it’s more personal than money (which I still had to give this year) or gift certificates (ditto).

Thursday, UPS rang the doorbell and THUD went the heavy box on the deck. This time, it was no wish list item. Nope. I had been conferring with merm about getting a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and ordered one to her specifications that I could just afford, I think. I wanted one that would power my wireless gateway—it isn’t called a modem—in case there is a power outage of longer than a few minutes. Following the recommended 16 hour charge, it showed that, with the gateway plugged in, the expected “up” time would be 91 minutes. I hope it will be longer than that but, as merm said, I could shut it down if I didn’t need to make a phone call using my cell phone and GrooVe IP. She’d warned me it would be huge. Dimension-wise, it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be but it sure is heavy.

Proofreading the Sabbath School Lesson on ssnet included a puzzle. I was viewing the source and advised the moderator I couldn’t figure out why some of the code wasn’t working. She said, “H’mm … if you’re looking at the source, perhaps you could do the corrections yourself? Would probably take less time than explaining what needs to be corrected.” Could I do FTP? It had been years but I could brush up on it. She’d get back to me with details but I haven’t heard anything. I sent in the list of errors and they were corrected. We’ll see where it goes from here.

I’d been wondering if I could double my access speed without swapping out the “gateway” so, that night, I chatted with an AT&T rep, Priya. Yes, I could upgrade to 12mbps and the gateway was compatible. I asked how much. “After upgrading the package the bill on your account is $24.95 for the next 11 months.” Me: “That’s what I’m paying now for 6mbps.” Priya: “Yes. it will be same for the 12 mbps. Is that fine with you?” Me: “Are you sure about that??” Priya: “Yes.” I copied and pasted the whole conversation into Notepad. I like to have documentation. A bit more back and forth and I said to do the upgrade. Then I got, “System: The session has ended!”

I went to Speakeasy and tested my speed. It came in at a bit over 11mbps. I was a happy camper. The phone rang. It was Priya. He was much easier to understand on the chat. I had to keep asking him to repeat things. Before we hung up, he managed to communicate he was giving me a $10 discount just to make me “smile”.

Before I went to bed, I checked my account. It was zero. I’d paid last month’s bill so that wasn’t a surprise. There was another order number. When I clicked on it, the charge was for $29.95 and no credit showed up. Not wanting to stay up any later, I went on to bed.

Wired to the max, I slept maybe three hours all night. I forced myself to do the basics yesterday and that didn’t include contacting AT&T. DS1 had his smart phone and was trying to figure out how to make calls at home using the lite version of GrooVe IP. Between the two of us, we got it sorted out and tested it by his calling me and my calling him. Everything worked.

Last night, plagued with a scratchy throat and coughing, I went to bed before 8:30. I wondered if I would be able to go out today. It was supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain.

Morning came and with it sunshine! I felt much better after a good night’s sleep and went to church. I was able to hear the Sabbath School teacher by sitting almost directly in front of him. I couldn’t tell you anything the children’s story teller said, barely heard the elder praying and got just bits of the speaker’s talk. I haven’t done anything else about making an appointment with an ENT but I need to do that soon.

This afternoon, as I was coming in from church, this is what caught my attention.

Future Front Yard


That’s what I hope someday, in my lifetime, will be part of my front yard.

For lunch, I needed something out of the freezer. The Tenant/Garage Guest/Squatter and my neighbor were outside and the poor old truck had its mouth open, as usual. Seems it always needs something. Pooky came running and barking. She grabbed my pants leg as I went into the garage. My neighbor came in to talk and, as we went out, here came Pooky again. I informed her if she tore my pants she’d bought ’em. I get tired of being barked at when I’m where I belong.

Twinkle is beginning to gain a little weight. I’ve been feeding her more canned food which may end up bankrupting me. It’s gratifying not to see her hip bones jutting out in sharp little angles, though.

Wordscraper: I thought sure Genese was going to be able to pull out a win on the last game or two but according to the stats, out of the most recent 25 games, I’ve won all but six. We’ll see how these two turn out.

In the past week, there’s been a New Year and my middle “child” had his 46th birthday. Time does march on. And it’s raining. Again.

5 Responses to My Week: A Wish List Granted

  1. Lila January 6, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    My, your wish list really paid off! A lot of what you wrote about technology is Greek to me, but glad you and your son can be on the same wave length.

  2. Mary Jane January 6, 2013 at 10:54 am #

    You do speak a furrin language when it comes to techical stuff!

    • Tommie January 6, 2013 at 11:06 am #

      Lila, since my son was in his teens when I got my first computer, we’ve grown up together technically speaking. And, Mary Jane, it’s much more impressive than speaking English. 😀

  3. Joanie Crosby January 6, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to hear the entire “talk,” I thought it was Andy’s best one yet! (Of course, I MIGHT be just a bit prejudiced!!) I did notice that he did a better job speaking into the mike sometimes than at other times…. As for my story… I didn’t think they had the mike turned up enough…. Oh well, guess I should have asked them to turn it up a bit.

    • Tommie January 6, 2013 at 3:28 pm #

      It isn’t the volume as much as the clarity. The stand mics seem to sound a bit muffled. If they were condenser mics or maybe if they didn’t have the foam? The microphone on the podium is much clearer. I do need to follow up on seeing an ENT but I’m skittish about potentially bad weather for the next few months, too.

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