My Three Weeks Later…Part 1

How can I say “My Week” when it’s been three of them since I last updated? Now, when I say I’m taking a break, I take a break. I didn’t even work on the special projects I had intended to finish and post. It was time for a vacation and, boy! I took one.

I started off by doing some cleaning. DD and I had our visit on Sunday. I made arrangements for my mail to be held at the post office. The hummingbirds were fed. I bade my cousin/neighbors goodbye. Wednesday, the 12th was DS1’s #48 birthday. Twinkle was dropped off at the Animal Hospital

Twinkle's Animal Hospital

along with some things to make her stay more bearable. I wrote a note to go along with them.

Twinkle snacks off and on all day. Since she’s 15 years old (I understand that’s around 80 in human years) I haven’t tried to change her habits. I keep her dry food available at all times and put about 1/8 cup in her bowl whenever she does empty it. She also has dry food in her bowl at bedtime. She gets 1/4 of a can of food per day. She takes her time eating it, too, but she’ll eventually clean it up. If she doesn’t get as much food as she wants, she’ll resort to foraging for bits of paper or other trash and ends up with the contents of her stomach on the floor.

There are two shirts I have worn that might help to reassure her. She has been sleeping on the blue one but not on the other.

I haven’t included any cat toys because she doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention to them. She is more of a lap cat than one that rousts about though she does like playing with the occasional suicidal mouse that crosses her path.

She gets filtered water since fluoride isn’t compatible with a troubled thyroid. The container should have enough for the duration of her visit with some left over.

Twinkle isn’t happy with being picked up. She likes to sit on laps but only on her own terms. She has been known to bite and her back claws are still deadly weapons.

If there are any questions, call, leave me a message and I’ll get back in touch. You can be sure I’ll be calling, anyway.

DS1 wasn’t home yet when I got there so, when the time came, we went to pick him up with my 17 year old granddaughter driving. I must say she did a good job. When we got home, I ate some Malabar spinach dip I’d made with my cashew cheese and mayo. The spinach is a bit mucilaginous so it had a different sort of texture. I liked it. DS1 tolerated it but, I found out, my DIL and granddaughter wouldn’t touch it.

Next day, everyone but me left and I got ready to go—to the airport. Right, folks! This was a REAL VACATION!! DD and merm had asked me to go west so I did. They even assisted in a major way in getting me there and back plus showing me a good time.

The flight out was uneventful except for the fact that the leg from Atlanta to Seattle kept being delayed with no explanation why. There were just apologies whenever another delay was announced. It put me in at my destination about an hour later than scheduled. I was headed for the baggage area when I saw a welcome familiar face! It was DD! She had come in to rescue me while merm drove around in circles. That’s when I met merm for the first time all over again. She is a beautiful woman. With the three of us and my luggage safely in the car, we headed to their home.

Last time I was there, they lived in a townhouse. Now it’s a proper house with a beautiful yard and a deck that’s at least three times the size of mine. I thought I was too tired for the tour but curiosity overtook me. There’s the dining room with a fireplace, then the kitchen. After that comes a step down to the living room with the master bedroom and bath (merm’s quarters) beyond. The deck opens off both the living room and merm’s bedroom. Down the hallway off the dining room is DD’s office on the right, the closet with the washer and dryer on the left, DD’s bedroom on the right at the end of the hallway, the second bathroom on the left with “my” bedroom at the very end. There’s lots of closet space and the kitchen is generous with its cabinets and drawers. You’d have to be there to really know what it’s like.

After we visited a bit and ate the yummy lentil soup DD had made especially for the occasion, I went to bed. I was still on Tommie Time and the flight hadn’t altered that.

Friday, DD had taken the day off work. I’d mailed her a supply of fava beans and she had cooked them for me. There were oranges and bananas galore so I had my usual breakfast. While I was eating, merm came through on her way to the office looking business-like in her professional attire.

I called the Animal Hospital to inquire about how Twinkle was doing. She was fine which was a little disheartening. I thought she might have missed me just a little bit but it seemed she had already adjusted well. That was a good thing but I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

Showered and freshened up, we went out shopping. Along the way, we found some corn that looked like it had gone ‘way too far. The ears were huge and, back home, it would have been deemed big enough for field corn. I tried to educate DD on how to pick out good corn but she went ahead and got half a dozen ears, anyway. Rolling my eyes, I resigned myself to trying to eat tough starchy corn. There were some beautiful organic Keitt mangoes I slipped into the cart along with a few other things.

Hours after the message had been left in my voice mailbox, I had a holler from DS1. I’d asked him to pick up my car from long term parking ($8 a day) and take it to their house for the rest of the duration. I thought I gave him clear directions where to find it but I guess not. When I went in the entrance there were NO parking spaces. Praying my way through the lot, I found one and only one, close to the terminal. Praising the Lord, I’d told my son it was across the street from the far end of the terminal and close to the exit for the lot. I should have emailed the location but he found it anyway and took it home.

Sabbath morning dawned bright and beautiful. The day before, DD and I had read labels on all the non-dairy “milks” in the stores and come up with oat milk so merm could make me some of her famous espresso. Soy has more protein content than the other “milks”, almond has none. Coconut has none. The only one we could find that had anything appreciable was oat milk. Neither DD or merm thought it could be as good but I was willing to try it. I must say it was delicious! It didn’t foam as much as the soy but the taste was what mattered to me. And it still had a decent amount of foam. I would have to label it a success. And merm is a good barista.

We took it easy and left for Leavenworth where the girls had rented a nice condo for two nights. The drive into the Cascades was beautiful but there was a hint of smoke in the air when we arrived. Wildfires in the Wanatchee area were getting worse.

DD opened the sliding glass door to the deck but the smoke came into the living room and I had a coughing fit I couldn’t control. When she closed the door, it stopped.

She fixed a delicious supper starring grilled artichokes while merm relaxed on the couch.

The Relaxed merm

I pigged out.

After sitting on the deck for a bit (the smoke didn’t bother me nearly as much outside), I went to bed and that ended the first of the three weeks.

If you want to see the first set of pictures from Sabbath evening, click here for the slide show. If you click on “Show info” it will display the titles.

4 Responses to My Three Weeks Later…Part 1

  1. Mary Jane September 30, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    What a wonderful vacation! Glad you had a good time and safe traveling the whole time–and that Twinkle didn’t disown you for leaving her.

    • Tommie October 1, 2012 at 10:11 am #

      I only grabbed hold of the “gosh a’mighty” twice on the whole trip. Twinkle has nicely settled in, I’m happy to say–VERY happy!

  2. Lila September 30, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Gorgeous scenery! Memories to last a lifetime, no doubt!

    • Tommie October 1, 2012 at 10:10 am #

      It was beautiful! And, yes, lots of memories!

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